By: Bradley Loves

What Follows is my own: HIGH OCTANE SPECULATION…, you can take it with a grain of salt.  This is however based on solid research!

It doesn’t get any “more” real than this!

The Nephilim are the off spring of Immortal beings…, (Reptilian) Angels who had sex with Earth men and Earth women!

They are the “Fallen Ones” who have apparently been around for a “very long” time. And…, they have tried to “take over” the Earth before! However…, each time previously…, they were defeated by humans here on Earth!

According to Ancient “Native American” history…, they started right here in America first! But.., they were very easy to tell apart from the rest of us humans BECAUSE they were very tall, and had 6 fingers and 6 toes! They also had bright red hair, and double rows of teeth!

These men “according to the Indians” were extremely EVIL…, and ate human flesh! They especially liked to eat young children, and practiced all kinds of demented rituals by killing some, and torturing others… (which is exactly what the Illuminati do today).

Because they lived in ways that were very apart from any normal customs of any human being, the American Indians knew they had to be stopped!

Our Native American brothers considered these people to be DEMON SPAWN…, and killed them where ever they found them! It was because of what these Fallen Ones did…, and how they lived…, that they were considered to be “abhorent” to human civilization. The “ancient” and it really is ancient.., practice of holding up your hand flat in a greeting…, with your palm out and fingers extended was not just a greeting…, but it was a very real practice of showing whoever you met (that you had never seen before) …, just who you were!

When you met another man that you did not know…, you did this so that they could very literally COUNT YOUR FINGERS!

If you had 6 of them…, you were in deep trouble!

This practice moved FROM America TO EUROPE…, not the other way around!

The “handshake” is very literally another way…, and a European modification of what the Indians were doing in America! When you extend your hand in greeting with someone for the very first time…, what it was originally designed to do was allow to them to both see and COUNT your fingers! NOTHING ELSE!

The Indians very literally both “protected” America and all of humanity by getting RID of these scum!

The “surviors” went into hiding…, somehow got into Europe…, and then went on to the middle East, where in time they somehow got in touch with “advanced” regressive ET’s who helped them by doing genetic breeding programs with them where these FALLEN ONES (children of the Fallen Angels) could actually inhabit a more human looking body that was not so easily identified!

It is my opinion…, that this is the Adam and Eve story of the Bible! Adam and Eve were the very first humans beings that were created (by genetic breeding) that were the children of the FALLEN ONES…, who actually appeared human! Because it is now well known…, that at the time of Adam and Eve…, the world was already very well populated!

This is why the Catholic Church tells us that Adam and Eve were FALLEN…, and all of their children that came after them were fallen as well.


These men and women were, in fact, genetically created half breed HUMAN/REPTILLIAN…, that was NOT something favored by God, and was an abomination to him.

They were the Cannaites of the Bible…, the Baal worshipers…, those who ate human flesh…, had sex with young children, and sacrified other children and babies to their “god/gods” but mostly to LUCIFER.

Once again (in more recent times) they were defeated by humanity…, but after being out of history for long time between America and the Middle East!

Next, they “reappeared” in history as the Khazars…, and are the very people that Preston James is writing about.

Still…, their ACTIONS of pure evil got them in trouble over a very short period of time…, where they were finally told in the 700’s (AD) that they HAD to pick a religion and teach it to their people or they (as a group) would be destroyed.

They “picked” Judaism…, but in secret still practiced BAAL worship and still did Ritual Child Sacrifice. It was RUSSIA, (not the Native Americans) that stopped them that time…, and for this…, the Khazars have vowed to destroy RUSSIA and the Russian people down to the last one…, if it’s the last thing they ever do!

Now…, you know why…, when these Khazars finally got hold of Europe and their Banking System in the 1700’s…, they made it their goal to change all of the treaties being made with the Native Americans…, who were treating the European Settlers very well.

They still remebered their ANCIET PAST (and were still holding a huge grudge) against the American Indians for killing their ancestors and refusing to allow them to practice their SATANIC practices freely on the North American Continent.

So, vile was their hatred of the American Indians, that the complete and comphrehensive EXTERMINATION of their OLD ENEMY was planned and exectued with merciless precision!

No longer did the FALLEN ONES have 6 fingers and 6 toes…, as they did before (thanks to their “off world” helpers) and no longer were they so easily identified! They could now come and go as they pleased! The “handshake” that had once “betrayed” them, became their calling sign…, they had taken it and made it their own!

Now, it was THEY who idenified each other by a handshake…, and they used this secret handshake to very easily hide among the masses and to create the foundation of their eventual WORLD WIDE takeover…, and turn the entire planet SATANIC!

