By: Bradley Loves


If you read my last post…, then…, you are probably wondering where I could go from there!

Honestly…, there is so much to learn…, and so much to teach…, that I could be typing out articles for the rest of my life (Or until my fingers fell off) and not cover ALL of the necessary ideas and ideals that would iron out all of the LIES that have been told (sold) to humanity over the last 2000 years!

You may have wondered WHAT is really going on in our “reality” if the mind/brain is merely designed to decode waveforms into understandable units of matter.



Perception is a word that decribes the process of discerning (or judging) what it is that you are sensing or seeing!

This is the best and most basic definition!

However…, there is a real problem with perception within a waveform enviornment…, when a level of technical knowledge has been reached which can IMITATE or MIMIC basic decoding, seeing and sensing of raw data.

What do I mean by this?

IMAGERY…, or moving pictures as you find with television, and on the internet…, and especially on NEWS PROGRAMS…, in most cases is NOT REAL!

It is a recorded representation of something that may or MAY NOT have actually happened!

Our minds are designed to “decode” moving imagery…, so that we can then MAKE JUDGEMENTS or DISCERN what it is we are seeing…, so that we can “decide” if there is anything we need to DO about that.

But in the purest sense…, our minds were designed to watch and decode moving imagery in REAL TIME…, and with REAL EVENTS.

Our minds were NOT designed to watch and decode “imagery” that had been prerecorded.


Becuase there is NO WAY for our minds to decide (OR PROVE) what we are “percieving” is actually REAL…, or did in fact take place!

What we are faced with is a PERCEPTION DECEPTION!

Now this phrase has been used by other researchers…, namely David Icke…, who has a very long book by this very title!

So what is he trying to say?

The best way to approach this is to use an example.


In the “televised” world of MAGIC…, where you have men like David Copperfield and others who do stage shows…, everything they do is based in ILLUSION!

Their “brand” of magic…, which is simply “slight of hand”…, is based on the rules of “fooling” your perception.

A stage magician or “illusionist” knows many tricks for creating a subltle CON on your mind…, but the most important trick still remains “moving images” that SUGGEST something is taking place…, which never occured!

It could be as simple as a hand movement or a hand gesture that gets you to BELIEVE that one thing took place…, when in fact…, nothing of the sort occured!  (Thus the phrase “slight of hand”).

These people are masters at “cheating” perception!  They are in fact creating a “perception deception”.

When you go to a stage show…, whether in Las Vegas or somewhere else around the world…, and pay money so see a “magic show”…, you KNOW that your mind is going to be decieved…, and so…, you are prepared to be dazzled and expect that many things you are seeing may NOT have really taken place!

This is NOT the case however…, when we get into the larger world of ILLUSION and DECEPTION.

Even though the ILLUMINATI/LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS are not really doing “stage show” magic…, in a sense…, most of what they are doing to ALL OF US…, is based upon the same rules!


Satanists and Luciferians are DARK MAGICIANS.

They admit (as in the case of Jay Parker’s parents) a man whose mother claimed to be a “witch” and whose father claimed to be a “worlock”…, that they are/were using ANCIENT and ARCANE knowledge against the masses.

Jay Parker’s mother was a “teacher” for the DUPONT FAMILY…, one of America’s most wealthy family’s next to the Rockerfellers.., and Jay says that his mother taught Satanic Dark Magic!

“Slight of Hand” does not begin and end with stage show Magicians…, but is used constantly and consistently to CON and to DECIEVE human beings all over the world by those who practice a more serious brand of MAGIC.

This form of magic actually uses “magnetics” to create very real ILLUSIONS…, and to even alter the very fabric of the base HOLOGRAM that our Earth is a part of.

The goal of all of this once again is to simply create “images” (moving pictures) of events which may or may not REALLY be happening or occuring.

Humanity “decodes” moving images into INFORMATION and then “percieves” what is taking place around them.

This is the whole goal of ILLUSIONISTS!

