By: Bradley Loves


Wow!  I’m  really grateful to have gotten so many good comments on yesterday’s main article titled…, THE EVIL OF THE ALL CAPS NAME.

Several of the comments were directed toward a “what can we do then?” Kind of thing…, and even though they are VERY GOOD QUESTIONS…, I honestly have no good answers (in the short term).

I can say that there are really good people out there “investigating” the problem…, and have been attempting to right the wrongs using “the court system”…, but you have to remember that the “court system” is a SATANIC SYSTEM.

In all honesty to my readers…, the most difficult day of your life will be the very day that you realize this “country” called  The United States does NOT provide “justice” in any sense of the word to anyone.

What it does is give us the “illusion” of justice.

All you have to do to prove this to yourself is to find out how many 19 year old kids are sitting in a jail cell for holding a tiny plastic bag of marijuana in their pocket (a “plant” that grows on the ground) and can no more be “OUTLAWED” than tomatoes or potatoes can…

It is then that you will realize that REAL Justice…, i.e. “Fairness” does NOT exist here.

I could write ALL DAY on the reasons for this…, but smarter men than I have tackled this problem.

Jordan Maxwell…, a great researcher has actually delved into this “court” thing for over 50 years…, written books about it…, done videos…, and given countless lectures all over the country.

All of his efforts have SOLVED NOTHING…, and his life has been threatened.


Here is what we are facing my friends.

We are facing what I call the:


The School Yard…, Play Ground Mentality goes like this:

The swing set…, and the teeter totter BELONG to the “older kids” on the playground…, BECAUSE they are bigger…, and can beat the littler kids up!

THAT is the long and the short of it.

Our “justice” system was put into place by the SATANISTS…, whose roots go all the way back to Ancient Babylon…, with a small detour through ROME.

They currently control the worlds LARGEST ARMY…, and all of the Police!  They’ve done this by taking over the “Money System”  which is centered in the “City of London” (not London proper).

So…, to coin a phrase…, if you want to “fight them”…, I would ask you this:   YOU AND WHOSE ARMY ??

The Play Ground Mentality goes like this:

I control the swings…,  and all of the “funnest” things to do on the playgr0und until someone STRONGER comes along, and can FORCE ME to stop.

Take a good look at the US MILITARY!

They have bases all over the world.., and can (and do) drop bombs where ever and when ever they please.

Most countries around the world would call this ILLEGAL…, a breach of JUSTICE…, and CRIMINAL.

Just ask the countless children all around the world who are now homeless or have lost parents what they think of the “justice” of the United States.

You see…, you are being CONNED…, if you think there is a “fair and equitable way” to put a stop to what is happening in our “legal system”

I have come to the conclusion that there IS NO SUCH WAY.

The ERROR that most people are making here…, is that they think that all of this started happening a few days…, (or years) ago…, and thus can be corrected by going back to an earlier time when things were fair.

Things have not been FAIR…, since the days of ROME.

The closest we have come was the creation of the untied states republic…, which went bankrupt right after the civil war that ended in 1865.

A “new” constitution was written changing the title a little and CAPITALIZING it.

Thus the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (a paper corporation) came in to existence…, and usurped what was once a “republic”.

To “think” that you (as one small person) are going to fight and buck the “system”…, in my opinion is inadvisable…, UNLESS you have an ARMY behind you that will support YOUR CLAIMS.

Here is where we get into the “psychology” of ORDER FOLLOWERS…, which are men and women who will carry guns and kill people (if ordered to do so by someone else)  only to get a “paycheck”.

The INSANITY of this one delusion…, is so widespread…, that it has covered the entire world.

Then you have the men and women in the “Spy Agencies” who think and believe that it is “their right” (if ordered to do so) to read other peoples e-mails…, listen to their phone calls, and even “hack” into their minds using the most advanced technology our world has…, which is called: VOICE TO SKULL.

The reason they “get away” with these crimes (yes…, they are crimes) is that they have “sided” with the world’s biggest army.

They are nothing but two bit…, petty play ground thugs…, which roam around like gangs…, taking the smaller children’s lunch money.




Read this:


The link above is to my own personal “Declaration” of Freedom and “Immunity” from the Satanic Authority Structue…, that the playground bullies have put into place.

