CONSENT…, (Again)

By: Bradley Loves

Yep…, it’s me again…, droning on about that “same” thing that no one wants to  hear:  CONSENT.

Everyday…, in hundreds of various ways…, each man, woman, and child “consents” to the satanic system that is not only controlling their lives…, but also controlling and re-creating this reality into a dark reality.

It’s all so subtle…, due to the cradle to grave “programming” that you’ve gotten.  The CABAL waited until this very time in history to spring the TRAP that would place the Earth into an eternal prison from which there would be no escape!

And…, every living man, woman, and child that breaths is HELPING THEM!

Why is it so hard to SAY “NO”?

It is not “blindness” that causes you to obey cruel and inhuman orders…, it is LACK OF COURAGE!

That is all.

It is the lack of CARING if there is a right or a wrong to your choices!

Each moment we are all faced with choices…, and for the most part…, every day BILLIONS of us chose to ACT in ways that will hurt our brothers and sisters!

We do this for MONEY!

Money is a made-up “fiction” that we have been programmed to believe has VALUE!

We (falsely) believe that it has SO MUCH value…, that we are willing to trade it for the LIVES of other human beings!

To utter these words made me shutter…, and I’ll bet most of you did not bat an eyelash!

I’ll say it again!

“WE” are trading our action to get a “pretend fiction” …, something completely made up…, and has NO VALUE in the eyes of PRIME CREATOR…, for another thing (human lives) which has INFINATE VALUE in the eyes of PRIME CREATOR.

Do I need to repeat the above statement a third time?

Can I say it in another way that makes sense?

Shall I point out each vowel and syllable?

When a human being goes to work and “follows orders” (i.e…, does what they are told) knowing that the orders they are following go against LOVE…, and will probably end in harming another human being…

Then that person has ACTED…, has DONE AN ACTION of harm…, simply in order to keep their job…,  for which, the ONLY REASON in having such…., is for the continued SUPPLY OF MONEY!


1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4


Therefore, I will say it again!

“WE” are trading our ACTION to get a “pretend fiction”…, something completely made up AND irrelevant…, and HAS NO VALUE…, in the eyes of PRIME CREATOR.

What we are TRADING for this “pretend fiction” (money) IS human lives which has INFINATE VALUE to PRIME CREATOR!

Shall I post about a thousand articles in the news today to prove my point?

I could!

We are all participating and therefore are all complicit!

Yes…, it’s very subtle due to your programming…, but now that you KNOW!

Will you not choose to stop consenting to this behavior?

Will you simply STOP selling your brothers and sisters out for a paycheck?

When “cops” tell you that you have to write a letter of eviction to a family who has no money…, SAY NO!

When the authorities tell you to bulldoze someone’s garden…, SAY NO!

When a million other ridiculous “ORDERS” are given and YOU are the one in charge and you know a human life will be hurt as a RESULT…, SAY NO!


Choose life over money!

Yes…, you may be fired from your job!

But you just helped a human life…, which has INFINATE VALUE…, and gave up something that HAS NO VALUE in the eyes of GOD!

Do you think he misses this kind of thing?

It’s time to choose!  We are at the crossroads of salvation.

NO ONE is going to “save you” but yourself!  There is a choice to make!

Choose LIFE…, choose LOVE!

Money can not buy you into anything…, because in PRIME CREATORS EYES…, money does not exist!

Think on this…

All my love….



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  1. Regarding to Bruxel attacs. I DO NOT consent to Mind Control ,.
    I DO NOT consent to false flag attacs!
    This has been my mantra since couple of days..
    . And now they are trying to create more fear in Europe claiming nucllear plant guard has been killed and his clearance pass has been stolen.. Oh, yea,, fear.. thats what thay want.. But NO ! I DO NOT CONSET TO fear mongering. I DO NOT consent to manipulating mass consciousness in negative way I DO NOT conset to rule of Illuminati. I DO NOT consent to rule of bankers. I DO NOT consent to rule of shadow goverment or secret societies. I DO NOT consent to rule of Satan!
    And always when reading these non consent clauses I say “In the name of Jesus The Christ”.
    because then Its safe for me to be under protection of Christ; we are dealing with real powers.

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