This Declaration applies to ALL TIMELINES, and to ALL Multi-dimensional NATURAL LIVES and to all ALL incarnations of my Soul. (past, present and future)

1.2) I AM ETERNAL, embodied at the present moment inside of/within the human skin/body suit known as “man”, and am “created” by the Infinite and Immortal Creator of ALL THAT IS.

I claim all rights as such, and fully RESERVE these rights for my living being’s body suit and Soul, while removing ALL EARTHLY AUTHORITY[IES] assumed and presumed to be standing between my living being/SOUL and Prime Creator (ALL THAT IS) unless otherwise designated by my fully conscious, and fully informed consent.

(There can be nothing hidden, nor any knowledge held back for consent to be valid)

1.3) I REMOVE ALL assumed or presumed (tacit) consent previously considered to be present in any part my life, my natural life, and in any seen and unseen levels and timelines forever!  Consent for every act/action as concerns my living being/SOUL must now be asked for with each individual act, the reason and the situation clearly and transparently explained to me face to face, (or in writing), and the terms for each act negotiated, and finally a SIMPLE AND READABLE CONTRACT must be SIGNED by me in wet purple ink before any consent can be secured and/or assumed and/or presumed for such act.

1.4) This Declaration is my own creation!

Therefore let it be known that I alone am the final arbiter, and the final Authority on what it means, and what I meant it to say!  I remove all permission and consent for any of the words written in this Declaration to be

used against its Author in any way, shape, or form, because this is my CREATION – and it was never created with the intent to harm its creator!  If there are any questions at all concerning the meaning of a word found on any of these pages, (even if those words are “and” – “or” – “the” or any other words) and what these words mean in relation to this Declaration, and what I meant for these words to convey, then simply post a comment under this Declaration, and I will answer your question!  

NOTICE: Only the definition that I give will be used.


2.1) When I say and write the words “I”, “me”, “my”, or “myself” anywhere in this Declaration – I am referring to my living being (both as a Soul and as a living and breathing man).

When I say and write the words “my life”, I am referring to my natural life, which is the experience that my living body/being as a Soul, (a living and breathing man) is having upon the EARTH!

2.2) Whatever form of contract is presented to me for agreement in this life/ natural life, and in any other life, I FULLY RESERVE ALL FREEWILL RIGHTS given to my SOUL by our eternal and loving Source, also known and acknowledged in this Declaration as PRIME CREATOR.

1) I remove all consent for this act.
2) I withhold any and all consent for this act
3) I withdraw any and all consent for this act. 


Every human being and living entity, (whether chattel property, or not), whether from Earth or Not from Earth, whether from this timeline and dimension, or from other timelines and dimensions, whether from the past, the present, and the future, who may in any way cause a measurably negative and harmful affect upon my living being, my natural life, (mind, body, soul, astral, magnetic and emotional frequencies), is now forever affected by this Declaration.


Each second of Earth Time (A second is one 60th of an Earth Minute) is a chargeable event that can be (according to my discretion) “charged” to any living and breathing man, living and breathing woman, secret group, corporation, agency, agent, AI, machine Intelligence, off world group(s), Entities, Extra Dimensional group(s), and any other entities that may be known and unknown who knowingly take harmful and negative action/s against my living and breathing body, my mind, and my soul, which are integral parts of my NATURAL LIFE while living here on the Earth. 

Since each second of time is defined as an event, then each second of negative/harmful influence and action against “me” can then be billed at FULL COST as listed, against all those who were/are – “planning” , “ordering”, and “carrying out” these harms and negative influences!  


2.5) I am the final and ONLY arbiter of what will be defined as harm and negative Influence!

If any being, “person”, entity, and/or group are worried or concerned about such costs, they have the right to CONTACT me by e-mail at:, or at:  

The purpose of such contact would be to arrange a simple meeting, and to secure a negotiated CONTRACT with me that would absolve them of any such costs (as listed) for all of their negative and harmful actions.

In the absence of a simple negotiated contract, and the signing of such, it is assumed that these rules, definitions, and notices have been read by everyone affected, and are 100 percent acceptable to ALL, since it has been historically posted in a public space and domain where anyone can read it if they so choose.

2.6) No distinction will be made between those beings who cause me harm (in my natural life), those who “planned” that harm, and again those who ordered that harm.

For the purposes of this Declaration, these above are seen as acting together as one! Specifically worthy of mention are men and women (Souls) working at the NSA and any other agency and SAP (Special Access Program) using hidden frequencies and wave technologies. See these two links:

The planners, order givers, and order followers (whether claiming to be sovereign, or are seen as chattel property belonging to others) will be equally held accountable for each act, frequency, and wave, (all measurable forces), that specifically targeted my natural life with the intent to do harm!

