By: Bradley Loves



Let’s face it, after writing for five long years already…, I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what is actively being hidden from humanity.

The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper the more you dig into it…, and the more you understand – the more you find out!

From Portals and Vortexes opening and closing as well as giants and other wordly creatures to space flight, anti-gravity craft, teleportation and time travel…, what most people living here on the Earth think of AS REALITY, is the farthest thing from reality there is!



What we collectively are experiencing here on Earth is far worse than MIND CONTROL!  What we have taking place in front of us is nothing less than complete and total REALITY CONTROL!

The powers that be are not just controlling what we think about and therefore chose to do with our time (mind control), but they are controlling what we believe is possible!

By masively manipulating education, the media and social narratives, and by actively hiding information, advanced technologies and theories, they are controlling what we conclude or percieve is happening in the Universe around us!


I don’t care whether you are one of my New Readers, and have only just joined my five year long conversation…, or if you are someone who has been here from the beginning when I first started doing guest posts on Jean Haines website in 2014, what you’ve got to start wrapping your mind around is that what you “think of” as reality is a complete LIE!

You’ve been wholly and totally decieved…, and thus as the title of the post suggests “controlled”.

The point I’m attempting to drive home today however is that this control is so pervasive, so complete, and so all encompassing that you literally have no clue what is honestly possible or even normal in the very Universe that we all live in!

Your perception has been very tightly controlled by education, religion, government, and corporate banking such that most other beings who live in this physical Universe with us have a very different idea about what living is all about than we do!

I know that it seems “way to big” of a con job for everyone I’ve described above to be “in on it!”

Yet, because I know HOW LONG this has all been going on…, I can easily see how these “systems” of control have been carefully put into place…, most of them long before WE were ever born!

The men and women who appear to be at the top of the food chain are merely running a well oiled machine that was put into place long ago, and are simply “maintaining” what has been done for thousands of years already!

Truth be told…, “they” were all born into generational Illuminati or Satanic Families and were told at a young age “they” were going to be the ones to RUN THE WORLD, and so their education, their training, and their upbringing was far different than ours.

Jay Parker mentioned the trauma and the abuse that these Illuminati children have to go through before they are handed over the reigns to Planet Earth.  He also mentioned that if they don’t want to “play ball” the way it’s always been played…, they simply create a mind control “program/spell” where you will self destruct!

This apparently is what happened to the unfortunate John DuPont…, who was the heir to the DuPont fortune!

His own family saw to it that he would loose his mind and then swooped in and CLAIMED all of the assets of the DuPont family for themselves!

Strangely, Jay Parker claimed it was his own mother who bragged about being “the Witch” who had cast the spell/mind control program that had taken this man down!

Being a “teacher or tutor” for the DuPont children…, she had access to John DuPont at a very young age and was able to install a mind control program that could be activated years later!



My job, (and certainly not a pleasant one) has been to tell you that almost everything that you think of AS REAL…, has been faked, right down the ideas you hold in your head about what is possible and not possible in the Universe around you!

You’ve been living in a FAKE REALITY BUBBLE, that has very little to do with anything real or true and is more like living in a FANTASY OR A DREAM, because it has been all made up!

The simple truth is that there is an ACTUAL reality out there waiting for you to SEE IT, but you first have to be re-educated to the fact that what you thought was impossible is not only possible, but is happening all around you every day!



Now adding even more pain and suffering on top of an already painful situation…, you’ve got the NEW AGE and countless channeled entities literally telling anyone who will listen that they are ASLEEP!

They say YOU have to “wake up” and this is completely TRUE, but not in the way “THEY” are describing it!

Sadly, they are adding MORE LIES and MORE DECEPTION onto your already troubled view of reality by saying that if and when you do finally “wake up”…, you will be somewhere else – or in some other realm or world entirely.


What a con job they are adding to an already huge pre-existing con job!

The truth is this:

When you finally “wake up” and open your eyes, you are going to see what is really happening out there in front of you!

You are going to be in the “same world” that has always been here and that you’ve already been living in…, but now you are going to see what is actually possible and know how things are supposed to work!

THAT…, is what “waking up” means…, and nothing else!

You are going to suddenly realize that what you “thought” was reality was basically a FANTASY!

The reaction you will have will be almost the very same reaction that you had when you were told by your own parents that SANTA CLAUS was not really a truthful being…, and that he just didn’t exist!

(Even though you really and honestly thought that he did.)

So there is a sudden let down in your mind when you find that something that you’ve invested so much time and effort into believing as true or real is instead totally false!


However, this added idea that somehow you will be suddenly transported or transposed into a whole new dimension or realm when you awaken is MORE FAKE NEWS!


