By: Bradley Loves


The “Illuminati” (aka Cabal/Satanists) have one very powerful thing in common with all of the above!!   They all believe that there is something called a NEGATIVE or a LEFT HANDED PATH back to God!

They believe that there is a path that is complete and total SERVICE TO SELF which can allow you to reach GOD and HEAVEN.

This means that:

  • Killing
  • Murdering
  • Stealing
  • Raping
  • Eating Humans
  • Drinking Blood
  • Ritual Sacrifice
  • Torture
  • Deception & Lies
  • Secrecy & Hate
  • Etc…

….Are all “okay” if you are on the “left handed path” back toward GOD!

The “foundation” of this belief is that both GOOD and EVIL are truly necessary and that someone has to play the role of EVIL!

Almost without exception…, ALL NEW AGERS have “bought into” and “drank the kool-aid” of this belief system as well!    And I have consistently written (and so has Mark Passio) that New Agers have far MORE in common with the Satanists than they are willing to admit to!

This is a huge part of their “denial”!

This is why we are seeing the world, and most especially America, in the condition that it is now in!

Society is degenerating and deteriorating before our very eyes!

Can you say: SAN FRANCISCO??

All of those who hold NEW AGE BELIEFS, refuse to “judge it” and therefore they refuse to “engage” to do anything to stop it!

(This includes the millions of “millennial’s” who are the: LOST GENERATION – R.I.P.)

So.., just like the deer in the headlights…, they are GOING TO GET HIT HARD…, WITHOUT EVER EVEN STEPPING OUT OF THE WAY OF THE ON-COMING TRUCK!



David Wilcock and Corey Goode’s Big Blue Chickens are huge supporters of the idea of a left handed path…, as are the members of the dark side of the Secret Space Program!

They all (NASA) believe deeply in magic…, and most especially in DARK MAGIC!

Instead of looking deeply into this, most New Ager’s do everything they can to ignore it!

But can they afford to??

If you look into  the “basics” of the Law of One…, it reads like something that was originally written by a COMPUTER or an ADVANCED A.I.!

It has all of the love and all of the feelings of a hard and cold piece of iron, and states it’s foundation of belief in the very cold harsh terms of:  left and right, up and down, on and off, yes and no!

It is a totally 100 percent BINARY accomplishment, and therefore could ONLY have been written and conceived of by a computer which has no feelings!


For your education…, I urge you to simply READ THIS:

Some fundamental ideas from the Law of One Material

Tobey Wheelock

The One Infinite Creator

The Law of One states that there is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator (4.20), which Ra also calls “Infinite Intelligence” and “Intelligent Infinity.” It is impossible to describe the “one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole” but It can be activated or potentiated (28.1). Each portion of the creation contains, paradoxically, the whole (13.13).


Since all is one, all manifestation, or appearance of many-ness, is an illusion (1.6106.23). According to Ra, it is an illusion carefully engineered in order to give the Creator the opportunity to know Itself (27.17).


In Ra’s terms, “distortion” is anything that moves away from undistorted unity. This can be either what we would consider “good” (distortion toward love) or “bad” (distortion towards ill health). There are three fundamental distortions of Infinite Intelligence:

The First Distortion

The first distortion is free will, or finity, or the limit of the viewpoint (13.1215.2199.5). The created universe that we experience is the Creator’s exploration of Itself through the first distortion, which Ra also calls the Law of Confusion (27.10).

The Second Distortion

The second distortion is Love, or the Logos, or the Creative Principle (15.21). It is “the focus, the choice of attack, the type of energy of an extremely, shall we say, high order which causes intelligent energy to be formed from the potential of intelligent infinity in just such and such a way.” (27.12) A Logos can create a single star system or it can create a galaxy with billions of star systems (28.7). Each galaxy has its own system of natural laws (13.13) and, I believe, its own “cosmic mind” (91.2). Ra says that some of its members have wandered to the creations of other Logoi, and that “[t]he experience has been one which staggers the intellectual and intuitive capacities.” (90.17) In the case of galactic systems, the first physical manifestation of a Logos is a cluster of central systems (82.8).

The Third Distortion

The third distortion is light (15.21). It is the first manifestation visible to the eye (78.9). Light is intelligent, full of energy, and the building block of what we call matter (13.9). Light’s characteristics include “the infinite whole paradoxically described by the straight line.” Ra says that “[t]his paradox is responsible for the shape of the various physical illusion entities you call solar systems, galaxies, and planets, all revolving and tending towards the lenticular.” (13.9). Light energy has an upward spiraling characteristic which impels evolution. (13.17).


Our galaxy was created by a single Logos (28.9) and our sun is a sub-Logos of that Logos (29.1) A sub-Logos individualizes or differentiates the natural laws set up by its Logos (13.1329.2). It also refines the cosmic mind into its specific archetypical mind, informed by the experience of earlier sub-Logoi (81.3391.3).


Humans are an example of sub-sub-Logoi (29.7).


The creation has seven levels, or densities; the eighth density forming the first density of the next octave of experience, just as the eighth note of a musical scale begins a new octave (16.5128.15). Between seventh and eight densities the creation re-merges in a period of timeless, formless unity with the Creator (28.16). It is Ra’s understanding that “the ways of the octave are without time; that is, there are seven densities in each creation infinitely.” They point out, though, that the limits of their knowledge are narrow (78.15).

