By: Bradley Loves


I watched David Wilcocks livestream because, well I watch everything.

After seeing it, my opinion is …, well, you could DO BETTER things with your time.

His entire video presentation is trying to explain “advanced science” and the science of consciousness.

But he missed the mark, and made the entire thing FAR MORE COMPLEX than it needed to be.

He also got many aspects of the “science” WRONG!

As I listened to the lecuture, I got the distinct feeling he was trying to come out with his own “version” of what I had just done in parts ONE to NINE in my new series: THE TRIUMPHANT.

However…, rather than making it very simple…, he went and made it hugely COMPLICATED…, and again…, made some huge errors in the science.

1 – He said GRAVITY has an effect on time.


Gravity is DENSITY!

Gravity = Density, and thus all waves and objects are subject to the laws and mechanics of DISPERSION – which will make it “appear” as if “they” are being sucked into a less dense area.

However, depending on density…, any object or subject of “matter” (even mere waves) will be more or less effected by a specific gravity of space/time and once again…, this fully depends on the ratio’s and mechanics of DISPERSION – which also govern the dynamics of matter (both seen and unseen).

2 – It is MAGNETISM which effects TIME…, NOT “GRAVITY”.

(Magnetism and electricity!)

3 – He made the entire “lecture” way too complicated in trying to explain his “version” of the background science.  Much of it was inaccurate.



You’ll be far better off!    Oh and please visit the article written by David’s wife Elizabeth…, who had some really truthful things to say about malicious astral entities and out of body beings hanging out on the “unseen” levels.




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