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I will try to do this in steps…, because there is SO MUCH to say…, it can not be covered  in one…, much less 10 segments!  I will try!

This piece this article focuses on can be found here:

Exclusive: The Coming Shift to the Esoteric (updated)


There is “nothing” that can “clear” your senses like seeing a sculptured image…, placed in marble so that it lasts for thousands of years…, of a naked man having sex with a reptile!

Or, of a reptile forcing itself upon a naked woman sexually…, captured in stone…, for everyone to see!

And yet…, these sculptures are indeed “lauded” and “praised” by the very people who deny that Aliens or other worldly beings exist!  They have entire galleries and outside parks DEDICATED to the appreciation of such “art”.



In this Sculpture…, a reptile is seen holding a man (against his will) and forcing him to copulate and thus inseminate…, the animal with HUMAN seed.

Okay…, let’s put that on hold for a moment!

Let’s look at some of the “other” fine work of this artist (Gustav Vigeland) located in Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway…, whose appalling work is actually an integral part of the NEW WORLD ORDERS “fair warning” as to what they are planning for us all!

(Yes…, yes…, I know…, “they” have “told” us that all of these sculptures are “just art”…, and have “given us” the innocent interpretation of these stone monuments that we are all supposed to “believe in” (for now)…, so that we will be unconcerned…, but their current explanation for all of this stuff is just temporary as we will soon see!)


In this photo…, we see an actual “monument” in the shape of a human phallus, dedicated to the covert takeover of our lovely planet and exactly what is planned for “humans” once that is accomplished!

Notice how the photo is taken, so that the “phallus” of the church in the background stands as a “second” tower along side the first one!

The “steeple” of a church was ALWAYS intended to represent the male penis…, (secretly of course) and now here (finally) we have a photo representation that is telling us (in no uncertain terms) that they are really ONE and the SAME…

There is no misunderstanding the “intent” of the actual symbology being given here in this photo!  The “church” is and always “has been” a secret and covert part of the SATANIC take over of mankind.

The very design of their buildings and the architecture tells us so!

So what is this phallic monument actually trying to tell us…, what is it trying to represent to us (covertly).

Let’s get a closer look!


Here you go…, naked bodies all stacked up in the shape of a phallus (penis)!  Men, women and children…, in their “rightful place” under their NEW WORLD ORDER MASTERS!

But if that isn’t bad enough… they tell us MORE!  In the steps leading up the giant phallus…, you have this…


The “SYMBOLOGY” of this monument, is to show us that all “good” children in the world of the New Order…, will be both NUDE and ON THEIR KNEES when their  masters walk by!

All human beings…, men women and children…, naked for the “viewing pleasure” of those who rule above them!


Also…, in the world of the “new order”…, men, women and children, will play naked, free, and have sex with each other daily…

If you look directly to the left of this photo above…, you can see two young children “riding” a naked woman like a horse!


Lovely…, isn’t it? Notice the rope in her mouth as they “ride” her? Very symbolic of “things to come”.

How about a closer look!


This is the shape of thing to come under the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Human beings finally down on the ground!   Acting like ANIMALS…, just where THEY BELONG!

Completely Naked and utterly… ENSLAVED!

This is the “wet dream” of the NWO…, because the New World Order is made up of sexual deviants and Satanists!  They worship the penis, and they worship the body!  They worship sex and the sex act!  And they are tired of doing all of this in secret! They want this out in the OPEN!  They want to RULE over us “on high” like their Fallen Angel “gods” have promised them!

They also believe that men and women should be having sex with their own children on a DAILY BASIS!

If you don’t think that THIS is their plan…, then you have NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!   You are asleep!

Jay Parker…, has told us as much in this video:

And Also talks more about that in this video where he talks about RAMPANT child abuse and pedophilia of the SATANISTS who claim to be our leaders!

More will be coming in Part Two










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