It gives them FAIR WARNING to cease and desist…, any and ALL actions they are taking that are effecting me personally.

I have laid down CONSEQUENCES of what will happen to them if they do not!

Here is the point.

On Earth…, “they” control the systems at this moment.  However…, they DO NOT control the Astral Levels…, or what is beyond that.

Every human being…, which is really a “soul” incased in a physical body WILL DIE!

It can not be prevented.

I have “seen” the Astral Level…, and I know that life goes beyond the physical.

I also know that no matter HOW CORRUPT…, these playground bullies are here on Earth…, they have NO POWER on the higher levels.

So…, like “first officer” SPOCK…, who used to play CHESS on three levels…, I have decicded to use the pieces I have on a “Higher Level” and put them into play.

You see…, here…, you’ll just have to trust that I know something that most people don’t.

I have NO WAY to prove it to you.

Here is one COSMIC LAW…, that can NOT be broken.

  • If you are “harming me” on Earth…, and I “tell you to stop”…, then I have informed you that you are trespassing AGAINST my Freewill.
  • In other words…, you have been FAIRLY WARNED.
  • Once you have been fairly warned…, and you decide to CONTINUE to HARM ME…, simply because you think “no one” is watching…, or that there is no such thing as COSMIC JUSTICE…, then you have made a GRAVE ERROR.

Let us be clear here:

Every single moment of “your life” is being RECORDED by the UNIVERSE.  These records are accessible to anyone on the higher levels.

There is NO SECRET MEETING that ever took place on Earth…, where the contents of the meeting will not be available  for those souls on the “other side” who wish to USE the evidence as PROOF of the crimes committed against them.

In other words…, there is no “two bit NSA or CIA brat…, who is 25 years old…, and breaching MY PRIVACY…, whose actions haven’t been RECORDED for all time into these records!!

Their NAMES…, where they live…, their family members…, and the entirety of their life here on Earth…, will be an OPEN BOOK to me once I get to the Astral Level. (The next level on the chess board).

Now…, these people (simply working for a paycheck)…, who have taken sides with the “playground bullies”  are basically COWARDS…, I “get” that.

They are afraid of life…, and want to team up with what they think are the “big boys”…, the “powerful ones”…

And to that…, all I have to say is this:

If this is what you want and choose to do with your short life while you are here on Earth…, have fun with it…, you do have freewill and I will NOT stand in your way.

BUT…., (and this is huge) you had by GOD better not cause MY life one single measure of trouble, pain, or suffering…, because I have TOLD YOU that I do NOT CONSENT to ANY OF IT (using my GOD given gift of Freewill).


GOD takes freewill VERY seriously.

Now…, as long as I personally do not cause REAL (as opposed to “imagined”) HARM to any other soul on Earth…, then GOD will back me 100 percent.

Now…, the CABAL…, aka ILLUMINATI may claim that by writing this blog…, I am causing their NEW WORLD ORDER PLANS …REAL HARM…, but here on Earth.., just like they do…, I also have Freewill!!

If I choose to expose EVERYTHING that they are attempting to do…, then I have as much of a “right” to expose them…, as they have to perpetrate their plans for a NEW WORLD ORDER on others who may not KNOW what they are trying to do.

This is all perfectly FAIR in GOD’s eyes…, and is protected by FREEWILL.

So any “harm” they may claims that I am doing to their NWO plans is merely IMAGINED…, NOT REAL…, and will be ignored by GOD!


In my 3 level chess game…, I have decided to HOLD every single player here on Earth 100 percent “accountable” for every single transgression against my living being that caused me personal HARM.

By writing and publicly posting this NOTICE (where anyone in the entire world can read it) I am “exercising” my FREEWILL to the fullest extent!

As long as I’ve been kind to you and left you alone (done nothing to HARM YOU PERSONALLY)…, then you “must” leave me alone and do nothing to HARM ME PERSONALLY.

This means that I am willing to be YOUR friend…, and treat YOU with respect…, IF YOU equally treat ME with respect and cause NO HARM to my life in ANY WAY what so ever.

I will be the “judge” of what the “definition” of HARM against my personal and living being is!!

This means you can NOT poison the air that I am breathing.  You can not “inject” my body with “vaccines” if those “vaccines” are in any way dangerous to my bodies health.

You can not “charge” me “taxes” on the money I earn…, if I do not choose to give it to you freely.

