By: Bradley Loves

In the “great war” for our planet (and for our very souls), SATAN has gone to extraordinary measures to “recover” as many souls as HE thinks he can.

At this point is this epic battle, all semblance of TELLING THE TRUTH has been thrown out of the window, and what is happening all over the world as we speak is a DIRECT FRONTAL ATTACK on truth anywhere and everywhere that it exists!

(If you can’t see this – then you truly are blind)

As I’ve stated previously “TRUTH”  in any form that it exists, is an open road back to GOD, who is our loving CREATOR!

He has “claimed” all of these “truth roads” for HIMSELF!

The ONLY road that is left to Satan therefore is LIES!


There is no greater evidence that SATAN’S FINAL BATTLE has begun when we see good men and women who are being  “fined” – “jailed” – “censored” – “attacked” – and “targeted” simply for telling the TRUTH.



These are HIS tools and these are HIS chosen roads back to FREEDOM!

So for TRUTH to be under such a huge and world wide attack, indicates that GOD HIMSELF is now under attack!


This is all of the “proof” that anyone needs to know that LUCIFER is preparing to mount his FINAL BATTLE, and his FINAL PUSH against GOD in an attempt to over throw HIM!

Those who have already “sided” with SATAN are using LIES and DECEPTION as if these things are literally “weapons” on the field of battle!

There is no where that this epic battle is MORE evident and perfectly visible than in the Corporate owned “Main Stream Media”!

These people could not tell the truth if their LIVES depended on it!


When you get News Broadcasters and News Presenters by the thousands attacking the TRUTH at every turn, and doing everything that they can do to twist, spin, and just outright DENY it’s existence, then you have to realize that they are effectively attacking GOD HIMSELF.


SATAN has collected quite an army at this point!  It does not matter if they call themselves Anti-Fascists, Feminists, Pro-Women’s rights advocates, New Agers, Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Illuminati, Freemasons…,  etc.

Anyone who is DENYING THAT TRUTH EXISTS, or is actively ATTACKING the TRUTH, is attacking GOD HIMSELF.

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of this battle of TRUTH vs. LIES.



Because this is his ARENA!

Deception is his home field.  This is what was left to him after GOD the FATHER took everything else!

So, make NO MISTAKE HERE!  It is imperative that you get this!

If you are engaging in deciet (on any level) or involved heavily in the spreading of lies…, (even if just for a “paycheck”) then you have taken sides with LUCIFER and are “fighting” against the Creator!

If you are still “sitting on the fence” or “in the middle lane” and claim that you don’t want to judge, or get involved, you still have to GET THIS!

I have witnessed and I have seen many good hearted NEW AGERS who are not necessarily telling lies themselves, but are APOLOGIZING for those countless people who ARE telling lies at “mock 3”.

There is no place that this is or was MORE out in the open than when Barack Obama was still the President of the US, and all he ever did was LIE!

If you are sitting on the fence, you can’t “be” on the side of  TRUTH…., and then apologize constantly for other men and women who tell LIES every single day!

DECEPTION and LIES are an actual ATTACK!

This is why the MAIN STREAM MEDIA has become nothing better than a “PROXY ARMY” fighting on the battle field for the New World Order!


We as Americans, and those who live in the rest of the World are under daily ATTACK from those who have no moral or ethical problem with telling lies!

You have to “get” this – LYING is an outright ATTACK ON YOU!

But there is MORE!  It is, for all practical purposes, advancing the Luciferian Agenda, and so all people who engage in this type of behavior are HELPING SATAN!

Now, to be sure, this has been happening for quite some time in Secret Societies, and most specifically at the TOP LEVELS of the FREEMASONS!

But these “secret” Luciferian Groups are now basically “in control” of the News Media, and hold countless positions of worldly power!

  • They are in the CIA
  • They are in the Deep State
  • They are the Judges
  • They are the Lawyers
  • They are the Bankers
  • They are in the FBI
  • They are at the Department of Justice
  • They are in the Congress
  • They are everywhere

Therefore, the WAR of LIES has become very real to everyone living here on planet Earth.

But again, as I’ve pointed out, there was no place else for this battle to go!


Because GOD OUR LOVING FATHER left Satan with nothing else but his lies and his deceptions, when the FINAL BATTLE came to pass, we would have to see LIES EVERYWHERE!

This is what we are starting to see now!

Satan has already GOTTEN so many people to either willingly (or stupidly) take up his banner and therefore choose his SIDE!

  • They did this out of HUMAN WEAKNESS.
  • They did this out of a LUST for Power.
  • They did this out of LUST for SEX.
  • They did this out of craving for drugs or alcohol.
  • They did this out of LUST for sex with kids.
  • They did this as a result of supporting abortion and murder.
  • They did this out of an extreme desire for money.
  • They did this out of the desire for devaint sex with other adults (including bondge, whipping, torture and other torments)
  • They did this for countless reasons, all of which led them to SATAN.

As a result, these men and women have now become:  DEFILED

Their own energy defenses have become too weak to protect them from darkness, and they “FELL” into Satan’s Camp!

Those who think and believe that there should be NO rules and that fair play is for the birds, or, that you can CHEAT your way to the top, are among their leaders!

Make NO MISTAKE, there really are countless people (too many to even count) who are either knowingly, or unknowningly now fighting on the side of SATAN!

And yes…, even countless New Agers who would drop dead of fright if they knew where their precious Channeled Entites were actually leading them!

You see, you do not have to be ACTING on Satan’s behalf to serve him, all you have to do is LOOK THE OTHER WAY when his minions take action to be an effective part of his ARMY!

Stay Tuned for PART FOUR


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