By: Bradley Loves


Life is what you make of it…


There are no “fates” and no “certainties” which can not be changed or altered by your choice or an outside CAUSE.

Everything that can happen, is most certainly possible, and that is why people like me deal with probabilities and potentials.

If you have not yet noticed (perhaps because I’ve never spelled it out before) everything I write about on this Blog has to do with what has already happened, and based on that…, what is coming down the road.

I write about what I see (as a global potential future) based upon what is happening currently, and trust me when I say that what I have is a real “gift”.

I deal mainly with logic, reasoning, and collective data, as well as using my “gift” of sight and vision into potential futures and probabilities.

Ultimately, what I do boils down to mathematics and a “special” kind of physics.

Now…, regardless of what you as my readers think of me personally, and whether or not you even like me…, I have rarely ever been wrong on big things.

I may get some facts out of place, due to faulty research, but when I employ the gift I have to see what is coming as a potential…, that is using a whole other part of me, and that part rarely gets it wrong.

Now…, here is the problem that our current day culture has with guys like me!


And these feelings of love or hate go out to the extreme!

People like me are either very well liked or we are just hated to the max!

But I will tell you a secret.

This is the way it has always been in history.


It is due to the fact that most people want to be able to do whatever they want to do – and NEVER SUFFER ANY CONSEQUENCES FOR THEM.


Here is an example:

No matter how much you wish to deny it, if you go out for an evening of drinking with your friends and you drink too much beer, wine, or something even more intoxicating, you WILL END UP DRUNK and be hung over the very next morning.

This is a mathematical certainty based upon years of study and hard factual evidence to support it.  It ALWAYS happens and as a writer (and someone who cares deeply about other people) I am able to point out such an outcome only because I have no social or addictive attachment to drinking alcohol and never have.

Therefore, I can speak plainly and honestly about what it’s effects will most certainly be, and I am not shy about telling people EXACTLY what will most likely be the outcome of an evening adventure out to several drinking establishments with their friends!


I am cool, honest, don’t mince words, and don’t care if people don’t like if I tell them the TRUTH!

Now…, here is the problem…, PEOPLE HATE HEARING THE TRUTH!

They despise you for telling them the “outcome” of something that they want to do, and even though they know (secretly) that it may end up like I say…, they “enjoy” drinking alcohol and enjoy being with their friends!

My telling them the TRUTH…, gets in the way of their “fun”.

Now…, the very next day…, they regret “immensely” what they did the night before and wish they had not!  They quickly “forget” that I warned them of the outcome even before they took any actions.   Why do they forget?   Because they don’t “like me” that’s why…., and because they don’t like me…, in their minds, I can’t be anyone very important or have any real information for them of value.

But this is not my first rodeo and not my first time around the block!


I’ve been at this a very, very LONG TIME in terms of the Soul!  Longer than you might think…, and because of that I can see things that almost everyone else is missing!

Firstly…, it is not “them” who do not like me…, but it is the “dark forces” that have taken refuge inside of their bodies which don’t like me!

You see, anyone who has an addiction…, let’s say for drugs or for alcohol…, has a “dark force” actually living inside of them.  It is that dark force which compels their human soul to seek out alcohol or drugs as a way dirty up their minds and bodies so that they will be more easy to control.

It is the dark force inside of them that hates me…, because I speak TRUTH!

It is the dark force inside of them that despises me, because I can not be corrupted!

It is the dark force inside of people that attacks me.., because I am exposing them to their human hosts!

But here is the rub.

Most people are so used to having this dark force inside of them…, that they can not tell the difference between their own thoughts and the thoughts of the dark force!

You may think this sounds crazy…, but you’d be wrong!

Like I said…, this is not my first rodeo…, and I am acutely aware that most people who have never done any spiritual work what so ever…, and do not spend any time in prayer…, will never be able to tell which thoughts actually belong to them…, and which thoughts are being “sent to them” by these dark forces.

This is why I can speak so confidently and freely about things like VOICE TO SKULL and SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY!

I have known ever since I was very young (a mere child) that thoughts that come into one’s mind are not necessarily coming from oneself!!

