By: Bradley Loves

The first fifteen minutes of podcast number one says so much that it really can’t be under estimated.  Fundamentally what he is saying is that the single most important thing in our lives is TRUTH!

This is where he starts his entire series which is well over 100 podcasts.   I find it interesting that the very name of my personal blog is LOVE TRUTH.  I think it says something about the way he and I connect on a very deep level of understanding.

He continues to say that one of our deepest fundamental problems as a species is that we have LOST our respect for and no longer VALUE truth.  And in a nutshell…, he says this is the very reason that we as a species are suffering.

Next he says that REAL TRUTH (or what he calls fundamental laws of nature) are NOT open to interpretation…, and are NOT subjective.  They are “what is”!

There are things in Nature which can not be changed or gotten around…, and thus must be respected and lived in accordance with.

In the vast majority of the sleeping masses…, TRUTH is an inconvenience, and thus worked around and mostly ignored.  The people who do this suffer the most.  However…, in a much smaller percentage of the so called “awakened”…, there is a dangerous false idea going around which says that TRUTH is subjective or PERSONAL to each individual.

Thus you get NEW AGE people saying…, “that’s not MY TRUTH”.

What Mark is saying is that there is personal experience (perceptions) or personal “truth”…, which is truth with a small “t”…, and not really truth at all…, but something different.  He calls it SOLIPSISM.

When he talks about TRUTH…, it is TRUTH in all caps which is the NATURE of the Universe and can not be changed or gotten around.  This is why when we live in harmony with this…, we DON’T SUFFER.

Too many people still “deny” that there are fundamental laws which can never be undone and therefore must be lived in harmony with.

In the next 15 minutes he gets into the idea that certain people think that because things are “negative” therefore they should not be given any attention.  Like Mark…, I so totally disagree with this “idea”, I can not even put it into words.

We “NEED” to know about everything…, in order to really understand the NATURE of the problems we are dealing with.

New Agers are constantly telling us to never give attention to certain information because it’s negative.  This is not only dangerous…, but is downright INSANE.

I can’t say enough about these first two videos which I’ve listened to.  Please check into them.

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