They work hard day and night to create “false” or ficticious “images” of what is going on in the world…, and do it in such a way that HUMANITY (just like the audience of a magicians stage show) is FOOLED into thinking that something very special took place…, when nothing of the sort occured.

THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA has become a “tool” for the DARK MAGICIANS.

Just like any good Las Vegas stage show…, every good magician has helpers…, and the Illuminati is no exception.

Stage show magicians need good looking helpers, whose ONLY purpose and duty is to “sell” the audience on the ILLUSION that is occuring.

Their “job” is to point in one direction…, when all of the real action is happening in the other direction!

Their job is to use every means of DISTRACTION they can to get the audience to focus on what is FALSE…, or sell them on something that obviously can’t be happening…, so as to give legitimacy to the MAGIC and make it seem (or get you to PERCIEVE) that something special is taking place.

Their job is to also be “good looking” so that people will focus on them and NOT the subject matter at hand.

Thus you have countless “talking heads” on the Main Stream Media talk shows who are as DUMB as rocks…, but good looking in appearance.

Their job is NOT to know anything…, but instead to read a “script” and get you to look away from reality…, or in other words:


Now…, they ADMIT THIS!

Freely, I might add!

They call their “programs” (there’s a huge clue Sherlock)  NEWS and ENTERTAINMENT.

Here, let me “decode” that euphemism for you!

When they call their “programs” NEW & ENTERTAIMENT…, what they are telling you is that they are running a “stage show”…, where they will dazzle you…, and show you magic tricks…, and attempt to FOOL YOUR MIND!

They will show you ILLUSIONS…, and you will be “entertained”.

Therefore…, no harm…, no foul…, you were TOLD what you were seeing was ENTERTAINMENT…, and not real.

The “trick” or the “con”…, is that they are not really telling humanity HONESTLY…, that they are running a televised “magic show”…, and so you are not prepared to realize that what they are showing you is not really possible or may have NEVER OCCURED!


What we are seeing more and more…, is the work of ILLUSIONISTS…, and their main tool is their ability to fool your PERCEPTION!

YOU must be smarter that everyone else on the mundane level, and start “thinking” about everything you are “seeing”.

You must LEARN who is operating here on the Earth…, and what their goals are!

If not…, then you are ill prepared to make any kind of decision in your own life…, or ill prepared to “discern” anything about the “reality” you appear to be seeing around you.

IGNORING…, what is happening around you…, is not helping…, because in a time of UNIVERSAL DECIET…, the ONLY antidote is a MASSIVE campaign of TRUTH.

Those who are “New Ager’s” are going to have to get real honest, real fast…, and realize that their particular way of dealing with all of this has in fact MADE IT MUCH WORSE…, not better.

They have immesurably assited and helped the SATANISTS by simply ignoring or turning away from the fact that the SATANISTS are running a huge CON upon humanity.

Instead of working very hard (as some of us have done) to point out the level of the CON, and to bring the minds of humanity back into balance…, they have simply chosen to IGNORE all of it…, and thus have allowed what was once a wonderous and beautiful GARDEN to be over run with weeds!

This is not spirituality…, but instead…, is 100 percent pure LAZINESS!

Earth is a garden…, and needs to be tended…, NOT IGNORED!

On the battle field of light and dark…, the “dark” showed up in mass…, but only a handful of real light warriors even came to the fight…, while the greater portion of light workers/light warriors stayed home in their “safe spaces”…, and tried to “ommm” and “mediate” themseleves into their own personal “safety” while allowing the ENTIRETY of HUMANITY and our planet to take the brunt of what the SATANISTS were doing here, simply because they refused to show up for the battle!!

There will most certainly be a “consequence”,  even for these “light warriors” who came to Earth.., saw all that was happening here, and then refused to “engage”.

With all of the “Light Workers” out there…, I should have a million readers on this blog!!

Ask yourself why this is not the case!

I ask you all to PLEASE think on these things!!

More will be coming,

All my love…

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