By: Bradley Loves


“May the Blessings of Prime Creator, and the true knowledge of Christ, fill our beings with Strength”


“Be at Peace”

This is the message that Christ always brings to those who open up their hearts and minds.

So then, what has changed?

Why have those so called “enlightened” men and women gone down the path of vigorous despondency, so much so…, that they are now moved into violent rebellion?

If you think I’m joking…, I’m going to quote a few lines from 2 articles written by a Gentleman who I consider to have a very “large finger” on the pulse of the NEW AGE!

In other words if you want the “cliff notes” on what a lot of the NEW AGE crowd are thinking…, then read a post or two from his website.

Taken from this article here:

We find this:

Now lightworkers may be challenged as not being strong or strident enough.

Some lightworkers are telling us that we need to resist, disrupt, and rebel.

To my mind, to march to that drum would abandon all we’ve been asked to do: That is, to hold the space for love and peace around the world and not incite the dark, which is what the dark wants us to do.

I’m personally not going to follow the resistant route. I consider it not only unnecessary, given what we know is happening behind the scenes, but also almost-certainly unproductive.

While I applaud Mr. Beckow for “NOT SIDING” with those who wish to (as he puts it) …., RESIST, DISRUPT, and REBEL….

The very fact that he writes about it…, is very significant!

Remember who his audience is!!

The reading audience for the Golden Age of Gaia Website…., are NEW AGE “SPIRITUAL” MEN AND WOMEN…, many of whom are now so despondent that Donald Trump is the President they are ready to:



So suddenly…, what I wrote in my very last post…, (and probably got shoved aside as unrealistic) is not so crazy sounding is it??

This so-called “SPIRITUAL GROUP” …, you know…, the ones who are ready to ASCEND…, and know better than the rest of us…, are ready to start creating havoc and disruptions in order to “get their way”….

Now…, in his defense…, Mr. Beckow is not “choosing” this route…, but he DOES REALIZE that many, many New Agers are…, which is why he is even writing this post.

And yet…, and yet…, when OBAMA was the “President”…, everything in the world was fine and “Hunky Dory”…

  • Nothing happening here was “real”
  • Women and Children in Syria, Yemen, Libya and other countries that were being bombed into oblivion – with weapons and support from the USA…, did not matter…, “Because it’s THEIR KARMA”
  • Obama was a SAVIOR
  • Even if he “lied” to the people of the world (which he often did)…, it was necessary
  • Ritual Child Sacrifice was not to be talked about

Do you see where I’m going with this??’

Maybe…, just MABYE…

Websites like: Golden Age of Gaia…, and many, many others…, who base all of their ideals, and thinking upon CHANNELED MESSAGES…, are wallowing in:


Maybe they can’t really SEE what is happening all around them…, and therefore are the classic definition of what most sane and normal people call:

Brainwashed and Cultish!!

Perspective has been lost…, and they are now “acting” in ways that make no logical and moral sense…, because they have been quite “mentally programmed”…, and can no longer see clearly their own silly behavior!

Something to think about!!

More will be coming….

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