Dear Readers,

I need to get out an urgent request for support, and to ask for your pledge to offer some much needed help!

Any worthwhile cause is incomplete without a considerable amount of monetary support.

Whatever type of loving service a person may wish to engage in at this important time in history, that service requires sizable donations ( or love gifts ) from willing sponsors in order to continue.

Without such donations, those who engage in service would not be able survive in the world.

This is just the sad reality we live in…

Here at Love Truth Site, we are very proud of our 5000+ Truth articles that have been written over the last 7 years informing the entire world of what was happening behind the scenes, and what was soon to be coming down the road.

I really believe that these articles have not only given out great hope to those who read them, and have honestly helped many Truth Seekers, but may have actually aided in shifting the Time Lines in such a way that some of the most devastating things planned for humanity, did not, and could not occur!

Many of my most important series and articles have been incredibly predictive, even calling out the JAB for what it really was months before a single man, woman, or child had ever taken the shot.

I honestly believe that due to the warning I put out months in advance, many lives were spared! (Just one example of shifting the Time Lines)

THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME laid out exactly what the tactics of the Deep State Cabal have been, and how they were attempting to fool and con all of us – and by writing just that one series, I helped to enlighten many people world wide about the idea of Free Will, and to remind everyone that they had a choice to either consent or not to consent to what was being done by the Cabal, and thus changed many lives in the process.

In THE TRIUMPHANT, I laid out a new way of thinking about reality and about our role in helping to create what happens to us here on the Earth.  I laid out two Ancient Sciences that were being hidden from the people and explained how knowing about these sciences could help us to save ourselves from the Cabal.

In THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER, I exposed the use of magic and exposed how the Cabal thinks, as well as revealed many of the hidden tools and technologies they were using against each and every one of us.

For those who have been with us from the very beginning, I’d just like to thank you all for being part of our Love Truth Site community over these last seven or eight years!

However our/my mission (which is writing every day and bringing YOU the Truth about what has been hidden behind the scenes) has become a 24/7 undertaking, and I really do need YOUR help to be able to continue with this mission.

Past calls for love donations and financial support have enabled me to just barely survive, and to stay afloat merely from month to month.  If you come here to read daily, I would like you to consider that you are getting the very best of what I have to offer the world, and even though I offer it freely as a service to others, I can not continue without significant support.

Christ told us that a “worker is certainly worth his hire” and that every man deserves to be compensated in some way for the good work that he does by those who are able and capable of doing so.

As a one man organization, (with the incredible help of 2 wonderful souls who have dedicated most of their time to Love Truth Site) I completely rely on the community support that I get to keep this site up and running.

None of my efforts would even be possible without the help of your love donations and the support of readers like YOU!

Therefore, I would like to urge ALL of my readers who come here daily, and even those who only come once in a while to PLEASE consider making a love donation, or even better yet to consider making a recurring love donation in order to help me keep going, and to help me keep writing.

This will help me not just for the next month or two, but also far into the future.

If you find that you like a particular post or article that I write, you can also buy me a daily coffee, or subscribe to the Audio Books Members Section in order to to help me continue bringing out the Truth in the way that I honestly feel that God/Source wants me to.

If you’d like to send any kind of love donation or a monetary gift, please click on the easy to use purple and red STRIPE BUTTON with the heart in the middle at the right sidebar of the blog. 

I have temporarily lost access to Paypal, so please use the Stripe Button until further notice.  You could also simply subscribe to the Audio Books Section in order help with a recurring monthly donation, AND at the same time gain access to well over fifty of my most important articles being read to you as an Audio Book recording.

By the end of this year, I am honestly hoping to have well over 100 Audios posted in the Audio Library, some of which are almost an hour long.

Just know that any and all support that you do choose to send is greatly appreciated!  Also know that I’m just as exited to keep writing every day as you are to keep reading every day!

I do recognize that there are many people in the “Truth Movement” that make videos.  But as you well know, videos take an hour (or more) of your time to watch, while informative Articles only take minutes to read.  Very few people in the Truth Movement are writing any longer because writing is very time consuming and takes lots of work! 

This is one of the main reasons that I am being inspired by God/Source to continue to write, and it is done specifically for those who do not have the time to watch the many daily videos.

I want to sincerely Thank all of you once again for being a big part of Love Truth Site and for being an important part of my mission of telling and exposing the Truth to the masses.

All my love,


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