Only NOW, years later has science actually caught up with me and shown that there is no “fire-wall” on the human mind, and that thoughts and ideas can be sent directly into a human beings head using broadcast technology and waves.

So to me this is not at all surprising and nothing new!

However…, this does present a NEW wrinkle to a very old problem!

Whereas in the past, human beings only  had to deal with demons and dark forces from the Astral Level who were messing with their lives and with their thoughts…, now the Governments of the world and the Military can do it as well!

Let that sink in please!

All that is happening with the millions of TARGETED INDIVIDUALS across the world is that what used to be done by Dark Forces or Demons (tormenting people inside of their minds) can be done by anyone with access to the technology, and usually ends up being PRIVATE CONTRACTORS who have been hired by the CIA/FBI/and other Agencies.

However…, there is one HUGE difference here and that difference is this:

EVEN DEMONS and DARK FORCES are compelled to follow GOD’S RULES.

Demons and Dark Forces “attach” themselves to human beings due to BAD BEHAVIOR!

There is almost always a “cause” for the appearance of a dark force into a persons life and that cause can be extreme anger, addiction, violence, sexual perversions, and many other things like theft, murder, black mail and extortion.

Once a human being engages in these unholy and un-divine behaviors, THEY BECOME FAIR GAME according to the rules!   By their own actions and behavior…, the demons and dark forces are ALLOWED to attach to them and torment them.

However…, the system that the Government and the Military are using to hack a human beings mind and thus: “torment them” is NOT FOLLOWING COSMIC LAW and NOT FOLLOWING GODS RULES.

Many of these people are being “targeted” because they are Truth-Tellers or are seen too “Spiritual” and thus can not be corrupted by other means!

These people, according to GODS LAW, could never and would never be touched by demons or dark forces PERIOD!     GOD forbids it!

And yet…, never fear…, the MILITARY and the GOVERNMENT with new technological toys in their hands have taken to tormenting the very people that GOD HIMSELF has decreed shall not be touched…, and even the dark forces and demons OBEY!

What do you think is going to happen to every single Military brat, Government Official (think Congress), Agency Rat, and Private Contractor who has used this technology on the very people who by COSMIC LAW did not deserve this torment because their “actions” did not warrant it??

I tell you this now only because you have not been around the block as many times as I have…



Even Demons and Dark Forces know enough about GOD to leave people who follow his rules and laws ALONE!

Unfortunately…, human beings with a button to push and no common sense (and especially those who are politically motivated) are not as smart as Demons and Dark Forces.

They will suffer unspeakable horrors for crimes against the innocent!

I can tell you from millions of years of experience…, GOD PUNISHES MOST SEVERELY THOSE WHO ATTACK THE INNOCENT!

His entire Universe follows strict laws of CAUSE and EFFECT!

Cosmic Justice follows a pattern!

Let’s go back to the example above.  If you go out drinking all night long…, Cosmic Justice says:

You will get drunk, you may get sick, and you will be in pain the next day due to a hang over!



However…, if a human being is being tormented or put in any kind of pain and NEVER did a single thing to CAUSE that pain…, and in fact followed every single law and rule GOD had set for them…, then the human being who ARTIFICIALLY caused torment and pain in that obedient human (obediant to God) will be punished a HUNDRED or a THOUSAND FOLD!


Because they (the little tiny and unimportant they) made a MOCKERY of GODS RULES and GODS LAWS which were designed to punish and or “effect” only those who DID NOT FOLLOW THE RULES!

VOICE TO SKULL…, and SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY are tools which are an abomination to GOD himself, and as such are treading on HIS COSMIC system of Justice.

Those who use them are “destined” for the worst kind of punishment that the human mind can possibly imagine!   But not just those who use them…, but those who “order” their use…, and those who make their use possible!

Here again…, anyone who loves TRUTH…, will love that I said this.  They will like me.

Anyone who HATES TRUTH…, will hate that I said this…, and just like the man who wants to go out at night with his buddies and drink lots of alcohol…, does not want me telling him that the end result with be that he gets drunk, may get sick, and will have a hang over!


