By: Bradley Loves


What would you say if I told you that “YOUR KARMA”…, might not actually be YOURS?


In this soon to be SATANIC WORLD of down is up and up is down…, and where TRUTH TELLERS go to jail, while blatant killers and criminals go free…, could there possibly be a way that has been put in place to CHEAT THE UNIVERSAL RULEBOOK AS WELL??

What would need to happen in order for this to suddenly “MANIFEST” as reality?

Perhaps a “dumbed down” and “brain dead” public is good for many things we have YET to discover!!


As I usually do…, I have been listening to video and audio online about the ALL CAPS NAME…, (aka THE FAKE CORPORATE NAME) and how all courts and judges attempt to create “joinder” (a legal term) between a real living being…, and something that is clearly a “fiction”.

Here’s how that works:    In a court…, if you ANSWER to the ALL CAPS NAME…, (which is a corporate fiction on paper)…, then by WAVIER AND CONSENT…, you create JOINDER between yourself and the fiction…, basically saying you accept all punishments that the fiction creates and earns!

The long and the short of it…, is that in the “legal system” (something Jordan Maxwell calls the SEWER SYSTEM) is that they only can do anything to you through your own willingness to do something called: WAVIER AND CONSENT.

WAVIER = You wave the rights of a living being!  And choose to be a fiction.

I’ve spoken about this before!

Now.., what does this have to do with CURRENCY??

Well…, remember that “currency” is TWO THINGS!

First…, it is the money we use!   It is something “tradeable”…, and can be handed back and forth between people…, or from one person to another!

Remember this…, because SOON…, this one idea will be astonishingly important in regards to KARMA!!

Currency…, is ALSO energy!   It is the very word that electricians use to describe ELECTRICITY!

When your home is “wired” by an electrician…, those wires are going to carry CURRENT…, or CURRENCY!

It seems as if the very words that describe our money…, and our energy have been made to be INTER-CHANGEABLE!


It was very necessary for these two words to be inter-changeable for the biggest CON that has ever been perpetrated in the history of the UNIVERSE to be played out!


CURRENCY being our money is what we “pass” around from one being to another!

Now…,  currency is a CHARGE!!   Electrical current is a charge which moves through the air!

However…, interestingly when you show up in court…, you are CHARGED with a crime!

Now…, YOU personally may have done nothing!   Because according to COMMON LAW…, if YOU have not harmed a living being…, or a living beings PROPERTY…, then NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED!

But that is not how the “legal” = Sewer System works!!

In that crappy system (pun intended) an INNOCENT LIVING MAN can be “charged” with a crime that has NOTHING to doing with “harming” anyone or anything!

How is this possible??


Now…, in order to break this down…, we have to take this step by step…, so please be patient…, because there is a huge AH-HA moment coming for everyone!!


There is no such thing as lawful money anywhere in the world any longer!!

Instead…, what we USE as money are “NOTES” or Bank Notes.



Bank Note


1. A promissory note, payable on demand, issued by a bank, and intended to circulate as money.

2. A debt.

The Federal Rerserve does NOT circulate any real money…, but instead it circulates NOTES and then calls them money!

Look closely at the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) and you’ll see that it clearly says that it’s a NOTE.

This means that instead of being money…, it is really a DEBT…, or an instrument of DEBT!

(Up is down…, and down is up)

Making a very long story, short…., what WE are really doing when we appear to pay each other through the use of “CASH” or DEBT NOTES…, is:


Let’s put this another way…, what we think of as “paying” people by and through the use of cash is really nothing more than DEBT TRANSFERANCE!

Since Bank Notes are not really created as money, but instead are created as DEBT!


Please read this over and over until you understand it!!

What we the people have been trained to do…, is to pass DEBT between ourselves willingly!


Okay…, so in our Sewer Legal System…, we (like cattle or sheep) have been trained to accept other people’s DEBT AS OUR OWN!

If we do this “willingly”…, and basically agree to it…, then it can be said that we CONSENTED TO IT!

Once we consent to it…, then our FREEWILL is not damaged…, or harmed…, and anyone who benefits from this arrangement can be HELD HARMLESS by the UNIVERSAL JUSTICE SYSTEM!

Now, what could possibly be the purpose of “training” an entire species on a single planet to accept one persons DEBT as their own??


What if I told you that the Dark…, and very Evil beings that are running this place figured out a way to TRANSFER (through Alchemy and Magnetics a.k.a. Black Magic) one persons KARMA to someone else??

What would be necessary for that to happen??

Really all that would be necessary is a very large group of beings who (without knowing any better) are trained to willingly and without question ACCEPT one persons DEBT as their OWN.

Well, what is KARMA??

Karma is a DEBT!  It is the consequence that is earned when a living being does an action that the UNIVERSE sees as unbalanced and needs to be corrected!

