By: Bradley


This is just a heads up to everyone who comes here to read on a regular or daily basis.

Not everything that I post may make sense to you at first.  The arrangement of the posts, the titles, the links I post between them, etc.

But you have to try to remember what I am doing here.  I am WRITING specifically for the future!  I am writing for a handful of people who are important.

What I am writing now – may seem novel,  interesting, and even truthful to you in the here and the now. However as time goes on it will be even more clear.

In ten or twenty years from now – people are going to read this blog, see how accurate it was, and then ask:


They are going to see that not only did I predict many things that were going to happen ahead of time, which will amaze them, they will wonder how I did it.

As time goes on – they will find that almost ALL of this blog was written IN CODE, and that many of the articles connect to each other in fascinating ways.

But they won’t find that out for quite some time!

Then, when they finally figure that out – and see how I did it, what is really going to fry their noggins is the fact that I TOLD THEM I was doing it right from the beginning – and they could not see it!

100 years from now, much of the so-called CRAZY SCIENCE that I have exposed and written about right here – something I call ANCIENT SCIENCE will be proven accurate and then that will REALLY FRY THEIR NOGGINS.

People from the future will read this blog from start to finish shaking their heads in wonder.

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