(Otherwise that is THEFT).

You can not GMO modify the food that I am buying and eating…, without posting a HUGE LABEL on it saying:


You can not commit FRUAD against my life by claiming that HOME LOANS and AUTO LOANS are one thing…, when in TRUTH…, they are something very different.

You can not “create” a BOND called a Birth Certificate…, which is a Banking Instrument…, and then use my living body as SURETY for that BOND.

This also is FRAUD.

I could go on and on and on…, but I think you all get the picture!  Since I (very truthfully) have never caused any REAL “harm” (as opposed to imagined) to another living human beings life…, then I expect the very same treatment.

IF any man or woman…, who works for and with the SATANIC SYSTEM…, i.e.  Government, Church, Military, Police, Judge, Lawyer, Doctor, Spy, Secret Agent, NSA, CIA, NRO.., etc, etc, etc,…, lifts a finger…, and takes real physical action to cause my life harm…, (even if I don’t know about it yet…, or find out about it until I get to the Astral Level)…, then THAT HUMAN BEING…, will be held 100 percent fully accountable for that harm.

Here is my PROMISE to these unfortunate SOULS.


I do not care if you were “ordered to do it”…, and you were only doing “your job”.

Here is my response to that:


I personally would never TAKE a job that had “harming others” in the job description.  So I fully expect to be treated in kind.

But even further…, If you were the one “giving the orders”…, but did not commit the act…, I will hold YOU ACCOUNTABLE as well.

And even further…, If you were simply in on the “planning session” of what kind of harm you “might” cause to my life…, and then assigned someone to “give the orders” to a 3rd person who would carry then out…, I will HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE AS WELL.


I am through “playing games” with these unrepentant SATANISTS…, who believe that they can “get away” with anything because THEY HAVE THE BIGGEST ARMY.

I’ve “seen” the “other side”…, and know what is possible there.

Every soul has exactly the same power…, and there is NO KANGAROO COURT SYSTEM on the Astral Level.

There is no one from the “dark brotherhood” who is going to give you a wink and a nod…, or a secret handshake and let you off the HOOK on that level.

I will be standing there on the Astral Level…, witnessing, giving evidence, and testimony in front of GOD our PRIME CREATOR for every single transgression that took place againt my FREEWILL on Earth…., and DEMANDING…, both restitution and severe Consequences for each individual occurance…, no matter how slight.., and no matter WHO committed such act OR…, what their lame excuse was!




And unlike the “tiny” blood sacrifice wars that the Satanists play with here on Earth (like school yard bullies) and can win with ease…, there is NO WAY in the UNIVERSE they can defeat GOD’S ARMY.

So…, now you know the answer to where “we” can find “justice” for what has been done to us here on Earth by these Satanists.

Do what I’ve done first…, TELL THEM TO STOP.., PUBLICLY AND IN WRITING…, and if they refuse…, hold them accountable for every single act under GOD’S COSMIC LAW.

Because you have to be able to answer this question before you seek “justice”….



All my love….

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  1. Emm Jay

    Oh my goodness JCC, really? … mirroring your journey …wow! Coincidence? I think not. A kindred spirit … it feels like an old friend … known for a long, long time. Thank you for sharing that with me, it so warms and gladdens my heart. Do I recognise the purpose? I do have my thoughts on that but I think that your much appreciated suggestion/instruction to self/cosmos will assist me and give me the clarity I seek. I have started this today JCC, I’ve spoken/commanded, so … I’m gonna sit right back now … and watch! Oh, and I AM working on the electrics! JCC … thank you so much.