These actions and use of these technologies covertly, is a DECLARATION OF WAR against all innocent souls, and specifically is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME against my own natural life and eternal soul! 

2.7) This war, having already been declared, will be fought on the higher levels, even after physical death, for as long as it takes until each soul that took harmful and invasive action, has paid the entire cost and consequences of choosing such heinous actions! 




This online pamphlet, shown in the link above, describes just some of the activities of the criminal actors that have harmed my Natural Life!

Written specifically for President Donald J. Trump by: Anna von Reitz, it constitutes intentional Proof of Fraud that was willingly committed, and are therefore CRIMINAL ACTS UPON MY LIVING AND BREATHING BODY – MIND and SOUL by countless Principals, and their Agents!


Harm, as defined here, is any act, and/or attempted act, (done by any of the above mentioned principals and their agents) which causes a measurably negative affect upon my natural life. This “harm” can happen in thought, in word, and in deed.  It can be anything done overtly, or covertly.  It can result from the “planning” of physical action, the planning of psychic action, and the planning of dark magical action.  It can be the planning and the use of Ancient and Esoteric Knowledge against my Natural Life.  Harm can also be the “ordering” of other beings and entities, spirits and intelligent machines to also commit acts against my natural life that were/are physical, psychic, and darkly magical, which then result in a negative effect upon my natural life.  It can be the use of nanites, chemicals, frequencies, harmful waves, GMO’s, Vaccines, Mercury, and any other “force” and/or frequency that can be measured!

I am the SOUL of my own being, I am the owner and Author of my own natural life, and I operate from there.

I AM eternal pure love.

___________________________________ Seal


Bradley Louis



3) ANY AND ALL computers and “electronic writing books”, that are in my possession, and are my personal property, paid for with effort put forth by my body and natural life, and are thus assigned to me for my private use, and are/were purchased by me with trade-able energy/value that I earned by my own fair effort. These machines and devices are OFF LIMITS to everyone!

No outside authority (or A.I.) is EVER granted access into the internal workings of any device that I hold in my physical and/or astral possession whatsoever, for any reason, unless consented to BY ME, by saying these audible words:  YES, I DO AGREE, and can ONLY be valid after a full disclosure of EVERY possible reason for making such an intrusion, along with a full public exposure of the reasons as given to me, and how any such intrusion will then be used subsequently. 

Any additions to the software and the internal workings of ALL devices in my possession that may have even the smallest possibility of affecting the device negatively, the software negatively, and/or creates a covert way to intrude upon my natural life and reserved privacy, ARE FORBIDDEN by this NOTICE!

To be very clear, so that you cannot say ‘you assumed otherwise’ – all of my e-mails are private, no matter what computer I use. My natural life is totally private, no matter what device I use, my phones, including cell phones, Skype Accounts, snail mail, e-mail, instant messages, etc. are all private. 

I remove permission and consent for any other living being/entity to gain unauthorized access to any of these types of communications which I reserve as Private!

The new Cyber Security Bill known as: CISA has now been duly noted.  I REMOVE ALL CONSENT for that particular rule/statute/law to apply to my living soul, body, mind, and natural life. 

Every man and women who breaths (in their own body and without Corporate Protection), even if they are chattel property, will immediately and automatically be fully bound by THIS PUBLICLY POSTED NOTICE!

Any ACT done by any living being, entity, intelligent machine technology, A.I. and derivatives thereof, E.T.’s and ALL OTHERS, (including chattel property) which invades my PRIVACY without first NEGOTIATING (face to face) a full and current contract to do that spying, and by doing so, gaining my Freewill Agreement through the placing of my signature on that contract in WET PURPLE IN, is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE AGAINST MY NATURAL LIFE, AND MY LIVING AND ETERNAL SOUL.

This Declaration and Automatic Contract covers this, and all similar ACTS.

3.1) Internet browsing is now PROTECTED under this automatic contract as well! Any censorship and/or blocking of any important information, news article/s, document/s, image/s, and video content, that I choose to access for research, and for ANY OTHER REASON, is now expressly forbidden by this contract.

3.2) To use machines, A.I., and technology to “censor” and to block my access to articles, video and information, without first obtaining a fully negotiated, face to face contract, that has been signed by me, is considered to be a breach of this Declaration, and automatically engages ALL who do such acts bound under this automatic contract!


3.3) The act of using of the STING-RAY device, or ANY other type of device designed to intercept my private connection signal to the INTERNET is a double breech of my privacy, and will be charged under this automatic contract as double.

3.4) Any living being, entity, A.I., and other being (including chattel property) operating such technology as the STING-RAY, and any other such device that is intercepting and/or reading the results of my Internet connections(s), also up to and including giving ORDERS for the use of such devices, are now fully obligated under this automatic contract IN THEIR OWN LIVING BEINGS AS MEN OR WOMEN as the case may be (without the aid of corporate immunity or protection).

4) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to having any human being, living being, machine technology (A.I.), entity, person, corporation, secret groups and/or their representatives, their bosses, their off world allies, and anyone working for or with the absolute psychopaths running Israel, and especially secret society groups, to spy, to look into, to watch, and to invade my PRIVACY for any reason.

4.1) I RESERVE the right to amend this Declaration of Freedom, and this Notice of Non-Consent at ANY TIME, and for ANY REASON, if it is found that something written here is either lacking in clarity, has been misstated, and/or needs to be corrected and/or deleted.

4.2) This Declaration of Freedom and removal of consent to “privacy invasion” includes all means and forms of communication that I currently use, and engage in, whether in my life, natural life, in e-mails, phone conversations, computer usage, internet travel and access, and business writings.


4.3) Privacy is defined as: My own unique and personal life experience as had during the entire course of my natural life.
Each experience, had by my living and breathing being, is for my own personal growth and development. These are NOT for corporations to seek profit from, or to even record in any way!

These experiences, which are all part of my unique life, and natural life experience, are specifically protected from ALL use and abuse by any other persons or living beings in any way that creates money for profit, while demeaning, degrading, or negatively affecting my living being.

I REMOVE ANY AND ALL CONSENT TO: tracking, counting, organizing, collating, sampling, polling, listening in on, and in any way watching and spying on my living being and manifest body for the purpose of but not limited to: targeting, marketing, psycho-analyzing, and any other form of intrusion whatsoever. 

These listed things, and any other form of action and behavior that I would consider trespass and invasion, are expressly FORBIDDEN, under my definition of Privacy!


I remove all consent to being tracked by credit card/s, and debit card/s, and any other form of payments that I may make, including PayPal, for instance, and/or I also remove all consent to being tracked through the use of Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Identification Cards or any other electronic means!

4.4) PRIVACY, under my definition, also includes: where I go, and what I do with my physical body, mind, and soul, which is multi-dimensional!

4.5) The ONLY way any of the acts listed above could be done is to “ask” for my conscious consent, which could ONLY be given after a complete and total disclosure of every possible affect, and effect, in plain and simple terms that any such an act would have upon my living being.

Such asking, and therefore the gaining of PERMISSION BY ME, would then have to be placed into a formal contract, and signed by me with WET PURPLE INK to be considered valid – WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.


5.1) There are invasions of privacy that are so egregious, they are considered by me to be special acts of privacy invasion. These “special invasions” of privacy include: The theft of, and the Monetization of, and the Collateralization of my Soul Energy, and my Soul Entity, for the purposes of buying, selling, and/or owning and profiting!

5.2) The theft of, and the Monetization of, and Collateralization of my Human Body Skin/Suit, which is laced with my unique DNA and is MY PRIVATE DOMAIN, for the purpose of buying, selling, and/or owning.

5.3) The theft of, the act of buying, selling, owning, and trading My Soul Energy, and My unique human body DNA on the New York Stock Exchange, and/or any other Stock Exchange in this world, and/or on any other world is forbidden unless I consent to that in writing. I would need to be fully informed of such acts.

5.4) UNDER 5.1 to 5.3 of this NOTICE, the buying, selling, and owning of MY UNIQUE DNA is expressly forbidden anywhere and for any reason unless it was done by me, after having a negotiated contract, and signed by me with PURPLE INK.

5.4.1) The “harvesting” of my souls energy is forbidden regardless of the form that harvest takes! Whatever the form it takes, my energy is my own creation, and I DO NOT CONSENT to having it harvested for any other beings to use, and to profit from.

5.4.2)The buying, selling, and owning, without first obtaining a formal and openly negotiated contract of consent, amounts to SLAVERY, and is forbidden by me under my own FREEWILL.

5.4.3) Also forbidden is the harvesting of my physical energy! If such acts have occurred, and/or are occurring, then immediately see sections listed below: NOTICE OF CONTRACT (Item number 11), and the Effective Enforcement Dates that are located in Sections 37 and 38, (38.1 – 38.4)

5.5) If such acts as listed in section (5) above have occurred and/or are occurring, then as stipulated in Section 59 and 59.1 called SPECIAL ACTIONS, a payment of one quadrillion ounces of pure gold, (24 karat) is NOW DUE immediately!

A separate payment is due for each individual ACT of buying, selling, harvesting and owning, as listed in Sections 5.1 – 5.5 above, and under the terms of Section 59 and 59.1, with the effective enforcement dates listed in Section 37 and 38 (38.1 – 38.4)

5.7) This payment is due NOW, and payable directly to me, from each of the living being(s), group(s) of beings, off planet guardians/entities who unlawfully engaged in these acts, without a valid contract, that has been signed by me in purple ink, and knowingly consented to.