Karma could also be described as an ELECTRICAL CHARGE!  A “negative charge” that is earned through the use of improper actions and behaviors!

What kinds of things would be considered “very bad” by the UNIVERSE?

Well lets’ see…, what do all of the men and women in the ILLUMINATI (aka Cabal) love to do here on Earth.

We KNOW their Ancient Religion loves to engaged in Ritual Child Sacrifice…, as well as child rape and child sex!

They also LOVE to create endless wars and thus create huge suffering on the planet, which they and their Demonic Prinicpalities benefit from!!

These would be things what would EARN them very BAD KARMA!!

Well…, what if a way had been discovered long ago…, that could magnetically transfer that BAD KARMA (DEBT) to another soul…, so that the soul who loves to commit such Universal Crimes can continue to do so for eternity and with impunity and NEVER have to pay the cost of doing so???

What would be necessary for that to happen???

All that would be necessary for this to occur is for a group of very asleep human beings to get used to accepting another persons DEBT as their own.

They would have to do this without QUESTION…, and by doing so…, waive all rights through their willing CONSENT.

But wait…, we’ve ALREADY DONE THAT…, with our money system!!

By accepting the evil FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE into our hands as “PAYMENT” for our work…, we are consenting everyday of our lives to take someone else’s DEBT onto ourselves!

So how much more clear does this have to be??


The benefit would only be for those who are at the very top of the system…, or those who created it.

In this way…, they could sit at the top of the system…, continuously re-incarnating into the system (by choosing evil families) and then re-learn the necessary Black Magic (they are all magicians) that will allow them to transfer their KARMA (magnetically) to other human beings.

An innocent human (who sadly did not know what they were doing) and through their OWN CONSENT accepted the DEBT of another soul…, would then be very literally FORCED (by the re-incarnation system) to come back to the EARTH to work out the KARMA they never truly earned!!

Now…, before you go saying this is not possible…, there have been countless stories written for ages about very POWERFUL GURU’s and MASTERS who will take on students or disciples for spiritual reasons and as they make progress toward self realization…, the master can TRANSFER the students negative KARMA unto himself.

So the TRUTH is that this type of thing is VERY POSSIBLE!

Transferring one person’s KARMA unto someone else (apparently) can be done if you know how to do it!!

The only question here is:

WHO is doing it…, and for what purpose??

What if these Dark Black Magicians…, through the books and teachings of the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOOLS (which they infiltrated) learned the secret of transferring KARMA from one person to another…, and instead of using it to take KARMA away from someone and put it on themselves…, used it to SHIFT all of the very bad KARMA they were earning onto OTHERS!

Again…, what would be necessary for this to occur so that they could get away with it and NOT have the UNIVERSAL JUSTICE SYSTEM get them in the end??

They would need to make certain that humanity as a whole…, was taught to willingly accept the DEBTS of OTHERS AS THEIR OWN!!

Has this been accomplished??


And NOW…, all of a sudden…, these very Dark Magicians…, many of whom have the ability to send out “thoughts” to unsuspecting human beings who are “acting” as conduits or “channels”…, are telling their willing channels that human beings all over the Earth have “contracted” for this problem…, and “contracted” for that problem even before they came to the Earth.

You see “CONTRACT” is a Banking Term!!

No one who is loving or spiritual would EVER use that term!

Contract goes hand in hand with WAVIER and CONSENT!

It is the equivalent of a BANKING AGREEMENT!

And what kind of “money” are all Banks in the world concerned with??

The only “legal” money in our world at this time is DEBT.   And through the use of “contracts”…, the only thing being transferred from one person or being to the other…., (you guessed it) IS DEBT!

If you accept the DEBT…, then how hard would it be to “magnetically” or “magically” ATTACH (as a rider)  some real KARMA “along” with that DEBT??

(The small or fine print you forgot to read)

What “IF”…, through the use of this SYSTEM…, the “INTENT” was to ENSLAVE all of mankind for ENTERNITY…, into endless cycles of re-incarnation…, and here’s the worst part…, NO MATTER HOW GOOD AND LOVING YOU WERE…, you would never get free!!

You could have been a SAINT upon the Earth…, and have been “saddled” with someone else’s KARMA through a mystical and magnetic (Alchemical) process of DEBT TRANSFERANCE…., which is something that you AGREE’D TO each and every time you took a Federal Reserve Note into your hands as money!!


Why is the world NOT GETTING BETTER??

Why are those who have all the money able to continue to Ritually Kill Children??

Why are those who have all the money able to seemingly stay healthy, and continue to engage in Satan Worship…, and Pedophilia??

Could it be (we’re speculating here) because they have figured out a way to SHIFT ACTUAL KARMA…., (just like a money debt) to other unsuspecting beings??

This is something that WE ALL NEED to think about…, and perhaps investigate!!

The dots seem to fit!

What do you think??



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