By: Bradley Loves


The very “first” step in the coming RE-EDUCATION PROCESS is to define people who are “dangerous” or “mentally ill” because of their beliefs or their values!

Once the lines are drawn and the lists are made…, (and the Democrats are back in power) it  is only a very small step in passing new laws which call for these DANGEROUS and MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE to have a medical intervention!

(Whether they want it or not!)

This “medical intervention” which will naturally be for their own good…, will include a brand new AI COMPUTER CHIP implanted into their brain so that they can no longer freely HAVE DANGEROUS THOUGHTS – that “others” don’t like!

CHRISTIANS and CONSERVATIVES have already been flagged, labeled, and listed as DANGEROUS!

You think that I’m joking right??


See the video below!


Once again…, I know of about 15 people…, ALL MILLENNIALS who are radically liberal…, who would not bat an eyelash if the people that they disagreed with were FORCED AT GUNPOINT to have a computer chip planted into their brain that would change their thinking into the “socially acceptable” version of thinking.

And…, sadly…, not a single “grown up” or “adult” is going so say a damn thing…, because all they’ve ever done for these “snowflakes” and these “creampuffs” since the day they were born is to INDULGE THEM!

These parents have never taught their own children about winning and losing and getting along with other people that they don’t agree with!

These are the parents that got RID of trophies and instead started handing out “participation ribbons” to every child no matter how they performed and no matter how badly they did.

These are the parents that did not allow kids to fight things out and created endless SAFE SPACES for the weaklings who now CANT OPERATE within society without losing it!

These parents (term used loosely) have literally created an entire generation of HUMAN MONSTERS!

Not all millennials think like this of course…, but a very large percentage of them do!

Sadly, the oldest of the Millennials are now reaching the decisive age of 40 years old…, which is the point where it is THEIR GENERATION that is going to start making (FORCING) desicions onto all of the rest of us!


Oh…, and to the parents of all of these Millennials who are going to soon DESTROY all that we lived and fought for…, YOU HAVE MY EXTREME LOATHING!

Grade for child raising:  “F”









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