Payments are to be arranged and delivered to me physically, and are ORDERED to take place at a place of my choosing. Negotiations for the significant reduction of owed charges must be made physically, face to face, at a time and place of my choosing!

(See AUTHORITY, Section 25, items 25.1 – 25.5)


6) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the use of nanites, mind and body parasites, and any other type of infectious diseases and/or infectious technology, whatsoever, whenever, or whosoever, now, and in the past, and in the future, that could be used on my physical body, mind, and soul, while I am living here on the Earth!


Whether physical, ethereal, and/or astral, living and/or non-living, that could used on my living being, my physical body, my ethereal body, my electro-magnetic body, my astral body, and/or my Soul Body, which could possibly have any type of negative or harmful effect/affect upon my physical body, mind, or soul in ANY way!

To do so requires a current (up to date), fully disclosed and transparently negotiated contract (with nothing hidden), and signed by me with wet purple ink.

7.1) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to any dark astral and negative entities/demons creating dreams in my mind when I sleep. These are not allowed to attack me while I sleep!

7.2) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT for invasive implants (of any type and kind) to be used and/or placed into my body (on any level) while awake or asleep.

8) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the act of using any type of frequency waves currently known and unknown, historically used and yet to be used, to target my private and clearly designated unique* human physical, etheric, and astral bodies, my DNA, my cells, my mind, and my soul, in any way that is negative, harmful and dark, and/or in any other way that I would consider an intrusion!

This removal of consent also includes the act of using any type of exotic, secret, and covert Earth based, and/or off world based technologies yet to be known. Origins of such technologies may include (but are not limited to: the moon, asteroids, deep underground, and/or any other undisclosed places being used for such purposes – that project pulses, beams, and waves, of any known or unknown frequency which has been seen to be detrimental to the human body, mind or soul.

* My physical body is unique due to my private ownership of my own DNA.


9) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the use of fluoride in the drinking water, and to the genetically modifying of ALL food grown and sold for human use that I might have the unfortunate circumstanced to buy.

9.1) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to aerosol sprays being placed into the air I breath – put there with the intent to harm, mind-control, and damage my physical body in any way.

9.2) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to any programming placed into the television and video images that I watch without those who make them first obtaining a separate signed and fully negotiated (face to face) contract for each item listed above. I remove consent to any programming being inserted into the music that I listen to.

9.3) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the negative manipulation of the weather, and to the poisoning of the Earth, because I know that these acts are harmful and unhealthy to my personal living being, mind and body.

9.4) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the use of psychics, black occult magicians, archons, demons and/or dark spirits of any kind who are using, and/or assisting in the use of mental energies, and any other forms of frequency attack against my living being and my physical body at any level and in any time.

9.5) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the use of Voodoo, and/or any manner of spells cast, which could then cause a negative effect on my body, mind or soul, without first obtaining a signed contract from me that has been fully negotiated (face to face) and then signed with a wet purple ink signature.

10) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to exotic, machine like, robotic technology (A.I.) either physically – ethereally – astrally implanted, and then used in any way to track, alter, torment, attack, abuse, infect, or harm my body, my mind, my astral body, and my soul at any time, at any place, for any reason.




11) Under my authority (see section 25), as my own representative of PRIME CREATOR:

Any being, entity, corporation, machine technology, secret group, secret society, person, human or non-human, of Earth, and not of Earth, engaged in ANY of the individually listed activities in Sections 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 above, and in other sections below, and directing these actions at my living being, AGREES by choosing to engage in all such actions:


12) ONE TRILLION TROY OUNCES of pure Gold (24 karat) for each separate act of “doing” as it applies to my living being personally, unless my specific and FULLY INFORMED CONSENT (nothing hidden) is/was given for each individual act, in an openly transparent way where it is/was currently and fully understood by me what is/was being done, and intending to be done by the actor/doer, and/or the being doing/ordering/conceiving of the ACT.

NOTICE: All acts listed in Section 5 above are considered to be SPECIAL ACTIONS, the cost of which appear, and are listed in Section 59 and 59.1.

12.1) Amendment as of November 1, 2016.   Due to a video where a former CIA agent compellingly tells us how any human being who wants to tell the truth is being actively “targeted” and maliciously “tormented” if they DO indeed wish to tell the truth, then it is clear that FREEWILL is still NOT BEING HONORED by many human beings on Earth who have decided to PLAY GOD!  

Apparently the only thing that “matters” to all of these human beings is “A CONTRACT”.  So be it then, if you live by the contract only, you will “pay” by the contract, (this contract) with no hope of forgiveness.

See link HERE

Therefore as of this date…, ALL “costs” go up for those refusing to honor FREEWILL.

Everything is doubled is for those who continue unlawful actions against my living being.

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent…, Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal.



