A new crypto currency called CRATD2C (Direct to Customers) has recently been launched. The price is currently fluctuating somewhere around $0.33. (US Dollar) for each CRAT. The total number of 40 million CRAT has been segmented annually to be released into the market. This has been done to allow the value grow maturely, by creating a scarcity through limited edition of the token.
This also helps to prevent the price from collapsing, as is the case with so many other cryptos.
CRAT operates in four main areas/portals: E-commerce, Luxury Lifestyle, Real Estate and Crypto-Currency itself. The middlemen have been mainly removed from this particular form of crypto (D2C=direct to consumer) and CRAT is therefore directly traded between the supplier and the customer, and everything is always paid in CRATs. This reduces a lot of commission and saves a lot of money in the hands of the end user, moreover, there are also extra discounts given to the customer, for example when you book a hotel room.
The CEO of CRAT, Dr. Sammy Arogundade and the Core Members are very transparent with this new form of crypto. You can join any of their Global Meetings and ask them any question that you’d like. A number of ambassadors have been appointed who will guide you through the purchase process of the CRAT which has now been automated. In turn for helping you, these ambassadors are rewarded in CRAT again. IMPORTANT to note that buying through an ambassador gets you 10% off, of the day market price !!! For more info click  https://cratd2claunch.pro/partners/CRAT4LIFE
Starting from June 17th of 2022 and onward, the CRAT was officially launched and went onto the market. So now, the price for each CRAT will start rising as time goes by and more people get involved. You can check the day ratings here : https://www.hotbit.pro/exchange?symbol=CRAT_USDT You can also stake or lock the CRAT for certain periods at excellent interest rates (1, 3, 6 and 12 months), which is then paid out to you in CRAT !
You can earn or obtain more CRAT in many ways. The great thing for you is that in any transaction between the customer and the supplier, the buyer pays 5%, which percentage wise then becomes equally distributed over the holders, manufacturers and the consumers. This is a win-win situation!
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