By: Bradley Loves


Well…, here we are again.

My Apple I-pad (the latest purchase) is completely INFECTED with Malware and malicious software that makes it very difficult to use any longer!

I tried over the last week to get it fixed by going to APPLE directly.

Their “geniuses” (you know…, the 20 to 30 “somethings” who claim to KNOW everything…,) and who swore up and down that if I allowed them to totally WIPE my device and then re-install the latest operating system…, the device would operate normally again!


So I allowed their grubby little hands to lend what I was told was going to be FIRST AID for my infected I-PAD…, and when I was handed back my device…, it had been completely wiped…, had the very latest operating system installed on it…, and was 100 percent WORSE OFF than when I gave it to them.

Now…, instead of being just partly hacked and inefficient…, with problems that I had to work around and was only slowing me down…, it is MUCH WORSE!


I’m really very TIRED of this!

Over the last five years of running my BLOG…, I have lost about a dozen lap tops…, 4 Apple I-pads, and two smart phones to malicious hacks from the DEEP STATE!

The total cost in destroyed equipment is staggering!

And all of this simply because I LOVE TO TELL THE TRUTH!

You know…, you’d think maybe the MILITARY GROUP Q-Anon would help guys like me and send a DONATION to my papal account or something like that to help keep me going!

Oh well, apparently being a patriot means you work for FREE….


However…, when you live on a very limited budget…, the cost of having to buy NEW and UNHACKED EQUIPMENT every 6 months is difficult, if not down right impossible!

At any rate…, the ILLUMINATI CABAL…, OWES ME for each of these hacked devices so THEY HAVE TO PAY ME FOR DESTROYING MY PROPERTY!


Bradley Loves Invoice to the DEEP STATE/ILLUMINATI

INVOICE.   #00777

Twelve Laptops @ 500.00 each………………., $6,000.00

Four Apple I-pads @1,000.00 each…………., $4,000.00

Two phones @ $600.00 each……………………$1,200.00

Two Home Computers @ 2,000.00 each…..$4,000.00

This is the total value of the Equipment hacked and rendered unusable (in the last five years) by elements of the Deep State – CIA/NSA/FBI/PRIVATE CONTRACTOR “ROUGE” FACTIONS….of the NEW WORLD ORDER/GLOBALIST REGIME who see my “blog” as a danger to their agenda.

TOTAL AMOUNT NOW DUE:        $15,200.00

Please forward payment immediately to:  Bradley Loves @ (my pay-pal account) for DAMAGED AND DESTROYED EQUIPMENT!


This debt (if not paid) will be HELD AGAINST every single New World Order player until it is paid!

The debt will transfer to their souls on the HIGHER LEVELS as an unpaid debt if not taken care of RIGHT NOW!   I “expect” this Invoice to be PAID!

Take home lesson to the Illuminati…,


Nuff said!




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