13) Those beings doing ALL such acts without a valid contract ALSO AGREE to compensate me with an equal value of recognized compensation on the higher soul levels of life, if the ACT/ACTION/EVENT, done here on Earth, is only discovered, understood, and/or found out about, after leaving the physical portion of the body suit that I currently inhabit.

13.1) Death will not erase ANY debt once it is incurred here on the Earth by any being doing these actions if those actions affected my living being in a harmful and negative way. These debts will follow all souls, which have incurred them, both on and off of the Earth, until the FULL AMOUNT is paid.

Do not ignore this DECLARATION, and do not fail to tell others about it.

Notice to principal is notice to agent. Notice to agent is notice to principal.

It is the duty of all those who read this PUBLIC NOTICE located at: to then inform others of the contents of this DECLARATION & NOTICE OF CONTRACT, or they may be ORDERED to pay the costs of those beings that they fail to inform!


14) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to any deception/propaganda being used on my living being at anytime, anywhere, which by its use creates negative outcome/s concerning the health and welfare of the planet EARTH, (also known as Gaia/Terra), and/or the health and welfare of my own personal body, mind and soul (also known as my own living being), and/or to my freedoms*, my prosperity, my wealth, my happiness, (also described as my natural life).

14.1) These freedoms* are Gifts that I – as an eternal being, and first created by PRIME CREATOR, always hold in reserve, everywhere I travel. It is important to remember that at this moment, and in this UNIVERSE, we are ALL under the protection of his GIFT, of non-revocable free will.



15) Since this Universe is admittedly a free will Universe, deception can therefore be used by anyone, anywhere, as they choose. However, this deception that any being would so choose to use, as per the free will of that user, MUST NOT EFFECT/AFFECT ME IN ANY WAY THAT I WOULD CONSIDER HARMFUL AND/OR NEGATIVE, specifically target my life intentionally, and/or be used to change my thinking, motivations, emotions, and/or happy life experience. This I FORBID!

15.1) ANY and EVERY contract negotiated by others with my living being, must be current and up to date, (not older than a two Earth years), and WILL ALWAYS have all of the possibilities and all of the outcomes openly exposed for my review (in simple language and terms).

This is necessary so that I can choose carefully, with full knowledge and wisdom of the consequences of each choice that I make!

ANY and EVERY contract made with my living being of any nature WILL have the option to verbally “opt out” of that contract at any time, if the spirit and the understanding of the contract is breached in the tiniest amount by those who originated and created the contract.

15.2) If deception is to be used by those who must deceive, then it is DEMANDED and ORDERED (under my Authority) that they inform me of the truth of their lies in advance, so that any deception being used by them, will not cause any problems for my life for which THEY WILL be contractually obligated to COMPENSATE me for. This advance notice is for the protection of other living beings to keep them safe from any fallout of this automatic CONTRACT!

This advance notice must come to me physically and with my full knowledge that it is being given. This notice cannot be hidden by the use of secret signs and obscure symbols. This notice cannot be placed into movies, into television programs, or radio programs and then labeled as fiction. This notice must be open, obvious, and direct, or it is NOT CONSIDERED BY ME TO BE VALID ADVANCE NOTICE.

15.3) Since I have the same free will, in this free will Universe, as those ones who choose to deceive, I AM using my free will, to DECLARE AND TO ORDER THAT NO ONE has the right to openly deceive me in any way that affects my life harmfully and negatively without FIRST having face to face negotiations without any adversarial tactics used.

15.4) So in summary, and to be perfectly clear, you can lie to others, since they are not smart enough to withdraw their consent, but you are FORBIDDEN to lie to me, and cause any harmful/negative effect/affect, or you will pay for it because I have WITHDRAWN AND REMOVED ALL CONSENT.


15.5) You have the right to freely deceive, ONLY if I have the right to freely demand NOT to be deceived and have that demand adhered to. All souls and created beings are equal in the eyes of Prime Creator who first created them. Not one of these souls has more rights than the next.  Free Will is complicated to fully understand, but I assure you that the off worlders who first gave the Earth the Ancient Law of Contracts understood them very well.

They understood that THEY could do nothing here on Earth without first gaining the consent of those living here. Whether done through trickery, mind control, or deception, consent is, and always has been, MANDATORY for any one individual soul to do an action which has an effect on another individual soul, without incurring grave consequences from Prime Creator.

IN MY CASE, I remove all consent to the use of deception period!

15.6) Because consent is “mandatory” in a FREEWILL ZONE, all of those countless off worlders who wanted to interact here on and within the Earth, first gave those men living upon the Earth the Ancient Law of Contracts (Still in use today).

A contract is a business-like, and very “un-enlightened”, way for two or more entities to freely and openly hand over consent for any act, thereby circumventing the punishment for depriving another living being of its free will. These same off worlders created the current and very un-enlightened religious and legal systems we still use today.