  2. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Hi EJ. Firstly …all manifestations and aspects of life are valid. Every being/thing is a part of the whole. To think otherwise is to deny your own being, your existence. What you deny others, you deny self.
    Another way of saying this is, they do their thing, you do yours = DETACHMENT is essential to achieve Mastery.
    Attachment means going into Polarity. Polarity is Duality = seeing this whirld with dual vision, a divided mind (which most recently started in Lemuria).
    Do you remember seeing the 2 pillars behind the Speaker in the House of Reps in DC? (Stakes/Axe wrapped/bound, aka Roman Empire stuff).
    This is the outward expression, by the CONtrollers (Freemasons) of the Poles, or polarity that they need in order to “In God We Trust” take dominion over you…a constant reminder for them and also telling you in your face what their intentions are (to do with non-interference of free will).
    So the point here is, concern yourself not with the outer aspect, what appears about you.
    In the Mastery of Life, 3 key components are needed, preferably before all else. Will, Wisdom, Love. If they are not applied in BALANCE then you have imbalance, as they all work together in HARMONY, to create the harmony, be it music, architecture, gardening, creativity. etc. (Budda called it “The Middle Way” = non-polarity = detachment.)
    To be non-attached is to not be CONcerned of the outcome that you would like. For in the desire, there is attachment = polarity = duality = out of heart centre = out of the father’s kingdom.
    “If thy eye be single, thy mind be filled with light.” and as you can reconcile, where there is light, there is no darkness.
    If you speak your truth and there is resistance, or “blow-back” (as you perceive it), you can guarantee that that the 3 core aspects (Will/Wisdom/Love) are not in balance (you have polarity) and thus you are open to repercussions.
    If your intent is clear and your execution is somewhat lacking in these 3 aspects, then more refinement is required. Constant self-assessment and refinement is required. This has been referred to as getting all facets of your being shining like a brilliant diamond …no flaws.
    You have to recognise that your will in not necessarily the father’s will (for want of an example to explain the principle). If you reach impasses, or discord (dis-chord, as in dis-harmonic music) then your will is actually the ego at play, or, you are attachment to an outcome.
    It really is a matter of philosophy in sorting the wheat from the chaff.
    To use one specific example that you requested, though I do not desire to set anything in concrete, as this is RIGID (as in rigor-mortis = dead body) thinking where the Energy = Vibration does not flow.
    On Health. Health is always a good one, as it is so recognisable and easy to address where you get very direct experience of the problem-reaction-solution-resolution.
    It would be better if you gave me a specific issue afflicting you and I could use that as a template to assist you to rise above it, (bring something to the altar and I will add unto it = feed-back loop) so I am working in the dark somewhat .
    You have a medical disease (trauma is another aspect for another day, though the principle is the same).
    Say you have a stomach bug making you queasy, your intuition tells you it is not good and it may persist for some time.
    Forget all other issues for the time (single mindedness) and work on this matter.
    Think, “release”. (= letting go of the discordant vibration creating the issue)
    Think and use the words, via an internal dialogue with self …heal, harmonise, balance my being. Restore and balance my whole being.
    This is what is meant of the meaning …to COMMAND ye me!!!!
    Steady rhythmic internal dialogue, repeat. You may need to lie down to assist you. If you feel the need to do something different, think on this and act. e.g. you may decide to burn some toast and eat it (charcoal is a very good absorber of toxins. = you are inspired. This is your Higher Self taking command.
    I could give you many very detailed examples, it is the principle of Observation, Recognition, Acting, by Command = Thinking/Speaking and knowing the energy/vibration moves at your behest = Harmony = at ease = Whole = Holy = One with the father!
    As you become more attentive (Budda called it Mindfulness) you recognise and correct the imbalance (in your Energy Field).
    Disease is dis…ease = imbalance. All you do is via thought, correct the imbalance, as it is in your Energy Field
    Your Energy Field then becomes reconfigured and you move a step closer to Mastery of all you survey. And less likely to repeat the discordant experience (you learned the lesson, heeded the teacher and move to a higher vibration).
    I could talk on many others, including the weather, the elementals and chemtrails …the principle to correct the outer is there ready for you to activate, yet how many people know this principle, this authority, and this power is there for you 24/7?
    All aspects of your presence on this plane can be activated by the call/thought/intent you make = consciousness in operation.
    Remember the Fig Tree with Jesus when it had no fruit? He momentarily lapsed and as he was operating in a higher vibration, a mere slip of the wrong word and the manifestation happened …the withered tree the result.
    So watch your thoughts and how you interact with all life, as it is living Energy. The higher your purity, the quicker the manifestation = results = Bingo, Mastery!
    Your INDENT is everything, PURITY accelerates the manifestation.
    Over to you. Cheers.

