This is just a quick “notice” to the Dark Ones – the Renegades – and the Laggards.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – so there is absolutely NO confusion about this.



If you deny any other soul being or human being the right to their own GOD GIVEN FREEWILL to choose – then under Universal Law (far more important than man’s law or Lucifer’s law) – you are declaring to the entire Universe that (in your opinion) freewill does NOT EXIST.

Once you make that “Declaration” through your thoughts – words – actions – and deeds, then the Universe RECORDS this information – AND – it makes certain that for YOU – freewill will not be allowed or accorded to you in the future!

You can NEVER enjoy a RIGHT – given to all others by GOD – that you will not allow for their enjoyment.


By the “act” of denying another soul their FREEWILL right to choose – you are denying your OWN freewill – which will be TAKEN FROM YOU – (forcibly) in the future.

The only “exceptions” to this Universal Law or Universal Rule concerning “FREEWILL” is that you are NOT allowed to use your Freewill to cause any “harm” to other people, nor to steal from them, nor to cause any damage to their property! 

(This “damage” can not be “imagined” as in the arena of FICTIONS and CORPORATIONS – where all “damage” is merely made up and not real.  Damage has to be real, physical, and noticeable.  It can not be the butt hurt of endless liberals who think they are somehow “damaged” by the use of an improper PRONOUN!)

This type of behavior is NOT in the purview of Freewill.  You do not have the Freewill to cause HARM.

In addition:

You are NOT allowed to use the BIRTH CERTIFICATE CON/SCAM to “lay claim” to all living and breathing human beings on Earth – and then make the FAKE and FRAUDULENT ARGUMENT that they are your property – only so that you can deny them their Freewill – because you are claiming “ownership” of them.

If you continue down this PATH – GOD HIMSELF will see that your desires and dreams go unfulfilled and that your own FREEWILL is removed (for a period of time) so you can learn this lesson the HARD WAY.

You’ve been noticed (yet again).




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