They then used these contractual systems disguised as Religion and Government, to trick the consent out of the people for everything that they wanted to do to them, using the tools of black occult magic and mind control, which were hovering around these “deceptive contracts”!

This was only allowed by the higher ups because humans were not being either brave enough, or smart enough to stand up to these deceptive beings and WITHDRAW CONSENT from them.


15.7) NOTICE to all players, agents, and principals now reading this DECLARATION

You are NOT nearly as smart as those off worlders, who came here so long ago.  Get off your arrogant, high horse, and realize that they used contracts for a good reason. Once even one living being understands this and withdraws their consent from a deceptive contract, the off wordlers understood that grave cosmic consequences would follow them.


You dare to snub your nose at the Creator of all Souls by worshiping Lucifer, who is nothing more than another created soul! And YET, you physically and energetically attack those who know more than you do, and could help guide you to safety because they do understand the Cosmic Laws. The height of your extreme arrogance is only surpassed by your complete Stupidity! Your science does not know everything, and you cannot defeat the designer of the Universe – the creator of Souls!

This Contract has HIS blessing – do YOU have his blessing?

Notice to Agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent.



16) Deception:

  • To knowingly lie, to tell an untruth. To knowingly hide from view. To act in any way covertly. To keep important and vital information secret. To act from behind the scenes, while pretending that the act is coming from someplace else, or not even happening.
  • To act in a way that negatively affects myself, and/or affects someone else, that in turn comes back to affect me. To hide, to remain anonymous while intending to cause harm, whether physical, mental, and/or emotional, with regard to my living and breathing incarnated body, mind and being.
  • To withhold ANY vital information that would give myself, and/or someone else that may in turn affect me, the opportunity to make a different choice so as to AVOID negative consequences and harmful circumstances.
  • To strike out, and to act anonymously in ways that are negatively affecting myself, and/or other beings, while remaining behind the scenes so as to confuse, to confound, and/or to unreasonably construct an advantage over myself and/or those other living beings.

These are all considered deception.

16.1) To deny my incarnate being, through trickery, deception, and/or false contract, my free will, without first getting my fully awakened, and aware consent, (nothing hidden) is to deny in practice that free will exists, and thus, those beings doing such acts have NO legitimate and rightful claim to FREEWILL anywhere in the Universe for themselves, since their very actions here deny that freewill exists.


16.2) A single act of Deception, such as using the news media to tell lies, whether in newsprint, magazines, radio, or television, and/or on the internet by using bloggers with fake names, and/or fake sites, if the “intent” of those men and women doing such acts is to knowingly “deceive”, and/or to knowingly “program”, and/or to knowingly “mind control” other living men and women, so that the subsequent behavior of these men and women, and/or groups of men and women (living beings), is then changed toward a negative, harmful, and/or dark outcome, which can reasonably be determined to have had a collateral negative effect on me,  then each lie from any source is considered to be a single incident and/or act of deception.

16.3) All agents, principals and players are equally and individually charged and responsible for the part and/or parts, they play now, and have been playing in assisting in any such acts of deception, to overtly change the behavior, to control the minds, interfere with the actions of either myself and/or my family, will thus share in the total cost of PAYING for the privilege of using deception on myself, my family, and those who have had an effect on me, without having my signature, in purple ink, on a valid contract, wherein I gave my current, up to date, fully informed, CONSENT.




17) Definition of Earthly Visitor and an Off Worlder:

  • Those not living their natural lives on this planet, whether human or Non-Human, whether from this, or any other dimension, whether from any other alternative and/or parallel, space and time.

Definition of a living being:

  • Any incarnated man or woman, and/or any other being that is not machine based, but in fact lives and breathes in an organic nature.

17.1) NOTICE: The leaders and government officials living on the surface of the Earth, and within the Earth, and above the Earth, AND all of hose church officials operating at the VATICAN that you deal with currently or historically, (all of whom are psycho-paths), DO NOT SPEAK for every human being (man or woman) living on this planet.  Nor do those who consider themselves to be “kings” and “queens” speak for every living being!  You should know that!

Acting and/or behaving as if they do speak for every living being incarnated here on Earth is absurd considering your supposed intelligence level. Many of the beings that they do NOT speak for, including me, and countless other beings who have taken a legitimate physical incarnation here, choose to speak on our own behalf.


To suggest we can’t speak for ourselves, or to actively engage in a formal Treaty with a few Earth beings, a treaty which leaves our voices unheard, is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME! You have now been given fair warning!

Correct your mistake by immediately negotiating with MY living being face to face, or come under the Authority of this VALID Notice of Contract for ALL TIME!

Do not ignore the importance of this NOTICE.