    • JimmyCrackedCorn

      Correction ….INTENT (not “indent”)

    • Emm Jay

      Hi JCC

      I am so happy and grateful for your response, it really is most generous and very much appreciated, thank you. I really didn’t anticipate such a wonderfully swift reply, how very kind of you! Lots there to question myself about, particularly attachment to outcomes. I have much to learn. Briefly, my middle name should’ve been ‘why?’. I tend to question things, including ‘authority’, they don’t like it, especially when my questions usually open up a can of worms. Years ago I was a whistleblower at work. A big organisation. I won … eventually. Took me eight years, a lot of hardship and nearly my sanity! I spoke up for all the other people affected too so that it wouldn’t happen again to anyone else. I care … deeply … and pay attention to my gut feelings and conscience. I research things, I’m tenacious and I can smell a rat. I’m the ‘go to’ person for those who seek to feel better by confiding in me and I do my level best to help them. I have been beset with some more big issues in my life lately, including health issues (people close to me) and a potential medical misdiagnosis (missed fractures and potentially, wrongly diagnosed neurological disease) and I’m finding it really hard to keep a grip on my ‘overload’ levels. My belief and ‘knowing’ in Prime Creator God and His love is strong but I’m feeling a bit adrift lately, anxious and questioning myself and my purpose in life. Anyways, I don’t want to depress you JCC and the people on Bradley’s fab blog, so that’s enough about me. This was just to give a little (I hope!) insight and reason why I asked you for your learned assistance in how to test those principles. I would be happy to share further detail in order for you to help to be more specific in my request, but I realise that it would be inappropriate of me to do so here and would also not wish to encroach on your time. You have been very generous and kind JCC. Truly, I thank you. Thank you also to Bradley for your much needed blog. With love.

      • JimmyCrackedCorn

        Ahhh! A person after my own heart!
        What you state, mirrors my own journey (almost to a T). So there in front of you you have your teacher.
        Something very deep is going on in your journey. Your purpose is being pushed to the fore for you to recognise. So do you?
        “Why is it you kick against the pricks” – Paul (’tis the wake up call a ‘nocking)
        “If you forsake all else for me” = you are dropping the ego and taking on the mantle of master-ship of self = Heart Centered = No Polarity.
        Here be a suggestion …a good internal dialogue to self (mantra if you like) when awake and instruct before sleeping is…
        “Teach me, show me, I want to find my harmony and purpose, how can I serve for the greater good?”. (or, I AM Harmony)
        Now as the Cosmos works by thought = vibration …The call COMPELS the answer.
        This is how the Cosmos works = Commanding, Living Energy, Vibration, on the move. No bullying, or argy-bargy required. Speak/Command and watch (mindfulness) all about, as the Mandela you initiated moves into place …in harmonic time (not the ego time) = detachment from the outcome.
        I AM Electrified! …and you WILL be too! Cheers.

