By: Bradley Loves

Today is a good day!  Not because of anything that is happening out in the world…, but because the TRUTH can still be told!

The Illuminati/Cabal is pushing very hard now for a day and a time when the  TRUTH can not even be “whispered”, much less told or talked about openly.

I can easily tell what kind of reception my articles are receiving on an Energetic Level, and in all honesty that there are a lot of people reading my stuff who think that I am “too” harsh.

Too direct…, too over the top…, (for lack of better ways of putting it)…, and yet…, far from what is believed, I really haven’t even begun to describe properly the current “SITUATION” as it really exists here on Earth!

I have used…, what I feel is monumental “restraint”…, in holding back from describing the levels of EVIL and CRUELTY that are currently “in manifestation” here on our world and around it.

I have tried to be “gentle” in waking my readers up to the dire circumstances around them without giving them such a jolt that they are incapacitated.

In so far as the WHOLE truth goes…, I’ve so far only divulged 25 percent of the “tamest” and least evil stuff going on out there!

It was my “hope” that if people only knew…, truly knew, the situation they were facing in this world…, then the “knowing” of that would make them want to “get up”…, to “get out of bed” and do something about it.

Even though I have not given up on humanity yet…,  I am quite shocked at just how cold, dispassionate, and uncaring human beings have allowed themselves to become in the here and the now.

Much of the blame for this falls upon the OLD mind control systems of Religion, Government, and Education…, but “some” of the blame now falls upon the NEW AGE as well.

It is almost “as if” most men and women have accepted the “idea” that they are slaves…, and there isn’t really anything they can do about it!


It is a “get out of jail free” card!

Without even doing the “work”…, without even facing up to what was/is being done here, without acknowledging THEIR ROLE in creating it all, and finally (of all absurdities)…, without even wanting to KNOW what is/was going on here in the least… (as if “knowing” about it makes no difference at all to their personal growth)…

Men and women have “latched” onto the idea that they are going to somehow just “escape” from here…, “soon” (of course)…, and never really have to do anything about it.

Why “know” about anything going on around us…, (even though by our willful IGNORE-ANCE…, we helped to create it…) when we can just “escape” from it and someone else will have to clean it up?

Seems to be their attitude!

Let me give you an IMAGE here…, as an example of what kind of attitude this REALLY is…

Here’s a good metaphor:

You and your buddies decide to go out drinking and dancing one night.  Each and every one of you get drunk to the max after drinking endlessly the entire night through.

Naturally the result is that ALL OF YOU are sick the next morning.

You’ve been staying in a beautiful hotel!  The name of the hotel is called: EARTH

Since you are all very sick…, each one of you and your buddies pukes all over your hotel room…, over and over again, so that needless to say, a mess of epic proportions is left in your wake.

Now…, instead of taking responsibility for what YOU DID to your room…, and trying to help clean it up (and conveniently forgetting that the mess is only there because you all got really DRUNK the night before), you all DECIDE that the best thing to do now is to ESCAPE…, by checking out of the hotel as soon as possible.

In addition…, you don’t really CARE to “know” what affect, or effect your “mess” might have on any one else in the hotel…, considering that “information” unnecessary to your “check out” procedure!

This is exactly what I see, each and every time I read a “new age” or a “channeled” message article, filled with faulty information from some discarnate “entity” telling all of us to overlook, (don’t judge) and please pay NO attention to “knowing” about what is really going on here on EARTH.

They tell us it does not matter!

Because almost NO ONE “thinks” for themselves any longer…, the ridiculousness of these “channeled entities” teachings are not being seen in the way that they should be seen.

You see, instead teaching us WISDOM…, they really teach us cold hearted, callousness.

And, if you KNEW…, what I knew…, then you would realize there is good reason for this!

You can only TAKE OVER a planet once most of the human beings living there have turned completely cold hearted toward both the EARTH, and all the other humans living there!

And those New Agers who are the “escape artists” keep telling us not to worry about anything…, happening here…,

ANYTHING bad that happens to “others”  is what those people wanted…..


we’ve got a “get out of jail free” card…,and nothing that happens here matters

THESE are the people of the above metaphor, who have puked all over their hotel room, and are now in the process of trying to “check out” without cleaning it up.

Their philosophy is this:

Let the maids…, and the hotel staff clean up our mess!  Let the carpenters, and the carpet layers come in and redo that room.  We take NO responsibility for creating the MESS.

The so-called “Ascended Masters” in most of their so-called “messages” are really teaching us nothing but APATHY (in disguise) when they tell us that all of these really bad things are happening to people only because they CONTRACTED FOR and wanted that….

(this turns good people away from wanting to EVER help others…, because there is no need to…, if the person “wanted” that….)
The message they should be teaching is this one!


How many “very comfortable” Americans are willing to admit that ONLY because they were unwilling to confront and “reign in” their own out of control CIA, NSA, and other top level agencies…, that countless living and breathing human beings across the world…, (in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan,) and in other places…, now DYING…, SUFFERING…, HAVE NO FOOD…, and are sleeping on the dirt with no homes to live in, because those homes are gone…. (having been blown up with BOMBS made here in the USA)?

Really…, “we” here in the USA are going to IGNORE and DENY that WE had anything to do with creating THAT?   How very convenient!

Let’s just watch some more “reality” TV…, and drink another beer…, and, oh by the way…, how about those “Denver Bronco’s” winning the Super Bowl!
Those of us who can TRULY SEE…, are appalled at what is “getting by” as spirituality in this country…, and “masquerading” around the world as a result of the NEW AGE DECEPTION!

So, blogs like mine are necessary to pull people out of their DELUSIONS of fake spirituality…, nothing more.

And…, in all honesty…, I am doing it in the most loving, kind hearted, and compassionate way that can possibly be done! (Given the nature of what is truly going on here).

All I really hope for is some “receptivity” from those who call themselves “light workers” and “light warriors”!

However…, if that is not possible…, then I will continue on without it!

Men like myself, Mark Passio, Jay Parker, and David Icke…, will do the work that needs to be done!

Along with those few in the Alternative Media who are not completely “hooked” by Channeled Material…, and you KNOW who I’m talking about here…

Those blogs that continue to run the “CRAP”…, are doing themselves and OUR WORLD a huge dis-service, and perhaps one day, they will see that.

Until then…, they will “delude” themselves in self-righteous indignation…, that their “connection” to the “spirits” and “higher entities” are valid…, and because they willfully BELIEVE everything these entities say (without thinking about it deeply) they continue to be mis-led by their own consent, of their own free-will.

For now…, there is much work to do…, and for my part…, I will be as “gentle” as possible without sacrificing the KNOWLEDGE and the WISDOM that has to be uncovered.

For now…, All my love…











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