By: Bradley Loves


I was “browsing” other blogs and websites (as I do) and came across this post, linked on KP’s Website.

I read it carefully (as I do) and was amazed at the classic (and very obvious)  parallel directives hidden inside this post.

Placed as a post that is ostensibly “against” the Cabal, or the “Powers That Were”…, it still supports Channeling and Channeled teachings that direct the population to “stand down” and “do nothing”.

It is a MAGICIANS dream post.

Here is the link:



All of this is the effect of mankind having to face, finally, what is true about yourselves, and what you have allowed to happen in front of you.

It is not necessary for you to become involved in any of it.

If you choose to be, then be aware that you have made a choice.

Your lives should be a series of conscious choices. This will become more and more the norm as you move into higher states of awareness. This is happening and will continue to happen.

This “quote” taken directly out of the link given is just about the most “skitzoid” thing ever written!

It makes several diametrically opposed commands (suggestions) which have the mental affect of voiding action all together!

First, it says this:

Mankind has “allowed” (horrible things) to happen (right in front of you) to your race and your planet!


TRANSLATION:  Shame on you for not seeing and then taking action against those who were trying to imprison and enslave you!

In the very next sentence it says this:

It is not necessary for you to become involved in any of it.


So basically, (in this post) after mankind collectively has been admonished for not doing enough…, those reading it are then told DIRECTLY that they need not do anything about it.

This is a classic MIND CONTROL TACTIC!

What you’ve just witnessed is TWO OPPOSING COMMANDS…, both on the opposite side of the spectrum which have the effect of canceling each other out!


Command One:


Command Two:


Which command do you obey?

Due to the conflict in both commands, the human mind/brain freezes and obeys neither command!  They cancel each other out!

Please remember how I have told you over and over again in my writings that the NEW AGE was started by the LUCIFERIANS.

(This is the honest TRUTH)

They are the DARK MAGICIANS who know the human mind (and how to manipulate it) better than anyone else on Earth.

It is child’s play for them to write spiritual sounding books and articles and then publish them.

Remember as well that WE (collectively) are in a WAR with these LUCIFERIANS.

At this time, it is simply an INFORMATION WAR…, and a SILENT WAR…, for which QUIET WEAPONS are being used.

These “quiet weapons” are frequency based and focused on the MIND.

If you’ve spent any time (at all) listening to Mark Passio’s video lectures, you will have heard him say that he was TOLD (face to face) by higher level Satanists that “THEY” were the ones writing some of the most popular books for the NEW AGE!

Do I need to repeat this??

The profound importance of this single revelation can not be underestimated!

Why would they do this?

Their “goal” is to “control” all of the world’s populations…, and their chosen method is by controlling men and womens actions and behaviors through the use of MIND CONTROL.

They can NOT POSSIBLY control each and every being living on the planet because we FAR out number them.

Their only hope then is to control HOW WE THINK!

The NEW AGE was and is CLEARLY – their attempt at doing this.

Let’s read more.  Next it says:

If you “choose” to be (involved), then be aware that you have made a choice.


This is a REINFORCEMENT of the second command which tells you that you do not need to be INVOLVED in any of it.  If you do become involved it is a personal CHOICE…, (which they are hoping you will not make).

Here, they are banking on HUMAN NATURE.

(It is far easier to just sit on the couch and do nothing…, than it is to take any action, so if you DO choose to do anything at all, it is a personal choice.)

Once again…, it is pointed out that you can choose either…, and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

And this is just one single paragraph of this post!  Here is another “skitzoid” paragraph to ponder.

Actually, this has already begun. The most important lesson will be what can we achieve? What can I achieve? Are there any limits to what we can do? There are not, you know. But that which has limited you for so long, that which has taught you to doubt yourselves, must be eliminated first.


Here again, the later part of this paragraph says this:

But that which has limited you for so long, that which has taught you to doubt yourselves, must be eliminated first.

Notice the word MUST!   This not only suggests action…, it creates an IMPERAITIVE!

When the word “must” is used, it suggests that action on this issue is imperative!

One of the things that is limiting us collectively is the rampant MIND CONTROL placed upon us by our controllers!  It is not just our self doubt!

If left alone…, without frequency manipulation or directed energy MIND CONTROL…, human beings would have almost no cause to “doubt” themselves!

So, in this regard…, the author seems to be saying that getting rid of the MIND CONTROL is a must!  This suggests ACTION!

But earlier…, the author has already said there is NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING!

Do you see what is going on inside of this article??

Do you see how this writer very cleverly SOUNDS loving and New Agey…, but is actually – subconsciously PROGRAMMING the reader to take NO ACTION through covert and subtle means.

Read the entire article and LOOK FOR THIS STUFF…, the article is FULL of examples.

All my love….







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