By: Bradley Loves

Not only is every living man, woman and child “trapped” inside of a sick world where nothing they have been “taught” is correct or true…, they truly BELIEVE that the acts, behaviors, and choices they are making are the “right” ones!

The reason this is the case…, is because there is a system of constant “support” given to every human being who makes the CHOICES that are “in line” with the false or faulty system they have been taught is real.

Once again…, it is the complete and total ABDICATION of “thinking” about the affect or the effect of their choices and falling back on the PROGRAMMING, they have gotten since early childhood…, which is the entire cacophony of data that they have been entrained to BELIEVE IN.

Make no mistake about it…, on this world…, at this time in history….,  BELIEF is your enemy…, not your friend!

“FAITH” is a different matter entirely…, because “FAITH”…, has no preconceived ideas about what is true…, or possible…, or real!

FAITH simply chooses to trust the INFINITE!

However…, FAITH in the Infinite…, will NEVER cause one to argue or “fight” about facts, figures, data, or life-style or ANYTHING…PERIOD!

95 percent of all people living on the Earth…,  do NOT ACT ON FAITH…, when making their choices!


They act only on BELIEF almost without exception!

Which means that they are ACTING without THINKING!

Get this ONE THING please!   Belief is NOT FAITH!

Acting without thinking means that your life is following A PROGRAM…, just as a computer follows a PROGRAM!

Which means that 95 percent of all people living on the Earth are IN FACT…., MIND CONTROLLED!

This can NOT be argued with!

Some of the “descriptives” that I have used for these men and women are “robots”…, “auto-bots”…, or my personal favorite:  ZOM-BOTS!

Sadly…, these brothers and sisters of mine…, and yours ACT without THINKING!

And why do you suppose “critical thinking” is never taught in any school?

Why do you suppose that following orders and never breaking any rules…, no matter how tiny an infraction is beaten into every human beings daily belief system?


Can you find fault with this?

Men and women who are “ordered” to do unholy and immoral things as a part of their “job description”…, and do what they are “told” in order to keep that job…, and continue to get a “paycheck” are in fact NOT THINKING!

Mark Passio states clearly what ORDER FOLLOWING is and means!

It is ROBOTIC…, and EVIL!

It is the abdication of thinking!

Here it is…., for about the 20th time on my blog…, the best 7 minutes you’ll ever spend of your life!

It really can’t be said any more clearly than this!

We have all been given a choice!  And my advice on this day…, and every day is this:

Choose to THINK rather than BELIEVE!

Beliefs can be faulty!  Don’t trust what you’ve been told…, and that specifically includes CHANNELED MESSAGES…, and those men and women who CHANNEL entities who can not be seen, and have no way to prove who they really are!

Instead…, use your OWN heart and mind concerning each and every choice you make…, and ask the questions that I put in place in Part ONE of this series!

All my love for now…, more will be coming!  In the meantime…, I ask you to lovingly think on these things!











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