By: Bradley Loves

The long, lost Esoteric Knowledge of Atlantis, Lumeria, Mu and many of Earth’s former Grand Civilizations has been found!

It is being “hidden” from humanity at large…, and rests in the hands of those men who belong to SECRET SOCIETIES!  It is also being held by men and women who practice rites and rituals involved in Satanic Worship.

I know that this is not new information.  Indeed, many of my articles have touched upon this subject before…, and yet…, if I do not repeat this…, it seems that most people quickly FORGET this part of the equation when it comes to understanding any new situation that arises concerning Earths problems.

We’ve got to get this through our heads.

There is a Bible verse that says this:

….there is nothing outside of yourself that can defile you….

I would say that this verse is quite incorrect!

In fact…, I would say that it is the “active” agenda of those who practice Dark Magic and Satanic Rituals to do just that!

They are actively using every means possible to DEFILE each and every human soul, and to weaken each and every human soul far beyond what your imagination will allow you to believe is possible.

If you only could see what I see!

How far gone is our MUSIC?  All one has to do is to go HERE, to the VIGILANT CITIZEN website and there are hundreds of posts and articles showing us exactly how Satanism and ritual magic has infiltrated the music industry at large.

This is not a joke…, nor is it a con!  This is what has happened!

The “why” of what they are doing in this industry…, and how they are doing it…, could fill a book!  And for the purposes of this article…, (which I am writing before I go to work) simply can not be explained quickly.

The quick version is that this Music…, which involves “signs” and “symbols”…, is very much a part of BLACK MAGIC, and whether you believe this or not…, has little bearing on what they are doing to you!

This INDUSTRY at large…, is meant to have a very definite affect upon the collective unconscious!

More over…, it is just one of an uncountable number of ways in which “we” are being attacked on levels we are not aware of!

If you think of yourself as a “frequency” being…, a being of pure light, love, and vibration…, then you may find some help in your understanding.


It “opens” their energy up to DARK FORCES!

Here is something that I wrote 10 years ago that explains this:

What if it was magnetism which held our physical body’s energy frequencies in a particular way that “allowed” them to appear real to our physical eyes, when in fact they are nothing more than light waves? My friends…the end of the rabbit hole is nowhere in sight…it just keeps going!
Now here once again, let us ask these questions.

Do we as human beings walking around in our day to day lives have a specific defense against this? I believe we do. All human beings have the protection of their own personal magnetic shield. This is what keeps them from blending into other people in the first place. Each one of us has a protective magnetic field around our bodies called an AURA.

Aura’s can and will repel any disharmonic frequencies that are not compatible with the human being which they are protecting anywhere on the planet!

This is what magnetic shields do; because they are energy generated, they are fully functioning beams of light energy that can and
will repel anything which is non-harmonic. However, because magnetic fields do have properties of fluidity as well, they can be influenced by their hosts own internal energy wave creations.
To be clear…, I would first like to say that the ONLY way external negative energies could ever have an affect upon your AURA (which is literally your only protection against this) is IF your own internal energies are out of alignment with your highest potentials of LOVE and LIGHT.
This is NOT a very big if…., since almost everyone has been out of alignment with the highest love and light coming up to the present end of this cycle.
There is a passage in the Christian Bible which states this: There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever defile you. What is written there would be accurate only to the extent that the person who is being subjected to outer defilement is FIRST perfectly pure in thought, word, and deed at all times on a constant basis.

This person would never have a problem since their own AURA would repel every dark force it ever came into contact with.
Everyone else will ALWAYS be affected by the collective energies of the world to the extent that their own internal thoughts, ideas, and emotions have already defiled them, thus making them susceptible to even more defilement.

So, the point here is, if I indulge myself in any action, or in any direction of thinking too much, my AURA will get clouded and muddied by my own thoughts and emotions. This is when and
how other smart (DARK) forces can move through your protective shields.
Any protective mechanism that operates in the nature of waves, frequency, or fields (like your AURA) can and will be compromised when it is matched harmonically.


It might interest you to know that almost EVERYTHING that you’ve ever been taught, and think is real is a LIE!

I wonder how many of you got to watch the Movie: THEY LIVE on Youtube?

[The link was a good one when I posted it.  If you can’t view it…, try downloading TOR from the TOR PROJECT.  It’s a proxy which should allow you to view things anonymously.]

Therefore you are already basing almost all of your daily decisions on faulty information which in turn leads you as a human being to DEFILE your own energy and frequency.

So for those NEW AGERS who think they’ve got the world by the tail…, and that all is Hunky Dory…, think again!  They have been defiling their own energies and frequencies all of their natural lives just like everyone else simply because they are basing all of their decisions on things that are cons and lies!

More to come later….




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