In this interview…, David Wilcock talks about NEVER cutting a deal with the Cabal!   He talks about the attempts on his life and (if true) then he has earned a little respect from me.

Sadly…, he “STILL” disparages and turns away from some REALLY IMPORTANT researchers and treats them as if they are of very little importance.  He picks and chooses who he will work with…, leaving MANY of great importance out in the cold…, which is WHY (apparently) the Rothschilds were willing to leave him alone.

Here is a personal note to David…,

NOTHING you have been through has come close to what has happened to me personally or my family!

So…, YOU are not the only one that has been “targeted” by the CABAL.

As far as I can see…, you have been treated FAR BETTER than many people in the “REAL DISCLOSURE” movement…, and that anomolly is certainly something that many of us who have been literally “tortured” for years could never figure out!

I will post this video ONLY because when he says:


….he is telling you the TRUTH from a depth of his being, and it is a “truth”  that I have been living by for many, many years now!

Welcome to the CLUB David…, hopefully you will treat those of us who have gone BEFORE YOU far better than you have up to this point!

You can contact me any time for a discussion.




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