CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smartchain

A cutting-edge Blockchain employing DPoS consensus on Layer-1, ensuring top-tier security, instant finality, remarkable scalability, minimal transaction fees, and enhanced privacy features.



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About CratD2C

CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous SmartChain results from an ingenious concept born from a visionary spark in late 2019. What began as a seed of transformative digital infrastructure during a time of global disruption has now grown into a fully-fledged initiative poised to reshape industries and redefine how we engage with technology.

At the heart of CratD2C’s potential lies its remarkable capacity to host an extensive array of decentralized applications (dApps) and tokens. This fundamental capability empowers us to establish critical links across diverse sectors, creating an efficient, transparent, and secure digital framework. From manufacturers seeking streamlined processes to end-users demanding optimal experiences, CratD2C offers an array of use cases that transcend multiple industries. From Manufacturing and Logistics to the intricacies of Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Content Creation, and even Energy, Insurance, Agriculture, and Food Supply, CratD2C provides unprecedented solutions.

We are now in the Pre-Pre Seed stage. An exclusive opportunity to become a part of this revolution at a preferential rate, with an astounding projected yield of over 444% before the official listing on centralized exchanges.

Additionally, CratD2C Validator, Delegator, and Backer initiatives empower ecosystem participants. Validators enhance security and consensus, Delegators contribute to network functionality while earning rewards, and Backers stake coins for augmented APR and potential dividends, driving CratD2C’s decentralized prosperity.

The Portals



The potential of Blockchain Cryptography is enormous as the eco-space is forecasted to hit $20 TRILLION in market capitalisation by 2030, according to Ark Invest.


Buying and selling on the virtual marketplace has never been better ! E-commerce transactions now have a new niche with the emergence and integration of the CratD2C Blockchain-based all-in-one marketplace that connects manufacturers directly to consumers. The CratD2C Blockchain Protocol serves as a medium for the most straightforward E-trade mechanism. Consumers connect directly to the manufacturers of their desired goods and services using the Blockchain distributed ledger technology with the state-of-the-art sales, purchase, and reward system.


A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it. CRATD2C Blockchain Protocol recently succesfully signed a 31 years agreement in UAE for one of the CRAT products ( CRAT Luxury Lifestyle ). For Luxury Lifestyle, Resorts, Cruise, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, CRAT Token can be used as a payment option in over 1 millions destinations worldwide.


A Booming market with NOT-YET Real Blockchain Application Penetration. With CRATD2C Blockchain Protocol effective collaboration with TOP PLAYERS in Real Estate industry, targeted consumers will be able to purchase their dream homes through CRATD2C Real Estate Platform.

Why Choose CratD2C ?


Decentralized Peer2Peer Direct-2-Consumer (P2P-D2C)


Distributed-Trust-Ledger Technology (DTL)


Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC)


Web3 Cryptographic Trading Portals


4 Blockchain Smart Contract in a Single Project


Merchants Remittance Gateway Plugin

CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous SmartChain

The Blockchain Revolution the World Has Been Waiting For

1. Unparalleled Decentralized Application Hosting: With CratD2C, build and deploy your decentralized applications (dApps) in a conducive environment.

2. Lightning Fast Transactions: CratD2C ensures a swift finality time of 1-3 seconds per transaction.

3. NFT & Metaverse-friendly: CratD2C welcomes NFT & Metaverse projects with open arms, providing a platform that’s built for growth and innovation.

4. Intuitive and Versatile Wallet: CratD2C boasts its own wallet, compatible with MetaMask, TrustWallet, and other decentralized wallets.

5. A Well-Balanced Economy: With a total coin emission of 300 million, CratD2C ensures a stable, healthy economic environment.

6. Unique ZigZag Biennial Halving Mechanism: A revolutionary approach to controlling supply and fostering growth.

7. High Scalability: Capable of processing up to 100,000 transactions per second.

8. Uncompromising Security and Privacy: Alongside interoperability and scalability, CratD2C prioritizes user security and privacy.

9. Community-Driven Consensus Mechanism: Leveraging a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism for inclusivity and efficiency.

10. Community Trust Vesting Grant: A testament to our commitment to community trust and growth.

A similar project in terms of consensus mechanism Using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is Solana (SOL) which has a maximum supply of 552,798,653 SOL, with over 400 million already in circulation. Despite a transaction finality time of 21 to 46 seconds, Solana managed to hit a high of $257 per SOL in November 2021 and currently ranked #9 in the class of world cryptocurrencies.

This brings us to the big question – How will CratD2C, with its advanced features and quicker finality time, perform in its early years?

The prospects are tantalizingly promising. Don’t miss out on the CratD2C Pre-Pre Seed opportunity!

Official Partners

The Average Price for the Pre-Pre Seed stage is $0.18 (18 cents), whereas the Pre-Seed stage offers early birds a rate of 20 cents, with a normal rate of 30 cents.

In practical terms, participants in the Pre-Pre Seed stage will co-own CratD2C SmartChain at a significantly discounted value, resulting in a potential profit advantage of 166% over those joining at the Pre-Seed stage.*


The significance of participating in the Pre-Pre Seed and Pre-Seed stages lies in the potential co-ownership of the intellectual infrastructure of the CratD2C Decentralized Autonomous Smart Chain.*

Each unit of the CratD2C Native Coin represents a share in the Intellectual Property of the infrastructure. This venture goes beyond a mere cryptocurrency; it entails co-owning the entirety of a Blockchain Architecture, encompassing the blockchain itself, its infrastructure, market portals, and diversified ecosystem assets.*

This accumulation leads to various rewards within the ecosystem, with the potential for dividend payouts on each owned native coin.*

Seize the opportunity to participate in the CratD2C Pre Pre Seed investment opportunity !

CratD2C Smart-Chain is introducing one of the most impressive Tokenomics in the world, featuring a total emission of 300 million native minting coins throughout its lifespan.

Don’t miss out on being a part of this exciting innovation !

Join the CratD2C community by clicking on the link and embrace the future of decentralized finance with us.

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