By:  Bradley Loves

I found this here…

And this add for Crises Actors…, does appear to come from Craigslist!

What is worrying…, is that these “Actors” can ONLY BE CANADIANS…, but must come to the state of Colorado to…. “Be in a “video”….”

Non-Disclosure Agreements MUST BE SIGNED! 

Which means that if this “video” suddenly gets run on National News, and gets pawned off as a REAL EVENT…., then no one in the video (only Canadians Please) can say anything about that or they could  be in deep trouble!!

The “Company” that is seeking the Actors is called:  E-9  Security…, and if you remember correctly…, the fake shooting down in Florida…, was done by a Security Company called E-4.

The pay is $1,000 dollars for a 10 to 12 hour day…, which amounts to about $100 dollars per hour!  3 Meals a day are included…, along with Accommodations and travel costs!  And, since it says that the salary is per day…, it might go for several days!

So now you know exactly what the PAY IS, if you want to SELL YOUR SOUL…, and betray humanity…, and go do some Crises Acting…, which has a good chance of causing extreme worry and hardship all over the world…, only  because you are willing to:


The pay is $100.00 per hour!

I hope there are good shopping centers in HELL for those who sign up for this gig!

The Audition date is on November 17th in downtown Toronto, which is one of the largest Illuminati Cities in Canada.

No word on when the “VIDEO” will be done, but most likely soon after the Audition date…, we all need to PREPARE for another huge FALSE FLAG to take place in COLORADO!




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