Dried Adrenochrome Drug Bust

My Team just seized a shipment of dried Adrenochrome(20kg); that was marked for shipment to Canada. We thought that it was Cocaine or some other narcotic and thus seized it. Our test kits gave no indication and we sent it to Lab. Results came back as Human Adrenochrome, which freaked the fuck out of the Lab Technicians

10cc = 1 Child
20Kg = 2,000 Children
15 X 20Kg = 30,000 Children

20kg is literally worth, at least, $100 billion

Now you know why the Cabal wants open borders, and why the Mexican Cartel makes more money in Human/child Trafficking than regular drug trafficking.


HP: The cargo was shipped from Cote D’Ivore via a shell company(AJAS Shipping and Freight), we and other Agencies around the Country have intercepted 15 Tractor-Trailers carrying 20kg(44.1lbs) of Adrenochrome each – 1,200kg/1,202.5 lbs. 1kg is worth $1.5bil on the market.

All shipments were headed for Reservation in the Yukon Territory, Canada. That Reservation has a copper mine and cooper is needed for synthetic Andrenochrome production or extraction/conversion into Adrenochrome from indigenous Epinephrine secreted via the Adrenal Glands. Adrenochrome is a Neurotoxin, Date Rape drug, Mental/Schizophrenia inducer(read up on the Adrenochrome Hypothesis) and used in unofficial roles as booster to super-potent Opioids for targeted killing(Carfentanil and those classes).

The US Secret Service was been contacted by myself, and we showed them all of the evidence. and I have spoken with them one on one(how I found out about the other trucks) due to use finding $100bil worth of potential cash.

US$4.5 to US$6 trillion(in total) was trying to cross an International Border. The USSS Agents said that with the 15 trucks caught; it is likely 45 to 60 more crossed the Border successfully for a hand-off to new drivers into Calgary.

I am still interviewing (interrogating) the driver that the Highway Patrol caught. I took the case off of them.






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