By: Bradley Loves

The honestly indescribable INSANITY that we have seen coming out of Hollywood, and those who work there after the Donald Trump Inaguration…, only proves to me that they literally are 100 percent MIND CONTROLLED zombots!

The “jury” is no longer out on the issue…, they are very literally auto-controlled and robotic!

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for them…, or to urge others to stay away from them for their own safety!

Hey Trump…, can we please just build a “wall” around California as well??

The tip of the ice-berg is people like Madonna…, who was so desperate to have Hillary Clinton win the election she promised that she would give “blowj*bs” to any man who voted for her.

Next we have a complete spoiled brat in the form of Shia Lebeuf…, running all over the world…, and actually “losing it” by attacking physically and verbally anyone he feels supported Donald Trump.

Then we have Ashley Judd…, (an actress who I will NEVER go out to see in the theaters again) giving one of the most horrible speeches in History.


While I’ve been trying to understand just how “on the edge” humanity really is…, someone with a great sense of humor actually made a video of the insane and (in my opinion) ludicrous speech she gave in Washington DC.

However…, it was done from the point of view of some “very sane” personalities…, i.e.  Captain Kirk and his lovable crew on the Enterprise.

Now…, far from being a complete and total impossibility…, it is far MORE likely that we as human beings ARE BEING WATCHED and RECORDED here on the Earth.

There very well “could be”  OFF WORLDER’S watching what we say and down here…, and in that case…, what exactly would they think of people like Ashley Judd??  What would they think of Humanity?   What would they think of Earth??

Slightly humorous…, but also very sad…, here is the video where Ashley’s mental breakdown gets “noticed”  in space….




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