Corey Feldman Needs 24hr Security As He Prepares To Release Film Exposing Hollywood Child Abusers


Feldman has been working on the project for a few years now, and says that he has had trouble finding platforms to host or produce the film, because all of the studios are tied in with Hollywood and not willing to rock the boat.

He also says that he has received numerous threats after he announced that he was going to be working on the project. The project has been so controversial because Feldman has promised to drop the names of some of the most notorious child abusers in the industry.

Feldman claims that he has been the target of several violent attacks over the past few years since he announced the film. In one case, the former child star was rushed to the hospital after he was stabbed with a foreign object while he was sitting in his car at a stop light.

He has referred to the group who is trying to silence him as the “wolfpack.” Feldman also said that he has also been receiving a large volume of threatening calls, emails and messages on social media.







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