Because what you think of as “future technology” and extremely advanced medicine and scientific methods HAS ALWAYS BEEN HERE, AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN AVAILABLE to those at the very top levels of Earth’s management structure.

What the Ancient Aliens, or the Ancient Astronauts had as concerns advanced technology is here NOW…, and has always been here (and has always been in use) by those at the very top of Earth’s AUTHORITY STRUCTURE!

Just to be clear here, I am not talking at the “government” level…, but I’m talking about deeply SECRET SOCIETIES that operate in the shadaows outside of governmental control!  These people control the Banking System!

(In other words Leonardo DaVinci was NOT a genius)

You were told that advanced technology did not exist…, that it was gone, lost, or never even was in the first place!

You were told a Santa Claus Story!

Those you trusted the most…, your teachers, your clergy, your government officials, lawyers, judges, bankers, agents and agencies, police and military at the very TOP LEVELS knew that the “reality” they were telling us all about was a fake one!

They knew that a far, far different reality already existed filled with wonders that many of us can’t even imagine.

They HID that reality…, and gave us instead a FAKE REALITY…, a MADE UP REALITY…, A SANTA CLAUS REALITY!

This make believe and fake reality is what we as human beings argue about each and every single day.

We fight over it, abuse others over it, and even use violence against each other debating whether Santa Claus’s name is actually spelled Santa or Sanntta…, when the real truth of the matter is that there IS NO DAMN SANTA!

This is the level of most people’s disconnect from reality and why they are said to be SLEEPING or SLEEP WALKING during their entire Earthly life!

It is also why they need to WAKE UP!

But “waking up” is done right here and it means that you have to UNLEARN all that you once thought was real!

Only when you come to realize that what you think of as the MOST ADVANCED FUTURE you can possibly think of…, is already here on Earth…, and what’s more…, HAS ALWAYS BEEN HERE FOR TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS…, in the grubby little hands of the “top few”…, will your eyes be honestly opened and will you have “awoken”.

When you realize that mankind (at the top) never “lost” it’s ability to travel across the Universe to other places, and never lost any of it’s advanced technologies…, then will you know just how MIND SCREWED you actually have been!

When you realize that ALL OF THE ADVANCEMENTS you seek have always been here, locked away, and hidden just so that the highest “top level” of Earth’s Managers could live really good lives while the rest of us lived like SLAVES will you know how badly you’ve been lied to!

When you realize that these sorry excuses for human beings sold us out to the DRACO REPTILES just so they could enjoy a better life than the rest of us will you come to realize that OUR REALITY has been totally controlled from top to bottom, from beginning to end and that what you once believed was “reality” was simply just a “made up version” so that those who knew the real version could pull a fast one on all of the rest of us!

When you realize that this has been going on for thousands of years now…, then maybe…, just maybe you’ll get angry enough to get up off of your couch and turn off the television for a single moment and say…, HEY WAIT A DAMN MINUTE…

Do you mean that Earth and Humanity has had teleportation, time travel, anti-gravity craft, the ability to go to other planets for thousands of years…, going all the way back to times that we can’t even remember…, and it’s ALL JUST BEEN HIDDEN FROM US??

Do you mean that our lives could have all been lived totally differently…, in a very futuristic reality…, but for the selfish desires of just a very few at the TOP OF THE PYRAMID who knew all along and were just living like Kings and Queens because they are endlessly greedy and pure evil and sold us out (long ago) to an OFF WORLD INVADING FORCE??

Do you mean that as we speak…, ALL OF THIS “TECH” could be released and put into the public domain and we could instantly transform our entire world into a UTOPIA… but they simply choose not to do it??


The answer is YES to all of the above!

This my friends is the LEVEL OF THE CON!

And this is why…, only now five years later…, I am telling you (the future proves what I wrote in the past) why I named my very first long article:


This is also why I’ve said in this post that most people in our country and in the world have NO CLUE what is really going out there in the Universe, or what is possible and thus:  what “reality” is.

They are completely living in a DREAM WORLD that is far from real…, and this is why they need a lot of help to WAKE UP!


The only difference between what I am telling you here in this post, and what the NEW AGE is telling you on their blogs and websites…, is that when you finally do “wake up” you are going to be right where you are…, and simply realize that SANTA CLAUS was a fantasy that never even existed and that what you once thought was reality…, was silly to believe in the first place.

Your eyes will have opened!

Those who were blind…, are now able to SEE!

Trust me…, it will piss you off to no end…, because it can be very unsettling to find out that what you held as your most cherished beliefs (and thus based all of your decisions and actions on) were all fake!


For what being living on Earth (or anywhere in the Galaxy) has a “right” to con mankind to this extent??

Get ready to be truly pissed off!  Prepare yourself!  The sooner you get ready to deal with it…, the easier it will be, and the quicker you can get OVER IT!




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