By: Bradley Loves


I know that I have a some really dedicated followers on this blog!  I ALSO know that they are extremely intelligent!

But what I sometimes wonder is if my readers can see that EVERYTHING that I post, and EVERYTHING that I write has a purpose!

It is all being done with thoughtful intent, and every paragraph on the page is there to build upon what came before it!

Like an entire HOUSE being built, one thing comes before the next, and NO PART is un-necessary or un-needed!

Even when I write things that may SEEM to be unimportant today, that point will be revealed to be VERY IMPORTANT days and weeks from now!

Like Q is fond of saying…, THE FUTURE PROVES THE PAST!

This being said, I would like you to know that BIGGER FISH TO FRY is really going somewhere!

So please stay with it!

In part Eight, just one thing was revealed that was of such important consequence that I must draw attention to it again!

Once the NAZI Party was established and active, a party that for all of it’s claims of being a “WORKERS PARTY” …, it was actually a front for the GERMAN ROYAL ELITE to maintain their control over the peasants of Europe – the SS was established out of the very same Germanenorden and Thule Society sources!

This one single paragraph could not be MORE HUGE!

The NSDAP (Nazi Party) was established to “look like” a Socialist Party because the Bolsheviks and the Socialists were “promising” pie in the sky from heaven to all of the workers in Germany during this time.

BUT…, it was the RULING ELITES and the EUROPEAN ROYALS that created the NSDAP, (called it Socialist) and then placed Adolf Hitler into it’s midst!

The men and women behind the NAZI party were the ARISTOCRACY of the day…, because that is what the Germanenorden and the Thule Society represented!  It was the  “alchemical and hidden religion” of the ELITE!

FURTHERMORE, the Germanenorden and the Thule Society represented the deeply mystical, magical, and mystery school leanings of the RULING ELITE who never really believed in Christianity, or a Christian God!

It was for those people who studied magic, astrology, astronomy, alchemy, channeling, and mysticism!

This is what countless NEW AGERS can’t seem to grasp!

The “RULING ELITE” who have always wanted to rule the entire planet with an IRON FIST…, are the very same men and women who in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were creating the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETIES – THE GERMANENORDEN – and THE THULE SOCIETIES…, which eventually gave rise to the NAZI SS and the GESTAPO!

Helena Blavatsky said in her OWN WRITINGS – that she and others who believe like her – “know” for a fact that LUCIFER is the real God of this Earth!

So clearly, Blavatsky was anything BUT a “Christian”.

Now, maybe you can see why THIS picture is so very relevant!

The truth of the matter is that ALL Biographical timelines of the man known as SAINT GERMAINE – had him living and mixing with the Kings and Queens of Europe!

He was constantly talking to, staying with, or dining with ROYALTY!

Is this historical fact “lost” on everyone but me?

Would it be that hard to believe that “WORLD WAR I and II” could have been “instigated” by European Royalty as a way to insure that the common man (or the peasants) did not REVOLT against them?

Would they have created the NAZI Party, and called it “Socialist” to combat the Bolshevik and Socialist ideals of the day, without having every intention of it being a huge CRACK DOWN against the common man in favor of the ARISTOCRACY and the ELITE?

  • Why did the Catholic Church support Hitler?
  • Why was Hitler such a “fan” of Theosophy and of Helena Blavatsky?
  • Why was the THULE SOCIETY (made up of elites) such a close ally of THEOSOPHY?
  • Why has it never been revealed that the “RELIGION” of the European Royals, was based in mysticism, magic, astrology, astronomy and rituals?
  • Why has it never been revealed that the Elites saw LUCIFER as their chosen SAVIOR?
  • Why did they “GIVE US” the religion of the NEW AGE under fake and false pretenses?
  • Why don’t NEW AGERS know that the mystical and magical religion that they are following is BASED in LUCIFERIAN TEACHINGS?
  • Why don’t they know that Saint Germaine spent most of his time on Earth living and dining with ROYALTY?

Finally, the current Queen of England (a Windsor) actually comes from a GERMAN FAMILY!  (Do your own research!)

Could the “WAR” between England and Germany have been wholly created by the ROYAL FAMILIES OF EUROPE simply to consolidate their control over the peasants and the common man who were getting out of hand? (With the blessings of the Catholic Church I might add)

Could the introduction of the NEW AGE have been a big part of the EUROPEAN ROYALS philosophy of achieving the NEW WORLD ORDER?

More will be coming…





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