By: Bradley Loves


According to the NEW AGE…, the opposite of LOVE…, is FEAR!

If then, the only thing holding a person BACK from experiencing a life of complete and total LOVE…, is FEAR…, then COURAGE is the answer!

Courage is “anti-fear”!   It is the “wave” that cancels out the frequency of fear!

It is the “medicine” that heals the problem…, and the GIFT which solves the riddle!

This should be first and foremost on every NEW AGER’S mind…, and talked about in every NEW AGE BLOG.

Guess what?

That’s not happening!

You see…, every New Age writer…, (and Channeler) talks “endlessly” about non-judgement, surrender, not making waves, and going along to get along…, NONE of them seem to be writing about COURAGE!


Didn’t we just “conclude” that the one…, the whole, and the entire problem that stands in the way of an endlessly loving existence is FEAR?

So then, why with such a simple solution at our finger tips…, has NO ONE come out and written (OR CHANNELED) endlessly about the NEED for human beings to HAVE COURAGE?

The answer is also simple!

Those “beings” that founded the NEW AGE…, (Jesuits and Freemasons)  do not WANT us to have courage!

Instead, what they want from us is “surrender”…, “giving in”, and taking NO ACTION!

You see…, they don’t WANT us judging for ourselves what is “right” and what is “wrong”…, instead…, they want us to believe that there IS NO SUCH THING AS WRONG!


And yet, the great Satanist Alister Crowley said this:


There is no difference between the two…, it is just the wrapping of the package.

However…, if you LOOK closely…,

“surrender”, “giving in”, “allowing”, “taking no action”, is NOT COURAGE…, in fact it is the opposite OF COURAGE!

It is the twin sister of FEAR…, her name is APATHY!

So what is really going on with the New Age?

The basic tenets of the NEW AGE are 20 percent truth…, just enough to get an awakening person interested, and get the ball rolling…, and then 80 percent “bad payload”!

They (the New Age) shows you the “problem” that you were eventually going to see anyway (since you were already waking up) and then very quickly gives you the “solution” to the problem that is exactly the opposite of what will SOLVE IT!

This has the affect of keeping those who are awakening from gaining ANY TRACTION and moving forward at all!


COURAGE is the frequency that cancels out FEAR!

COURAGE is the frequency that cancels out FEAR!

COURAGE is the frequency that cancels out FEAR!


My friends…, think on these things!




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