I don’t usually post his stuff – however, due to the lockdown, David seems to be less full of himself, and honestly growing spiritually.  Wow, what a great thing for him.

This just goes to show everyone that you can have tons of knowledge, and even pretend to “teach” spiritual things – but still not BE SPIRITUAL yourself!

As I watch this video – I see the very beginnings of David Wilcock (finally) turning spiritual!   It might be interesting for you to know his wife Elizabeth gets into the video for just a few moments and it has always been my opinion (since I first saw her in her own video) that she is FAR MORE SPIRITUAL!  

A lovely soul and a good one!

Here is his update – some interesting stuff – intermixed with the usual on and on about unimportant stuff.   But I don’t “censor” people just because I don’t agree with them.  Right David?


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