By: Bradley Loves

Every single man and woman is “gifted” with a mantle of protection when they are born!  It is a “barrier” if you will, that keeps the being free from interference from soulless dark beings and unseen parasites!

This mantle of protection is VIBRATIONAL ENERGY!

It is very secure and is like the “shields” for a vessel that may be under attack.

These shields are there to help keep the man (or woman) in question from being misled, or from being tormented by unseen beings who have NO BUSINESS interfering in our world or our reality!

However, these “sheilds” can be compromised!  They can be defiled!  They can be corrupted and they can be weakend and torn down.

There are many ways in which this can happen, and sadly it is happening at an epic rate here on Earth!

If this does happen, then human beings living here on Earth have NO DEFENSE against the on slaught of attacks that are coming from unseen beings living in other dimensions and other realms!!



Through the use of Ancient Manuscripts and the learning of secretive “teachings’ from the Mystery Schools of the Ancient Past…, men (and women) who ONLY WANTED POWER FOR THEMSELVES have learned that these unseen beings do in fact exist!

Not only did they learn that these beings do exist, they learned from these ancient writings that there are ways to “contact them” and ways to “force them” to do their bidding.

Known as the art of “conjuring” – men and women who are Warlocks and Witches can and do “conjure” dark spirits and entities from other realms that we can not normally see!

These beings or entities exist in realms or dimensions which are normally separated from our own!    They do not belong here, and they should NOT be interacting with us!

However, this does not, and has not stopped GREEDY MEN (and women) who desperately WANT POWER (especially power over others) from using secretive Ancient Knowledge to contact them.

Jay Parker – who was born into what he called a “Generational Satanic Family” – said in several of his interviews that his mother actually “conjured” an entity for him once when he was only a child.

His parents (who were Satanists) worshipped a being or an entity known as THE MARQUEE OF HELL, who Parker’s own mother called forth so that he could see it!

He described it like this:

A translucent being – made out of pure undulating flames!

His mother then told him (according to Parker) that “THIS” being was GOD.


As Jay tells the story, he says he argued with his mother and said:


To this his mother replied:

Well, it’s OUR GOD!



The temptation and the allure of being able to use an INVISIBLE BEING to steer events or to create opportunities in OUR WORLD without either working for, or even EARNING those opportunities…, is too much for many people to pass up

Always looking for a short cut to EASY STREET, men and women over the ages have always sought a way to CHEAT THEIR WAY TO THE TOP or to GAME THE SYSTEM IN THEIR FAVOR.

It is exactly the same as a 10 year old kid who finds a special CHEAT CODE for his favorite video game which allows him to advance many levels without having to DO THE WORK to get there, and uses it!



This is, and always has been one of the biggest problems of our WORLD, and for MANKIND as a whole.

There are those who are following the rules, and those who simply REFUSE!

When you come here, you basically have nothing!

It is up to YOU to earn your own way forward and as I’ve pointed out in the first installment of this series…, you can only EARN YOUR WAY FORWARD HONESTLY by helping and serving OTHER PEOPLE.

However, WORK – EFFORT – and TIME are all involved in this long process!

This does not suit a certain percentage of men and women living on Earth who “crave” “want” and “desire” the blessings and the benefits of what “work” and “effort” can bring them, without actually doing ANYTHING to get it.

For them, CHEATING becomes the only option!

It is this single reason alone why so many men and women gravitate toward SATANISM – DARK MAGIC – BLACK MAGIC – and other FORMS OF DEVIANT ART.

I am not joking in the least – and this is not some “conspiracy theory” thank you.  This is all too real!  Hollywood is filled with these kinds of people who wanted to take the EASY PATH to MONEY AND POWER.

You see, in SPIRIT COOKING – it’s all about “BLOOD” – “SEMEN” and “BREAST MILK”!

It is about calling forth beings and entities who will want to FEED on these things, and once they do…, they OWE YOU A FAVOR!

It is about “getting in touch with other realms and other dimensions” where entites who should NOT BE HERE…, actually live.

Well, who in their right mind would want this type of entity to “COME FORTH” and for “WHAT REASON”??



Laggards are LAZY souls who just don’t want to have to work for what they get!  They don’t want to wait for a reward, they want it NOW!

