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Exclusive: The Coming Shift to the Esoteric (updated)

The coming SATANIST…, NWO wants to “show us” in advance (in stone images) what we can expect from them!  The Vigeland display in Oslo, Norway has a purpose deeper than most people know!

Here are some more images from Frogner Park in Oslo, of the naked romping of men, women, and children that will be common place once the NWO starts…, and are meant to be nothing more than “entertainment” for these Satanic Masters…, once they move out into the open where we can see them!





Yes.., Yes…, but this is all just innocent right? These kids are just playing around right? (The New Agers will tell you this) but LOOK CLOSER at this last image from another angle!


What these naked boys are actually doing is PULLING on this old man’s hair while he is down on the ground and trying to stop them (see the boy’s hand grabbing the at the old man’s hair from above?)

This of course would be “fun” entertainment for the Satanists…, who would view such sport as two young boys picking on an old man as “juicy” and pleasurable to witness.  (You can bet they can “hardly” wait to put this type of thing into practice out in the open).

This now brings to mind much of the IMAGERY that we have heard about from men like: Donald Marshall, where he has vividly described in detail…, large Arena’s with huge dirt floors in them where the SATANIC ELITES (including men and women from Hollywood) sit in bleachers and watch naked and helpless captured men and women, (and children) have sex with each other right in front of them for pleasure and entertainment!

Some of them are tied up and tortured for sport!  Others are made to walk around like dogs or other animals…, and others are ridden like horses and mules!

All for the “entertainment” fun of the Satanists!

Here is a link to Donald Marshall’s original post on a “forum” to the public at large where he talks about this stuff, and you can READ FOR YOURSELF.


Let me ask you this:

Why do you think all of those thousands of photos and videos of the Iraqi inmates at ABU GHRAIB were taken and sent to Washington DC??

Perhaps the “SATANISTS” living in the White House, and working at the Pentagon wanted to get some ENTERTAINMENT for their trouble and their money?

Next are images from that material:


Yep…, here’s some “good” US Soldiers just “doing their job” and “following Orders”!


Truthfully…, many of these images are now available on the internet, but are so grotesque…, that I can NOT show them to you…, in good taste.

However…, the issue is this:

Why were these photos taken…, AND FOR WHOM?

Who was it at the highest levels who wanted to see this kind of stuff?

You already KNOW THE ANSWER…, they are Satanists!

Preston James says MORE claiming that it sort of gets BIBLICAL in its leanings since most of these men and women are children of the FALLEN ANGELS!

A new false-reality will be substituted for the old one, but it will be based on some new, verifiable truths.

And the new reality will be highly esoteric, that is, a reality that was typically provided only to higher members of the Establishment Hierarchy.

As far as can be determined right now, there are some exceptions, but most initiates to the Hierarchy must have “bloodline” genetics; that is must be linked to ancient Khazarian Blood, which also carries some genetic material from the Ancient Babylonians or Canaanites (Kenites, also known as the Synagogue of Satan).

Some insiders have claimed that the top Hierarchy members have Nephilim or blood from ancient Fallen Ones, so-called Luciferian reptilian males who bred with earth women to produce giants called “Gebers”.

Gebers have been reported to have red hair, a height between 12 and 16 feet or more, two sets of teeth one in front of the other, and six fingers and toes.There are  numerous sets of recovered Geber skeletons, many with red hair that have been recovered and taken to be secretly stored in a non-public locked area of the Smithsonian Institute.

Some Christian historians believe that the Biblical account of David and Goliath was true and Goliath was a Geber, a giant son of a Nephilim.

Even stranger there are some Christian historians who believe that the Biblical Account in Genesis of the Fall of man involves the sin of Adam and Eve be seduced by the reptile (great dragon) Lucifer instead of just taking a bite of the apple.

These historians believe that the term “beguiled” (as used in the KJV) is better translated as “seduced”.

According to the Genesis 3 account both Adam and Eve “ate the forbidden fruit” and were beguiled by the serpent (Lucifer) and were injected with the corrupted DNA of the Fallen one, Lucifer, the shape-shifting reptile than can change his appearance to ordinary human or other appearances.

In years past David Icke was the first to speak out about this alleged infiltration of shape shifting reptilian genes into the Royal bloodlines and most thought he was just talking crazy.

Others accused him of being a secret Zionist because he didn’t address Zionism. In recent years David Icke has quenched those claims by being the first famous public speaker to ever publicly expose Zionism for all that it is.


But the account gets even stranger when some of these historians claim that Eve had fraternal (not identical) twin sons, Cain and Abel. With Cain sired by Lucifer and Abel sired by Adam.

The Cain bloodline supposedly went on to become the Canaanites, Kenites and finally the Khazarians in the area now approximately the Ukraine. Some refer to this group as the “Synagogue of Satan” bloodline.

Whenever you see the “double cross” which is a one cross superimposed over another one rotated 45 degree, you have the Mark of Cain. You will find this secret symbol of Babylonian Talmudic power displayed on many USG and state government building and window inserts.

This display of the Mark of Cain is the claiming of Cain’s authority to use evil to rule over fallen, evil humans. this deployment of Cain authority is the secret deployment of evil in any extreme necessary in order to maintain power.

It is characterized by a commitment to provoke the vulnerable by use of deployed unfairness and unjustness.

In this way these folks are duped to fall into a legal system trap where they can be proactively punished before they can organize and become a serious threat to Establishment hegemony, that is to the Select Few and the Hierarchy’s authority and power.

They have absolutely no ancient Hebrew blood in them, despite the fact many migrated to Israel, where they form the majority and pretend to have Hebrew Blood, when 97.5% are Khazarians converts to Judaism, mostly Babylonian Talmudism as in Baal worship, Nimrod, and the Synagogue of Satan (although not Torah Judaism, which is radically different and based only upon the Old Testament).

The most interesting part of this is that countless GIANT SKELETONS have been found here in the United States of America.  They all have 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot…, AND they have double rows of teeth.

Each time one of these Giant Skeletons is found…, the Smithsonian Institute from Washington DC shows up with Federal Police and forces those who have found the skeleton to sign NON DISCLOSURE documents…, even if they are well known archeologists from other countries!

Then, all of the proof of the find is packed up and taken away, and HIDDEN from the public as if the find NEVER occurred!

There are countless stories of such giant skeletons being found all over the US…, and the Smithsonian most likely now has hundreds of them!

A former CIA asset once told me it was common knowledge among the highest levels of Government that the Nephilim or Fallen Angels first inhabited America!  Not Isreal!

And that this HAD to be kept secret!

Next Preston tells us what he thinks of the Frogner Park sculptures of Vigeland…

Frogner Park near Oslo tells a strange story with the sculpture of Gustav Vigeland.

Some Biblical historians have found artwork that they believe is supportive of their theory. In Norway, there is a strange massive art exhibit at Frogner Park near Oslo by renowned Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943). The art depicts a breeding ritual that was purportedly continued into the mid-1800s in certain Old Black European occult families during Luciferian rituals.

A portion of Vigeland’s sculptures illustrate this alleged breeding quite explicitly, with penetration from the Reptilian creature with both male and female humans, one sculpture depicting the apparent forced penetration of a male.

More coming Tomorrow…..






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