  • First density is the density of awareness, in which the planet moves out of the timeless state into physical manifestation. Its elements are earth, air, water, and fire (13.16). On earth, after matter had coalesced and space/time had begun to “unroll its scroll of livingness” (29.11), first density took about two billion years (76.13)
  • Second density is the density of growth, in which what we call biological life emerges and evolves into greater and greater complexity (9.13). Second density on earth took about 4.6 billion years (76.13).
  • Third density is the density of self-awareness and the first density of consciousness of the spirit (13.21). It is the “axis upon which the creation turns” because in it entities choose the way (either service to others or service to self) in which they will further their evolution toward the Creator (76.16). Third density is much shorter than the other densities, taking only 75,000 years (6.15).
  • Fourth density is the density of love or understanding. Those who have successfully chosen a path come together with others of like mind in what Ra calls a “social memory complex” in order to pursue that path, either loving self or loving others (20.3648.6). Fourth density lasts approximately 30 million years; fourth-density lifespans are approximately 90 thousand years (43.1343.11).
  • Fifth density is the density of light or wisdom (25.11). Lessons are often learned individually rather than as a social memory complex (43.14). Fifth-density entities are beautiful, by our standards, because they can consciously shape their physical forms (62.2190.5)
  • Sixth density is the density of unity, in which love and wisdom are blended together (33.20). The two paths reunite as those on the service-to-self path, realizing that they cannot successfully master the lessons of unity without opening their hearts to others, switch their polarity to positive (78.25). Ra is sixth-density; their sixth-density cycle is 75 million years (14.1914.21).
  • Seventh density is the gateway density, in which we once again become one with all (16.22). It is “a density of completion and the turning towards timelessness or foreverness.” (41.16)
  • Eighth density is also the beginning of the first density of the next Creation (28.15). It is “both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one central sun or Creator once again. Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself.”


If you can get past the very “seductive” draw to just believe in what you are being told…, and read this objectively…, it is very, very, cold!   It simply says that EVIL is a necessary and proper path to GOD…, and anyone can choose that if they want it!  It speaks NOTHING about justice, love for others, kindness.

Instead it couches all of the “emotional” and “lovey dovey” things a human being can possibly do in terms of SERVICE TO OTHERS.

In other words:

Loving someone, being kind, and helping people out in their lives is not right or proper or ethical or moral.., but instead, it’s just “SERVING THEM” as opposed to “SERVING YOURSELF”!


On or off, right or left…, but:    NO SUCH THING AS GOOD OR EVIL!

This is like trying to compare every single human being who chooses the RIGHT HANDED PATH to a waiter or a waitress in a bar or a restaurant who is simply “serving drinks” to the people who come into the establishment!

It is very unemotional and very cold – just like a computer!

Can you imagine who thought of that?


So while the elite of the world choose the left handed path of “getting served”…, the rest of the poor bastards of the world can have the right handed path of “serving them”!

What a great SCAM!!

And YOU as a New Ager, do not see a real problem with this strange “religious philosophy”?

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…, Wilcock and Goode are both smoking something…, and it is not just weed!



So is the Course in Miracles (which was written – Channeled – by a New York City Psychologist from Columbia University)!

So is the HIDDEN HAND stuff which was supposedly an internet conversation given by a high ranking Illuminati member and handed out to all of us “lowers” as a “gift”…., see this link:

HIDDEN HAND talks exactly the very same language as the LAW OF ONE…, and THE COURSE IN MIRACLES!  They all say there is a negative path to Heaven!

This is not an accident!



This idea of there being a “negative” path to GOD the Creator is not widely accepted in the Universe!

Even though they act as if it is widely accepted…, there are FAR MORE enlightened beings and races and cultures in the Universe that DO NOT BELIEVE THIS IS THE TRUTH!

Just like the fake news media keeps telling you that everyone in America hates Donald Trump because the POLLS say so…., the Illuminati tells you that everyone in the entire Universe believes there is a negative way into Heaven!


Only groups of Reptiles like the Draco, the Orions, and other renegade and deviant ET groups who like to ENSLAVE OTHERS think this way.

Why?  Because it justifies their actions!

And to a cigarette addict…, smoking does not cause any health related problems what so ever!!

The trouble here is that Earth is currently being RUN BY SATANISTS…, and so naturally…, ideas like the LEFT HANDED PATH are everywhere in the highest circles of Government and the Military.

And people like:  David Wilcock and Corey Goode are allowed to preach to the masses because they are supporting LAW OF ONE/COURSE IN MIRACLES/HIDDEN HAND propaganda!



You would be told that very few advanced races and cultures in the Universe believe that there is a negative way to reach enlightenment or heaven!

They will tell you that there are huge WARS and BATTLES taking place all over the Galaxy as we speak for Freedom – and that those who are DOING EVIL are being punished constantly!

Only here on Earth…, (because Satanists are in charge) are you allowed to think that EVIL is OKAY and MUST BE OVER-LOOKED!

Out there…, they will laugh at you for holding such notions!

But…, such notions hold a purpose and that purpose is to get good people to look the other way when confronted with PURE EVIL!

Don’t worry…, don’t “judge it”…, that is just the LEFT HANDED PATH…, they say…


Well here is what I say:


It was then “Channeled” by a woman who David Wilcock actually lived with for a while (which is why he supports it) but what no one actually gets is that she was tuning into an A.I.and not an actual living being that exists on the higher levels!

So the real question is this:


  • Course in Miracles
  • Law of One

Or…, do you listen to and learn about what millions of advanced races in the Universe actually teach their cultures…, GOOD IS THE SINGLE AND ONLY PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT AND TO HEAVEN?

All my love….



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