They are people who want special favors, an easy life, and who don’t CARE ABOUT CHEATING TO GET THESE THINGS!

Witchcraft is one of the many ways to CHEAT the rulebook that GOD set up for us here on Earth.

It gets “other beings” to do the work for you…, BUT…, these beings do NOT WORK FOR FREE!

Usually…, they MUST be paid, and since they do NOT live here in our realm, they do NOT work simply for money!!

What they usually want is to FEED, and they FEED on other peoples energy.

If you are a LAGGARD, you are certainly NOT going to give them YOUR energy…, so you must find a way to steal energy from someone else!


Now, if you really want one of these entities to work for you…, you have to find a way to offer them SOMEONE else’s energy!

How EVIL is that??

This goes against everything GOD wants for us here on Earth, and yet these men and women DON’T CARE!

They want money, power and wealth, and will do what it takes to get it!

Here is a picture of Jay-Z, sporting a hoodie with a very famous quote from Aleister Crowley – a noted worhipper of LUCIFER.

Crowley said:



This basically means:



Very quickly – I could draw a parallel between those who call themselves progressives or liberals in Hollywood, and their fantasy that:


Here is Jay Z talking with Hillary Clinton!



In addition to blood, semen, and breast milk, these entites ALSO FEED on the energy of young children!    For some reason this particular energy is quite desirable, which is WHY most SATANIC RITUALS usually involve the use young children as a part of the process!


In LUCIFER or SATAN’S ARENA – pedophilia, or sex with young kids is extremely important!

It is also important to the SATANISTS in getting entities from other realms to DO THEIR BIDDING!

And NOW…, you may have some tiny idea of why so many children are being raped each and every single day all over the world!


In the image above, Abromovic is seen with a young boy, who is shown in such a way so as to “suggest”  that he is naked!

See this link about Abromovic

Pictures like the one above are NOT without purpose because they are a wink and a nod to countless men and women who are practicing the DARK ARTS of DARK MAGIC.

Have you noticed that these men and women who practice MAGIC always call it an ART!   They never call it anything else because they think it is a REAL VOCATION and a REAL ART to be able to do DARK MAGIC.

How DARE you make fun of, and put down what WE have worked to achieve??

This is their argument!  However…, they have not really done any work, because the REAL WORK is always done by UNSEEN ENTITIES!

Jay Parker said that his own mother told him that Satanists see sex wtih young children as a Sacrament to Satan/Lucifer and so everyone who joins up with them is REQUIRED to do it.

Remeber Hampstead, UK and these two very unfortunate children??

They made the claim that their father was a Satanist and that little babies were being killed and eaten at their Church and at their School!

They claimed that the parents and the teachers engaged in sex with the children, forcing them to do it on a weekly basis!

The Church was called – CHRIST CHURCH and is located in Hampstead, UK.

The ENTIRE THING was covered up the Scotland Yard and also covered up by the UK Government!



Jay Parker said that 10 to 12 percent of the population of the US is DARK OCCULT or GENERATIONAL SATANISTS.

So can you even imagine in your wildest dreams how many kids are being raped each and every single day in America??

And then you wonder where GOD IS, and wonder WHY HE WON’T BLESS THIS COUNTRY ANY LONGER

In reality, if you know 10 people, then at least one of them is a Satanist!

If you know 100 people, then 10 of them are Satanists…, (you just don’t know about it).

They really are EVERYWHERE!

This is why the world looks like it does at this time in our history, and why it appears to be going off of the rails as we speak!

Now…, for those of you who wonder…, this has ALL happened before!

It was exactly the SAME in the times of SODOM and GOMORRAH.

Men and women living then were having sex with anything and everything (animals included) and with anyone and everyone (children included)…, and GOD did see it!

GOD did something about it!



Here is the copy of an e-mail from Maria Abromovic to Tony Podesta who was apparently going to be coming to a SPIRIT COOKING EVENT at her place.  In the e-mail she asks:

Is your brother coming?

Tony Podesta’s “brother” is John Podesta!    John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, and Bill Clinton’s Chief Of Staff!!

Can you say:    The SATANISTS are walking among us???


Is AMERICA and the rest of the WORLD on the same path as SODOM and GOMORRAH?

More will be coming in PART THREE!


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