By: Bradley Loves


Leave it to a “woman” to be completely HONEST when it comes to the very depths of telling the TRUTH.  (Well one that is not named Hillary at least).

With the male PRIDE subdued…, and the balance finally restored, the real message of truth comes out from the WILCOCK FAMILY…, but only from the FEMALE side of it!

I have been writing about the REAL DANGERS of the dark spiritual entities in our world that live and operate on the “astral levels” – in literally countless articles over the last 4 years.

I have repeated and repeated and repeated this message and NO ONE with any real “readership” has ever taken any notice to this message or has ever supported me in saying it…, UNTIL…, David Wilcock’s “wife”.

Thanks Elizabeth…, at least YOU…, were paying attention.

This article…, is merely a REPEAT of dozens and dozens of posts that I’ve already WRITTEN!

The only thing that is different is that there is verifiable “proof” in the form of a “perpetrator” (John of God) to prove that it’s TRUE.

That’s all.

Never mind that I told you ALL that this was the way it was, and that it was going on many times already – WTHOUT that proof.

Rise of the Feminine & The Fall of Corrupt Kings

Here’s a Suggestion – Start reading the stuff from the FEMALE side of the Wilcock family…, it’s better tuned in to REAL TRUTH than the male side, and will do you MORE good!

All my love….


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