  3. JimmyCrackedCorn

    Every moment of thought you have, you alter your own Energy Field (you are an Electro-Magnetic Energy/Field).
    How pure your thoughts are, determine what comes into your life (or leaves it). The purer it be, the more harmonious, or heart centred you are.
    To be in heart centre is to be “one with the father” = tap into higher octave bands (Cosmic Consciousness).
    This is the same as the line “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil”.
    The word “evil” is an anagram of “live”, or “life”.
    Like walking, you have to think it first and then viola, away ye go for a stroll!
    You move up and down in vibration minute by minute through the thought process. So the Cosmos is available 24/7 if you apply it, not force it.
    All is thought based.
    So where your attention goes, there you go.
    Or, “Be is this whirld, but not of it” = play your game, not another’s, be it spouse, friend, government, religious dogma, whatever.
    You have to go out and test and apply these things in order to master your consciousness. Test, test, test it ALL
    If you look outside of self you will never get on top of what confronts you. Your Energy Field is the root cause, and this was created by your doings/thinking over eons of lifetimes. Your Energy Field holds your own “Akashic Record”, it is always with you, as it is you, your creation, or consciousness in operation, stuck to you like the proverbial to a blanket!
    This is the basis to Jesus’ quote about “…It is what comes out of thy mouth that condemns/defiles you”, or something akin to that. Meaning, you create your whirld, second by second.
    When you play another’s game, then you surrender your WILL to another.
    When you attach yourself to another, or an idea that you bull-headedly push, go into fear, or dependence, or “poor me” mode, then you move into Polarity (as in, “get charged” = +/-, exactly as per the corrupted court system the crooks legalese mob may throw at you.
    These polarities take you into the realm of the so called “fallen consciousness”, which actually is a corrupted version of harmony, or out of “God’s Kingdom”, for want of a suitable analogy. As like the difference between Doof-Doof music and Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”. Disharmony, or Harmony, your choice?
    I avoid using words like “god” (or is it “dog star?) as the word has been so bastardised, misused and misunderstood over the years that people know not what/how it all applies. So best not to use it, I say!
    So it takes application/endeavour to get to a point where you refuse to play another’s game (the prompts come when you are ready to move to the next level of operation, after-all, your WILL is making it happen.
    The thing is you have to know the beast, and more importantly know yourself in order to walk through the valley and avoid the pitfalls, self-deception, pride and cockiness.
    Ego is the me, me, me in operation and is the visible demonstration of Polarity = fallen consciousness = “By the Fruit ye know the tree”!
    Thus eternal vigilance of self and all about you! (Be alert …your country needs lerts!)
    You are either the Master, or you play another’s game = subservience = understand. The opposite is to understand is “inner-stand” = Master of Self and all about you.
    When you look at semantics in discussions, or how to avoid using the corrupted CONtrol system of documentation, licences (from the word licentious) etc., you are playing their game, the Fat Controller’s game.
    Do not think that way, take a different route to move out and away from it and as you Speak and Live your Truth it starts to manifest and so you become the Master of your Domain (Granter of Dominion = GOD …is it?)
    You are LIVING ENERGY. Now go and speak and Live your Truth and the Cosmos moves at your behest!
    No forcing, or bullying required. Quietly and with INTENT, Speak your Truth!
    No easy task to convey these things with a few words, so test and apply these principles every minute (awake and asleep) and find these Truths by direct experience.

    • Emm Jay

      JimmyCrackedCorn, although I am on the same page as you, so to speak, please, please, please, will you give me an ‘example’ or template, as to how to be able to apply and test these principles so that I can experience these truths? It seems the more I speak my/the truth, the harder things are getting and more obstacles appearing. What am I doing/saying/thinking wrong? Hope you don’t mind me asking you this but I know you have tremendous knowledge and experience in this philosophy and any advice would be more than welcome and appreciated on a deep level. Many thanks JCC.

    • Great comment and great music.
      Any other good classical music? Not all of them are good, some have either bad rythm or bad tempo.
      But Johan Strauss II – The Blue Danube Waltz is great.
      Music is very important and listening to the right music is also important.
      Might as well someday learn to compose and write my own music(for my listening purposes).
      But until that time comes, any other good music you’d recommend?

  4. Ann

    Hmm, I’ve been thinking about these declarations of non-consent for a while and have two questions:
    1. Is it correct to use a negative? Rather than using non, not, etc. use instead remove? As in I remove consent?
    2. If I remove consent then turn around and sign a check or credit card receipt, am I just then looped back into the control system?

    Thanks for all your work Bradley.

  5. old men on the mountain

    We, as Jordan Maxwell, have been doing this research for 50 years also. Our eyes were opened in 1964 and our feet started seriously walking the path in 1967. And, in reality, there is nothing that can be written on this blog to which we have not already been exposed. This is not a criticism but a praise that you will put these elementary facts before the non-learned men and women for perusal.
    The first door to open is to take CONTROL of the birth certificate. From there forward, ask seriously that God open each door thereafter. This will NOT be easy steps to comprehend in most cases! So, be prepared to seriously study to show yourselves approved unto the Lord.
    May God’s infinite wisdom be bestowed upon you all.

    Pas Vobiscum.

    the old men on the mountain

  6. Reblogged this on tomaz2015 and commented:
    This means you can NOT poison the air that I am breathing. You can not “inject” my body with “vaccines” if those “vaccines” are in any way dangerous to my bodies health.

    You can not “charge” me “taxes” on the money I earn…, if I do not choose to give it to you freely.

    (Otherwise that is THEFT).

    You can not GMO modify the food that I am buying and eating…, without posting a HUGE LABEL on it saying:


    You can not commit FRUAD against my life by claiming that HOME LOANS and AUTO LOANS are one thing…, when in TRUTH…, they are something very different.

    You can not “create” a BOND called a Birth Certificate…, which is a Banking Instrument…, and then use my living body as SURETY for that BOND.

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