By: Bradley Loves

So who is it then that is acting on BELIEF?

Who is it that is “following orders” every day of their lives?

Should we make a list?

Every man or woman who has EVER held a job…, and did what they were “told” without thinking…acted on BELIEF!  (They did not THINK for themselves)

This is simply a nice way to say that they “acted out their PROGRAMMING“….

Honestly…, the list includes every working man and woman, in EVERY job…, in every country on the PLANET…, (except for those who willfully THINK FIRST and then always choose to disregard ANY order or directive that is immoral, lacking in compassion, and would in fact cause harm to another human being).

Here in another short clip (this one 13 minutes long) is Mark Passio showing us exactly HOW the world has turned so quickly into an MIND CONTROLLED zombie type reality!

He places the blame squarely on the NEW AGE!

The idea he talks about here is EXACTLY what I’ve been talking about and is basically BELIEF…, not “faith”…, and forbids people to “actively” think (or critically think)…, and instead just to BELIEVE!

More will be coming!

Once again…, I ask you lovingly to “think on these things”…






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