17.2) YOU (as Earthly Visitors) are also being specifically NOTICED to both behave yourself while visiting this planet called EARTH, because this is my PLANETARY HOME by right of INCARNATION!  Also, make certain that before you interact with any other Earth Human Being, each and every individual being has given its CONSCIOUS CONSENT in full transparency, if you should choose to effect that being negatively and/or in a dark way.

17.3) I specifically reserve all “RIGHTS” that are cosmically granted to my living being and SOUL, by the higher “Galactic”, and higher “Universal Councils” which are given to all living beings who are currently taking a physical incarnation here on the EARTH, (also known as Gaia, or Terra) and I make NULL AND VOID all claims historically made by other humans and/or non-humans, as well as certain Earthly Visitors, that may indicate that I have inadvertently signed away and/or given up any of my SOULS rights and/or given consent tacitly and/or unwittingly to any type of harm.

These rights given by the higher “Universal Councils” include the right to claim reparation, and restitution for any and all damages and harm, no matter how tiny, as a result of refusing to negotiate with me!

17.4) I specifically CHALLENGE, REBUKE, AND MAKE VOID,  every assumption and presumption of having ever given away and/or surrendered any RESERVED RIGHTS, and/or given any VALID CONSENT, for negative actions that are, and/or have been adversely effecting me, which are/have been caused as a result of Treaties signed by Earthly Visitors and Earths psychopathic leaders.

17.5) I specifically CHALLENGE all assumptions/presumptions that may be legally made, knowing that any such giving away of rights, consent, or freedoms, would have to have been gained through criminal deception, mind control, or trickery, (Fraud) and thus renders any assumed/presumed CONSENT in any case or matter, TOTALLY INVALID.

17.6) Be aware that without first obtaining a current, up to date, (not older than 2 years) signed CONTRACT and/or TREATY with me as a living and breathing human being, “THAT YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY” to do anything here (on the Earth) and/or off of the Earth, that may have the slightest measurably negative effect on my living body, mind, or soul, without incurring very heavy cosmic, and long lasting consequences to your own soul.


17.7) NO TREATY historically made with any human being, and/or group of humans living on the EARTH, (or non-humans from off of the Earth, if they claim ownership), IS VALID, if that Contract or that Treaty in any way effects my life, my natural life, and my body, mind, and soul in what I would consider to be a measurably negative and/or dark way!

  • The only exception to this rule is to first gain my fully informed, and current, (not more than 2 years old) consent in a separate VALID CONTRACT and/or Valid Treaty that has been fully negotiated with me (face to face), and then signed with a wet purple ink signature.

NO TREATY made by anyone, anywhere is valid, if it collaterally effects my living and breathing being, my life, my natural life, my happiness, and/or my wealth in a dark, harmful and/or negative way without my full and comprehensive, transparent consent to the said and/or stated Treaty, (even if I am not party to such a treaty).

This includes all corporate treaties and contracts as well as OFF WORLD TREATIES.

17.7.1) A separate SPECIAL CONTRACT or treaty with my living and breathing incarnated being is necessary, to be negotiated face to face and signed by me, if any actions done here on Earth (by Earthly Visitors) which includes all military technology transfers, have had the slightest detrimental effects upon my natural life!

In the absence of such a negotiated treaty, I reserve the RIGHT TO CLAIM DAMAGES from these beings, entities, or Earthly Visitors, (not only in this natural life, but the next, and the next) until full payment is made and received!

17.7.2) While such a TREATY must be negotiated face to face, and then signed, depending upon the nature of the treaty, daily updates may be required.

17.7.3) To be clear, all treaties historically made anywhere at any time, that are destined to affect me in a measurably negative and harmful way, must be renegotiated with me as well, or they will be considered under my fully ordained AUTHORITY, that has been bestowed upon me by PRIME CREATOR, to be null and void. 

This statement stands even if these treaties were made before I came here, and even if they were made over a million years ago!

17.7.4) These persons, beings, entities, corporations, secret groups, human or non-human, from Earth, or not from Earth, in making such treaties with Earthly Visitors, and once finding out about my NOTICE OF CONTRACT have the standard allowable amount of earth time (10 business days) to contact me as a living and breathing man, and rectify the situation OR they will automatically fall under my contract, since that is how all standard Earth contracts are upheld and made lawful.

17.7.5) If this is not done, then I reserve the right to lay REAL CLAIMS against any and all such agents and beings (as listed above) who made any such treaties, which then had such collateral effects, that my life was substantially changed from what I would have desired and created it to be, and to use whatever Universally lawful means are necessary to acquire whatever wealth they have, and that I deem is a just reparation for such negative and harmful effects.

17.7.6) I claim the right to ANY AMOUNT of payment and/or reparation that I feel is appropriate to compensate me for the hurt, suffering and pain I’ve experienced as a result of any such Contracts and Treaties, which had a negative and harmful effects upon my natural life, body, mind or spirit (soul) that were made and done by other beings without my valid consent and without even taking time to negotiate with me to ameliorate such harms.

