By: Bradley Loves


CNN is actively defending mobs and gangs these days!

See this post:

Defending angry protestors and their “right” to scream people out of restaurants…, they are doing everything but handing out guns to anyone who will willingly take on Republicans or Conservatives and make them TARGETS of vitriol and abuse!

According to Hillary Clinton (a member of “THE WING – WITCHES COVEN”) the Democrats or Liberals can not “afford” to be “civil”.

Civility is out the window and “anything goes” until they are back in power…, ie…, take back the Senate and the House.


POWER is all that matters!   The sky is falling and the world is ending until the DEMOCRATS are back in CONTROL!

This is what it has come to!

No need to be polite…, no need to be civil…, no need to care about anyone else!

And CNN…, is fanning those flames and handing out free passes to “progressives” and “liberals” to do things that most normal people would consider to be violent abuse!

CNN is definately the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE when it comes to not telling the truth.., but this is a whole different apple!

They have now taken things WAY TOO FAR!

If they are defending angry mobs…, and defending mob violence against other Americans…, then they have become a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!

By condoning violence…, they are now endangering the lives of men and women all over America!

I call on the Military to check into CNN to see if they plan on condoning violent actions against ALL people who do not think as they do!








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