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Exclusive: The Coming Shift to the Esoteric (updated)

(Taken from Part III)

The Hierarchy can only be entered by private election of the Select Few, and by various initiations at each level as one climbs into the progressively higher levels of the Hierarchy.

The first levels are based on human compromise, and dirtying up of the initiate, all while video taped for later use to correct, blackmail or influence them if it ever become necessary. Higher levels involve progressively more and more criminal, deviant and perverted occult rituals often involving pedophilia, with even higher levels than that involving child torture and child sacrifice…, and even vivisection of children as an important part of such evil occult initiation rituals.

During these rituals, it is claimed that demons enter into and possess the initiate, with more and more powerful ones at the higher levels, until one is finally provided with his/her own spirit guide, which appears during private times and advises, protects and directs them supposedly providing the means of success, wealth and status that are now available to the high level initiate and Hierarchy member.

All initiates into the Hierarchy are purported to be willing to take a blood Oath at some point to worship Lucifer as their god, and be willing to accept the Hierarchy’s Agenda of Evil which includes Baal worship, pedophilia, and child and human sacrifice to Baal as well, as vivisection at the highest levels.

Okay…, so “what part” of this is still UNCLEAR?

What part of this “agenda” still remains a mystery to the masses?

For the life of me…, I just can’t grasp, or understand HOW, it is that this can be escaping the ATTENTION of good men and women living here on EARTH, because it has become so very clear!

Mark Passio told us in this video below, a video which I posted a few days ago…, so that you could watch it in advance of this…

…that men and women do not “want” to wake up, only because they are TERRIFIED of what they will see once they are truly awake!

Not only that…, he says they subconsciously realize that THEY COLLECTIVELY will be obligated to address the situation, and “take action” in order to correct all that is happening around them, once they are aware of it…, and thus they are subconsciously “choosing” to remain asleep for as long as possible.

Mark Passio further said in the above video that taking this action takes extreme COURAGE…, and that most men and women are in fact COWARDS,
who really “don’t” want to face up to any of this.

This is especially true of those who are part of the NEW AGE…, who will not under any circumstances open their closed eyes to see what is really happening here on the Earth, but instead want to believe that it is ALL GOOD!  And that these evil men and women are “partners in contrast”…, and somehow are here for our own good.

If they did ever open their eyes…, then they’d have to “do something” about it all…, and they do not want to take any action.

Instead…, they want to BELIEVE…, that it will all be done for them, without their help and participation!  Whether it be Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna, Galactic ET’s…, The Sphere Alliance,  Blue Avians…, or any one of a number of other beings…, they want to believe that a savior will come soon!

This is a part of their genetic “programming” which has been meticulously and patiently installed by the church for centuries!  It has served the church very well in these final times…, in that this “programming”  makes men and women BELIEVE that a savior is coming soon.., and makes them very willing to STAND DOWN…, and instead of taking action on their own…, wait for someone ELSE TO DO IT FOR THEM!

And since most people are not willing to GO to church any longer…, (which was foreseen)…, no problem…, this type of “programming” can and still is being handed out to the masses by the NEW AGE channelers who (without their understanding) via a super advanced technology of Mind Kontrol – called: Voice to Skull, are being duped into doing the Cabals dirty work.

Don’t worry…, the Galactic Federation is on the job…, “we” are handling it all…, do nothing…, just keep your own vibration high and don’t get involved.  Overlook (don’t judge) what the NWO is doing…, because we are coming “soon”…………

(meanwhile…, the NWO “takeover” progresses quite nicely without out any hindrance by do-gooders.)

However…, Alex Collier talked about this many times in his early videos, and said that one of the biggest problems that the “benevolent” ET’s…, (in this case the Andromedans) were having in deciding whether to help us or not…, was trying to decide whether the Human Race was even worth saving!


Because why should “they” save an entire race of beings that refuses to TAKE ANY ACTION in it’s own defense??

And…, if they did “save us”…, would they not then be responsible for us for the rest of eternity?  Since we did not LEARN how to take care of ourselves…, would not they just be “inheriting” a bunch of helpless 5 year old children, who refuse to learn the necessary art of taking care of ourselves and of standing up to those who try to enslave us?


Why are these Satan Worshipers still in POWER when we know about them?

Why is the Military still following THEIR ORDERS, when it is clear they are in the process of taking over the ENTIRE PLANET for only a select few?

Why are WE as human beings still doing ANYTHING that they tell us to do, when doing so will only most certainly RESULT in the very images carved in stone…, that I showed you vividly in pictures in PART ONE of this commentary?

The good ET’s are watching what we do here every day…, they are not blind!

Why do we continue to support these SATANISTS by following their orders???


Preston James continues by saying that even those men and women who have been “helping” the SATANISTS complete their NWO takeover, (aka the CABAL) will be “betrayed” and “cast aside” in the end…, after they are no longer of any use…., but by then it will be too late for us and for them.

The new false-reality is only to be a stepping stone to a NWO that is NOT under the control of the Establishment Hierarchy or the World’s money-changers, aka the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters.

This new false reality will be used as a stepping stone to mold the human common mass group mind to a way of thinking that will serve to first support and then allow for a worldwide Luciferian based Globalist NWO with a one-world government that will welcome Lucifer incarnate as the New World Ruler and false-messiah.

And as the world is driven to pure Luciferianism, it will become engulfed in a major intercontinental nuclear exchange, followed a bit later by a second one.

An attempt to establish worldwide Luciferianism…, [will be forthcoming] after the relatively unknown force, best referred to as the “Third Force”, engineers the destruction of the worlds economies and monetary systems, which are based on Babylonian Talmudic “money from nothing” private central banking.  This “Third Force” Luciferian solution to the worldwide economic crash will be implemented, and this will involve a digital cashless monetary system based on work units, and stabilized international units of exchange.

The destruction of the now dominant Establishment Hierarchy System which is based on the union between the Khazarian Mafia and the private central Banksters will be a certainty.., and as this new system is shoved into place, the ultra rich and powerful will be defrocked in mere days, much to their surprise and horror. They will not see this coming.

Preston James then shows us THIS VIDEO:

The VIGELAND MUSEUM of human slavery, which is a “symbolic representation” of what they are telling us is coming is shown in a NWO advertisement!

(this short video conspicuously ends by drawing a large circle around, and directly focusing right on the “phallus” (the penis)…,  as if to underscore to the viewer that this is indeed a “secret” Satanic tool of imagery…, and then glibly tells us to visit OSLO where the Museum is located)

The Cabal laughs about putting stuff like this out there and the masses being totally oblivious to it all.

This type of treatment (that the stone images depict) is EXACTLY what we as a group can expect once the NWO SATANISTS gets into power!

Is THIS what you want for yourself and your children?

If so…, please stop reading…, I have nothing more to say to you.

One way or another…, WE COLLECTIVELY are going to have to face our destiny…, since WE are the very ones who allowed all of this to happen to us.  And…, while it was happening…, DID NOTHING TO PUT A STOP TO IT.

Will we continue to “cower” in the corner in FEAR?  Unwilling to stand up like men and SAY NO?

All of this material from Preston James is perfectly connected to the material presented to us by KAY GRIGGS by the way.  It’s a perfect fit…, and why I am taking a break to focus on this!

Next Preston show us this video:

More will be coming…









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