By: Bradley Loves


The only real way to get “everyone” on the planet on board with the New World Order Agenda was going to be a GLOBAL CON JOB OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!

The entire “planet” had to be at risk…, and “they” were going to fabricate the GLOBAL EMERGENCY needed for you and everyone in the entire world to immediately SUBMIT to their Global Leadership to stem the tide of this “fabricated” emergency!

This “fabricated” emergency that was supposed to have the entire world up in arms and begging for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT was called:  GLOBAL WARMING!

If the entire planet was going to be “destroyed”…, and all life on it was going to be lost forever…, then certainly every man, woman, and child would immediately submit and surrender to whatever it took to save the planet!



But…, for some reason…, people did not react fast enough and swift enough for the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX to get the entire world on board before the year 2000!

The New World  Order had missed it’s original deadline!

Thus…, the scumbags re-calibrated the hoax, and changed it’s name to CLIMATE CHANGE…, so that whether the planet was warming or cooling, or doing anything in between…, it could all be labeled as the same GLOBAL EMERGENCY!

But it’s now almost 2020 and the diabolical NEW WORLD ORDER has still not happened…, and the scumbags are going to miss a SECOND DEADLINE!

Does anyone remember AGENDA 21 – as in 2021?

Please tell me you haven’t forgotten about the UN Agenda 21 so quickly!

You see, Agenda 21 was the NEW WORLD ORDER taking over in 2021!!

Oops!  I guess they will not make their SECOND DEADLINE EITHER!

Because Donald Trump is President!

Now…, there is a THIRD DEADLINE that was set up several years ago (in case they did not achieve Global Domination by 2021!  But that was BEFORE Donald Trump became President!  It was an extension that was going to be given to Hillary just in case she could not pull it all off as needed!

Looks like AGENDA 2030 is out the window as well!

Ha-ha!  ha-ha!

Here is the United Nations poster for AGENDA 2030

Never forget however…, that the UN…, was set up to be the HEAD of the BEAST of the NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!


As a result of this…, the leader of the WHORE OF BABYLON…, Pope Francis.., has made a new deal with the devil!

See this post by Leo Zagami:

Rainforest Set on Fire to Facilitate Pope Francis’ Global Warming Agenda


In late May 2019, Amazon rainforest Chief Raoni Metuktire arrived to the Vatican to strike a deal with the devil himself, Pope Francis, the first South American Pope. During the visit,  Chief Raoni attacked Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, saying he “shouldn’t be president anymore,” and the Vatican media also criticized Bolsonaro, who is considered to be one of the biggest enemies of the Jesuit Pope.

A record number of fires ravaged the vast rainforest this summer after the visit of the Amazon rainforest chief, and even CNN meteorologist Haley Brink recently stated that the fires are “definitely human-induced,” and cannot be attributed to natural causes like lightning strikes. The Amazon rainforest is burning at a record rate, according to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which has been tracking Brazil’s fires since 2013.

In exchange of chief Raoni Metuktire’s support for setting the Amazon on fire, the Pope is granting his approval of spirit-worship in the Amazon. The Vatican is justifying the unprecedented move that will be discussed openly during the Synod of Bishops by saying there is a shortage of priests in the region.


So…, in order to get the CLIMATE CHANGE hysteria to reach a maximum pitch…, why not set the entire Amazon Rain Forest on FIRE!

The Pope, The Vatican…, and those Luciferians who want the NEW WORLD ORDER are not going to wait for Donald Trump to get out of Office!   They will literally set the entire PLANET ON FIRE if they have to!!

Who can stop them??   Only you can…, but you must take ACTION!   Get involved with blogging and start spreading the TRUTH…, and not the fiction of CNN, MSNBC and all of the other HATE TRUMP MEDIA GROUPS.

Now…, here is the best part….

Once they finally get the upper hand in this battle…, that is when ALL GUNS GO AWAY forever!

At that time…, YOU (yes you) will finally get your Brain Implant…, so your mind will be hooked up to their GLOBAL BRAIN/COMPUTER INTERFACE GRID!

Then…, every single thought you have will be monitored…, and if you are having “unsanctioned thoughts” (even inside your own head)…, you will be punished!

At what point do you get up off of the couch and say…,



Stop listening to “Authority Figures”!

You can not trust them!  You must be your OWN “authority figure”…, and chose what is right…, regardless of what people in “power” tell you to do!

If you are at some point in the near future enslaved into the New World Order…, then you will have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOU!

Get up off of the couch and get into the GAME!

All my love….


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