All Doctors and Nurses World Wide – TAKE NOTICE – you are now in the crosshairs because you all were complicit with a plan to commit Genocide.

How can We the People ever manage to “forgive” so many Doctors and Nurses who literally gave out “KILL SHOTS” to our friends and family members only so that they could simply keep their Jobs and keep getting their Paychecks during a time when every logical mind on Earth was saying that something was very wrong with all of the mandates being handed down and that we needed to stop and look much deeper BEFORE we all (were forced) to get these shots ???

Well if you watched the video link above, you’ll see that even in Liberal TV Land, “collaborating” with people who are responsible for Genocide does not end well for those who did so.

I wonder what WE THE PEOPLE are going to do about this matter now that we know for a fact that Covid-19 was in fact a lie, and that the JAB was in fact a BIO-WEAPON.

It’s not just Doctors and Nurses who are complicit and who are and were collaborators in the destruction of lives here in America in the Covid 19 Scam…

There were literally countless Lawyers, Judges, Pharmaceutical executives, State Governors, State Attorney Generals, Corporate CEO’s, and others who actually KNEW that this was a scam and that it was deliberately designed to be some sort of horrific planetary wide “experiment” or “military exercise” in which millions of people could potentially die.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg of their collective crimes because people like these have been committing real crimes for decades already.

There are many Lawyers, Judges, and Federal Agents who KNEW – (yes they knew for decades) – that the “United States Inc.” was actually a corporation, and that all men, women, and children had been secretly turned into CHATTEL PROPERTY – (Slaves on Paper) – and said nothing about this to We the People.

Their jobs and their paychecks were far too important to them to say anything apparently – and so they remained SILENT and thus became COMPLICIT WITH THE SIN and COLLABORATED WITH PURE EVIL which as a result created the fertile ground world wide in which the Covid Plandemic could somehow take place!

How do We the People ever manage to “forgive” so many rich and wealthy people who piggishly thought only of themselves and their own lives and so stood by while other people were being lined up to be killed?

Has anything even changed?  The United States Congress is still running cover for countless criminals and is doing their very best to BAN and CENSOR any and all TRUTH that might come out.

Here is the current United States Congress Censoring Robert Kennedy (a democrat) who was going to speak in front of Congress on the subject of Censorship!  You just can’t make this up! 

What does this say about CONGRESS?

Are they complicit in this Genocide?  How many of these men and women are committing TREASON against WE THE PEOPLE as we speak?

Remember, anything done in FRAUD is null and void the very moment the FRAUD is committed and perpetrated because:


Congress can not therefore say they had the “right” to act against the American people because they were “citizens” of their Corporation – because all of that was done in PURE FRAUD!

Furthermore – anyone who was honestly and sincerely trying to correct that FRAUD was harassed, misled, lied to, and even beaten and jailed – which is adding even more INJURY to the huge crimes that have already been committed!

There is no statute of limitations on FRAUD

Finally, I will never stop speaking out, nor will I stop writing and printing the TRUTH here on Love Truth Site.

I will never stop exposing pure evil nor will I remain silent – because if I did then I’d be guilty of complicity

All my love


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