Because humanity has a habit of always putting things in very non-personal terms, I am going to take the title of this new series and deliberately make it very personal.  In this way, I hope the words that I am writing today might actually have some real impact.

What I really meant to say is this:

Control of YOUR MIND is the final frontier and the final goal of those calling themselves Luciferians.

There has been no other goal for them since WW II.

As we speak, humanity has grown far too large and far too powerful to control with sub-liminals, movies, radio shows, TV shows, newspapers, and University Professors any longer.

Humanity can no longer just be told what to do by “authority figures” and be expected to obey immediately like it used to be in the early 1900’s.

Well, MOST OF HUMANITY can not be told is what I meant to say.

The deep state (and more accurately put) those who worship Lucifer, have decided that the only way to move forward from this very moment is to have complete control of your entire life – which includes active and constant control of your MIND.

They want to be able to mandate and dictate what you can and what you cannot think!

Snowden reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda

Snowden Leaks Evidence of HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda

The only difference between you the reader, and myself as the author of this new Love Truth Site series is knowledge.  The difference between you and me is that I have done years of research and I know for a fact what the truth is, while you (as of yet) have not given any real consideration to, or put any real time into the necessary research.

Luke and I just did a recent podcast where I made the bold statement that says the Illuminati/Luciferians have already achieved their goals except the very last one!  (Complete Global Takeover)

They have already figured out how to read minds, how to control minds, how to hook minds up to computers, and how to do machine to human brain interface!

They can now easily SEE through your eyes and HEAR through your ears, and all of that information comes up on a computer screen in one of their data centers.


Tens of thousands of techno crazed young people (who have been highly programmed and indoctrinated against humanity and against freedom) have signed on to work inside of these data centers only because they honestly believe that it is their “RIGHT” to censor, modify, ban, and correct certain human thoughts!

The people working at Twitter were tame compared to the young men and women who are desperate to work with technology that can CONTROL YOUR MIND.

Now if you think people like this are not out there (in the millions) then you are fooling yourself and have lost all touch with what is actually going on around you.

If these young people are brazen enough to come out and to say very openly that anything they do not agree with is “hate speech,” and that you do not have the right to say anything that goes against their protected opinions – (and therefore they will actively and willingly ban/censor your printed words on-line to enforce this) – then how much of a leap is it really to say that they would (if push comes to shove) use technological equipment to control what you can think inside of your own head! 

I can very honestly see not just thousands, but millions of young deranged socialist/communist/satanist people lining up for jobs like these. 

And yes, they live right here in America.

If you think I’m wrong, then honestly my friends you are just not seeing the bigger picture here!

We “lost control” of the entire thing long ago when we started tolerating everything.  While we were being scolded and told to be more tolerant of everything, that is when the socialist/communist/satanic schoolteachers moved into the schools and began to teach your kids the exact opposite.

They used YOUR TOLERANCE to gain the upper hand only to then teach your kids INTOLERANCE to the max.

When we all decided to just “not judge that” – the Satanists took this as an indication of extreme weakness and saw it as an opportunity to use our “tolerance/weakness” against us.

 This was the beginning of the end for humanity.

Yuval Noah Harari is correct when he says that “THEY” have figured out how to hack human beings and hack into human minds.

I will not stoop to the level of his snide derision as he refers to human beings as merely “hackable animals” because that comes from a truly pitiful mindset of someone who considers himself to be a “god”.

He considers himself (and his ilk) to be not only better than the rest of us, but FAR SUPERIOR to all other human beings in general.  Still, what he says is true none the less.

They HAVE figured out how to hack human minds and human bodies!  They are there. You just don’t know it yet!

As I see it, there is just one last problem for them to solve, and it was always going to be their biggest problem.


Because these Luciferians do know (for a fact) that there really is a God – and they also know (at the very top) that there are rules – rules which say that every human being has Freewill (even if they claim otherwise), and so they know they have to find a way to package this absolute form of control and sell it to the entire human race as a good thing (at least at first).

The truth of the matter is that they have already figured out how to mind control and enslave the entire human race and turn everyone into a CYBORG!

That part is already done!   It has been figured out! We are there!  That was yesterday – and I am very sorry if you slept through that part.  (The media was in on it and they lied to all of us for decades by hiding the truth)

The “Targeted Individuals” told us all about it and no one cared and no one wanted to listen to them!

Where we are right now (>YOU ARE HERE<) is where they try to figure out how to roll all of this technology out from their underground labs and then sell it to humanity as necessary – without getting themselves killed in the process!

That is all that is left for them to do.



And in all honesty, they have already achieved it in theory, meaning they have all of the technology they need to do it.  They just don’t quite have it rolled out yet.

Naturally this kind of thing is a SIN (which they do not believe in) and a CRIME (which they do not care about).

But they do care about getting killed in the process, and so they are being careful at the moment.  But that care is starting to unravel quickly now.

COVID 19 – was the beginning of their attempt at the roll out process!

Their plans were to give everyone a JAB filled with nanotechnology, graphene oxide, and self-replicating/self-constructing microscopic robots that could – through the use of CRISPER technology and messenger RNA (mRNA) literally change your DNA code into what amounted to programmable computer software.

Then with the help of booster shots once or twice each year – they would continue to change your DNA (if you survived) into something that is far more machine than human.

The real “trick” (the magician’s trick) was getting everyone on Earth to want this JAB in the first place, and so they did what they always do – they LIED!  

They created a FAKE PANDEMIC. 

They got the MSM (mainstream media) who has already been lying to the public for years to go along with this new lie and they got millions of people in Government and in Industry World Wide to go along with this agenda.

In Part Two – I will talk about how the Roll Out of their technological nightmare is going for them.

Stay “tuned” for Part Two!

All my love


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