By: Bradley Loves

Over the last month, I have watched the world seemingly change…, and no matter WHAT has appeared to take place…, I want you to know NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Let me show you why!


As hard as this is to understand, and to truly wrap your mind around…, there is nothing that can be done to you without your hand right in the middle of the event!

The trouble with this is:

YOU ARE NOT AWARE…, (please read that part again)…, that you are giving your consent in hundreds of tiny actions and behaviors (that you have either been trained OR PROGRAMED to do) each day.

Now this is the TRUTH.  However…, I can not stop here…, because as I’ve said…, “you” are not “aware” of the hundreds of consents that you are giving away so freely each and every moment of each and every day that ALLOW for the CORPORATE CONTROL over your sovereign being to take place!

If you were then you’d STOP GIVING IT!


Every contract has “fine print”!

Even if you don’t think so…, all you have to do turn on a brand new computer…, or open a bank account…, and you are handed well over a hundred pages of their rules concerning the turning on of a brand new computer, or the opening of a bank account.

Before actually being “allowed” to open the account…, or use the computer you are asked for your CONSENT and AGREEMENT to their terms.

Well…, those terms are there for YOUR ENSLAVEMENT!

It’s that simple.

Just like Tim Allen found out in the Christmas Movie called: THE SANTA CLAUSE…, (as in the last clause of a contract)…, not reading the fine print actually bound his life to an agreement he would not have normally agree’d to.

Don’t you wonder why “they” show us movies like that?

The Internet is the worst place in the world for what I call “PUSH BUTTON CONTRACTS”

Before you can play a game, use an app, or open a page…, you first need to “AGREE” to their terms…, simply by pushing a button that says:


What that means is that you “consent”.

Now…, what are you consenting to??

Well for that information…, which is nowhere near the large I AGREE button…, you need to click on the underlined read more here phrase…, and suddenly you are transported to a fully binding legal contract, that is dozens (if not hundreds) of pages long…, which NO ONE wants to read.

Do you think that is an accident??

Judge Dale said that NO ONE could ever go to prison without their consent…, and on some level that has to be the TRUTH.

I know very well of the problems happening in OREGON…, and all over the world just to be clear…, and yet…, I am quite convinced that there is an UNSEEN LEVEL to the “game” we are playing which involves our daily consent.

We are doing battle with MAGICIANS!

The “reality” that they have given us to live in (through the bastardized use of Ancient Esoteric Knowledge) is a fake reality.

We look at this “reality” as the only thing we know…, and even defend it as simply the way things are…, and yet…, just like MORPHEUS said in the movie called: THE MATRIX, it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to hide from you the simple TRUTH that your entire life has been turned into nothing more this:

(And he holds up a battery)

This is deep ESOTERIC stuff…, and can not be learned…, understood, or grasped in the reading or study of just one article!

Even if I had your attention for days…, in an intensive seminar…, the kind which Mark Passio does…, I could not give you all of the information you need to really grasp what is happening “here” in this fake reality.

The system that runs and supports this fake reality is SATANIC!

Well hidden…, and running just under the surface of your normal awareness is the mechanics of our world (as we know it).

I can not explain ALL of the ways in which the ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE that is truly Ancient, has been used to control and create this fake reality.

For that information…, you need to take heed and please listen to what people like:

Mark Passio, Jay Parker, Cathy O’brien, and others are saying in their countless onlilne video’s which can be found on Youtube.

[There is a new FREE YOUR MIND CONFERENCE coming up in April! Click HERE for that information.]

Hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of video watching might actually help you in your understanding that you’ve BEEN CONNED!

And that almost all of the things that you think are part of a “normal” and healthy life are in fact supportive of the system that keeps this fake reality in place!

As I wrote earlier…, that “system” IS SATANIC!

What is necessary here is for the masses of people to “wake up” (meaning come into awareness) that the system they are living under and are supporting each and every day…, with hundreds and hundreds of “consents”…, that are basically given without thought or consideration…, helps to keep the fake reality in place…, and to keep all humans ENSLAVED to it.

Only we can can free ourselves…, and NO ONE from the outside is going to do it for us!

HERE is a new conference coming up in only a few days with Mark Passio and Jay Parker.  Maybe a few can make it there and then help everyone by sharing that information.

More will be coming…, but for now…, with all my love…, I ask you to Think on these things!



















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