These men and women have a SERIOUS GRUDGE against all of humanity…, and ALL who stand in their way! They consider themselves “offspring” of GODS…, and they feel that gives them the RIGHT to rule over the entire planet! They WILL have their SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER…, or else!

This is why they inter-breed! They want ONLY their own kind in charge! It was probably a very important thing they were told by their off world helpers…, which is to keep their genetics pure…, or they might revert back to their OLD easily identifiable FORM!
This is the TIME in history when we as a group are faced with the very same challage once again! YES…, it’s happened before…, and each time it happened, humanity was able to put down and defeat this scum!

However…, this time…, these guys think they have it! They have “infiltrated” every system…, and slowly and painstaking took hundreds of years to make certain they were READY this time!

No more just trying to do it quickly!

ONLY the human beings living here on Earth can do this…, because this is OUR planet…, it is OURS! We were given this planet by our Creator…, and if we give it up…, or give it away…, then by cosmic law…, they have a right to it.

Once they have it (the planet)…, they WILL…, yes WILL…, make every human being that is not one of them a SLAVE!
Make no mistake, the day of reconning for us (or them) is coming.

Look what they did to the American Indians! Do you think you can expect anything better than that?
Look at what they are doing to Russia as we speak!

Look at the pictures I’ve posted of the stone images in Norway! This is what they are planning for those that remain alive once they start their process! You will be NAKED…, and you will kneel before them as GODS and MASTERS! They have promised themselves this. You will be completely enslaved beyond your wildest dreams.

Oh…, but why not just go and watch some TV…, drink a beer…, and don’t worry be happy!
It’s all being taken care of… (at least that’s what we are told).

It hasn’t happened yet, so why worry? Are you certain you want to wait until they start the “round ups” before you determine that you will ACT against the Satanists?

One last question here…

Would you “stake” the entire world…, (and your own life) knowing what you now know…, on the HOPE that someone else will show up and “save us” before they make their move?

It was the Ancient American Indians who saved us from these SATANISTS the first time…, next, the Biblical Joshua using what seemed to be some kind of super advanced weapons, and by means of “sound waves” destroyed the city of Jericho…, and possibly the rest of Cannan as well…, and finally…, it was the RUSSIANS who did it the last time in our history when they confronted the Khazars!

And…, “IF” the ET’s showed up in any of these instances and helped…, they did it from behind the scenes and there is no record of it.

Why is the world in such trouble today?  Ask yourself honestly what is going on, and where it is all leading to?

Are you “man” enough to admit that  “they” are really doing this stuff…, and if so…, what are you/we going to do about it?

Or, (as the New Age suggests) do we simply do nothing…, and let it all just happen?

(that is NOT what our ancestors did by the way….)

Food for thought!

All my love

UPDATE:  This is an after thought!  It comes to my mind that the very reason Russia is standing against the NWO (now) is that they have finally realized just who is behind it.  They have realized that it is indeed the Khazars ( a very old enemy) who are pulling the strings!  They are the ones who messed with the Ukranine…, and tried to “TAKE” Sevastopol (the Black Sea port) Russia’s only sea port in the South…, and created the “proxy” army now working inside Syria!  

They have dealt with these “vermin” before!  The Russians were the ones suffering the most at the hands of the Khazars…, and probably have records of what happened then. Yes…, the American Indians have suffered…, but they are in NO POSITION to challenge them!  Only Russia knows how EVIL these Satan worshippers are…, and what they did to RUSSIA.

It is possible that the USA is demonizing Russia, because the USA is in fact being run by the Khazars! There is no way to be sure of what Putin’s strategy is…, but at least he is taking a very active role here.  Also…, I find it very compelling…, and even ironic that much of the NEW AGE is supporting Putin’s actions (even as they are babbling on) about “forgiving everything” because the Satanists are just partners in contrast.  

God is not without a sense of humor in this battle it seems, because on the one hand you have core group of REAL “truth tellers” …, whistle  blowers, and activists in the world on the web, who are desperately trying to change the world for the better by taking ACTION,  and who have come out verbally in support of Russia…

And on the other hand you have the growing group of former 5th “dimensionists” , former “Ascensionists”…,  a few of the Galactic “wavists”…, 

And even a few more recently disgruntled former “Sphere Being  Allianceists” who are all cheering the efforts of the Russian Military in their REAL WORLD fight against the Khazarian “proxy” armies of the NWO…, by TAKING ACTION!

(Apparently that “forgive them” because they are only partners in contrast is not working as well as they’d like…, and so they have traded in some of their channeling time for a little bit of the “GO RUSSIA” mania…, and please help us stop those NWO vermin with your planes and weapons talk…)

Hmmmm…, Yes GOD does have a sense of humor after all!  

All my love again!











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