This is not my first rodeo!  I’ve been around the block many times…, and I am not “attached” to addictions of power, glory, dollars, or anything else that the stupid carnal mind wants.

That is why I can easily (and efficiently) speak TRUTH about any subject and not really care if you like me after having said it!

What I have said above about people using the VOICE OF GOD/VOICE TO SKULL Technology is absolutely true!

Now…, “IF” the technology is being used on human beings who have broken GODS LAWS (without help from “other” technology”) (( And only GOD would know that)), then certain human “targets” might be fair game.

The problem here is that technology has become so compartmentalized and so advanced…, that one group of PRIVATE CONTRACTORS (sadistic ones) may be contracted to use Voice to Skull and Mind Control technology to literally compel a human being to do very deviant things!

Then in a classic one/two punch…, another group of “do gooder” Private Contractors will be “alerted” as to this certain “targets” behavior (which was being caused and fabricated by other technology being used by another group) and told to use VOICE TO SKULL to “punish” these people because they are just “BAD” people!

This is a classic case of  THE RIGHT HAND not being told what the LEFT HAND is doing…, and is used constantly within Government Special Access Programs!

The fallout of this is that these helpless TARGETS are being tortured and tormented from TWO DIFFERENT ANGLES and TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS.

The “justification” for the targeting is always that these are just “bad” people…, but the REAL TRUTH is that they are usually very “good” people who follow GODS LAWS and can not be bribed, corrupted, or compromised in any other way.


This type of thing could only happen in the type of world we are currently living in…, where politics and agendas are seen as MORE IMPORTANT than TRUTH.

You see…, to people with an ax to grind or an “agenda”, even if they are the minority…, they don’t give a crap about truth or justice…, they just WANT THEIR WAY!

And.., these hapless minorities…, having seen that the majority of humanity…, does not want a damn thing to do with their agenda…, have gone INSANE and OVER THE EDGE with violence and hatred!

They would most certainly use (for a political purpose) this kind of technology against “good” people!

This is only a small part of what Barrack Insane Obama did when he created THE HAMMER…, and it’s many off shoot type of human surveillance systems.

Now…, don’t be fooled here…, in the opinion of those who created these “systems” what good is human surveillance if you can’t do anything about what you see happening in REAL TIME!!

These surveillance systems were SET UP specifically to be used IN TANDEM with “punishment systems”  that were going to be run by “private contractors” being paid by the DEEP STATE.

The “punishment systems” I am talking about are:


These technologies have been given to Private Contractors who are working with and for the Intel Agencies…, to “punish good people” for having the wrong political viewpoints and having the wrong political agendas!

And you have Barrack Insane Obama to thank for much of this!

For even though this technology was already up and running in the 1980’s…, Obama took the technology that was already there, and rolled out an entire INDUSTRY of technological human torment and torture by putting it into use for political purposes aimed at creating a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!

Now…, can you imagine a WORSE CRIME against GOD and against mankind??

There isn’t one!

In the millions of years I have (been around) and all the (rodeos I’ve ever seen)…, I have never seen this kind of barbaric and horrific technological abuse taking place on any planet, level, or realm!


Earth has sunk to a whole new low…, and now you know why our planet is under such harsh limitations from the rest of the Universe.

Human beings it seems are willing to do almost ANYTHING to get their way.., even torment and torture others!

Now…, before you argue with me about this…, just think about how many “private contractors” it would take to target and harass millions of people (and the number is most certainly in the millions).

It would have to be even MORE contractors than the number of people being targeted because without exception…, once a human being is a target…, then they are targeted 24/7 by crews working around the clock!

This could mean as many as 10 contractors per target!

What kind of human monsters are working in this very lucrative, but also very SECRET INDUSTRY??

Just look around you!

You see them every day walking around just like you…, only the “job” that they are doing for a paycheck is a CRIME that on a Cosmic Level is so huge…, the price they will have to pay is truly scary…, even for people like me to think about!

If you think I’m joking…, watch this video a second time!

Just look at how casual and how cavalier one of the men in this video (most likely at a Military Academy is telling his students that WARFARE on the Human Mind is a good thing!



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