17.7.7) I claim this right, since with the creation of this PUBLICLY POSTED NOTICE, and the posting of it where it can be electronically accessed, every Earthly Visitor, and/or off worlder, has been given a fair chance to choose to Contract with me, and/or to enter into a Simple Treaty with me as a living and breathing man, thus circumventing and negating the otherwise un-avoidable consequences of not doing so.


17.8) The internet is capable of reaching any technology available to advanced Races, and thus, NO OTHER PUBLIC NOTICE IS NECESSARY!

17.9) Specifically excluded from speaking for me personally, whether in TREATY or in CONTRACT are these human beings and the following groups:

  • The Roman Catholic Church and all who claim to hold office there.

17.10) Also excluded are ANY of the United States of America Corporation Presidents, but especially:

George Bush Senior, George Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft, Warring G. Harding, or Harry Truman, which were all Presidents after and during the formation of the Criminal Federal Reserve Bank.

All of these are specifically excluded from speaking for me, or making any contracts for me that will have even the slightest affect upon my life.  

17.11) Donald J. Trump is now added to this list!  He can only speak for me with my permission (which could only be given after speaking face to face as a living and breathing man), and in no other circumstance.  All permission to “speak” for me is removed from Donald Trump.

Also excluded are any “kings” and “queens” up to and including the current queen of England, and specifically the “entity” known as: THE CROWN

17.12) Since these men, women, or self-styled leaders do not speak for me, nor does the Catholic Church speak for me, they CAN NOT NEGOTIATE TREATIES and CONTRACTS for me that may have any measurably negative and harmful effect upon my life, my body, my mind, and my soul.

17.13) This also means that they (those attempting to speak for me in Treaty without my consent) can be held 100 percent accountable and agree to be punished for such acts, on a much higher level, and also to be held accountable for any and all harm, damage, and/or disruption to my body, mind, heart and soul that I experience while living this natural life as a living and breathing man here on Earth!

This can simply happen as a result of denying me my Freewill! 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any being denying me my FREEWILL CHOICES (even if by deception) are specifically claiming that freewill does not exist, and therefore have no claim to Freewill for themselves.


SECTIONS 18, 19, and 20

18) If any such acts, events, treaties, and/or any other things as listed above are being done, and/or ever were done, then those acts occurred without my consent, and without full knowledge of the consequences, and will be considered deception, and will thus formally and fully engage any entity, being, corporation, secret group, machine technology, A.I., person, human and non-human, from Earth, and not from Earth, into this openly transparent and historically NOTICED contract by their own action/s of choosing to do these things, without first negotiating a lawfully Valid Treaty or Contract with my own living being.

19) All “tacit” or presumed consent for any act of doing, done by another person, entity, being, that affects me in any way that I would consider to be dark and/or negative what-so-ever is hereby now permanently removed, and challenged, and denied. 

It is denied to any and all beings and entities UNLESS A CURRENT CONTRACT and/or TREATY has been negotiated with me face to face in the physical body and on the Earth.

20) Consent for any and all acts which affect my living body, mind and soul in a negative way, must now be asked for, and acquired for EACH individual act which concerns my natural life, IF that act effects my natural life, freedom, wealth, happiness, or reserved rights in any way that is negative. 

IF consent is NOT asked for each individual time, then I CLAIM the right to seek and secure damages for each individual act, in the most highly tradable form of compensation and energy that is usable in the Universe which is pure Gold, and/or any equivalent means of energy/value that is also highly tradable in the Universe.


21) 10 (ten) Earth days are given for a “valid response”* from ALL Earthly Visitors and Off Worlders that have been involved in ANY treaties made with Earthly Leaders that currently effect my living being, or the way I live my natural life in a harmful and negative way.

If NO valid response is given or received, it will be considered to be an ADMISSION of the guilt of having created such treaties, and also the total and complete ACCEPTANCE OF THIS CONTRACT as a VALID REPLACEMENT to any missing treaty which could have been negotiated with me in good faith.

In addition, no valid response constitutes a TOTAL AGREEMENT TO ALL PAYMENTS CLAIMED for any negative effects that such treaties made with all Earthly Leaders (or those who claim Authority here), may have had upon my living being and natural life without first gaining my formal valid consent.

21.1) *Definition of a valid response:

Direct face to face contact with my living being is the only acceptable valid response. Face to face negotiations are required.

21.2) Earthly Visitors who do only positive and loving acts, and behave in ways which support love for my SOUL and my LIFE, the love of my bodies health, happiness and wealth, the love of the EARTH, and the love of HUMANS, and who do not give ANY harmful technology to Earths psychopathic leaders which can then in turn be used against me and/or the innocent human populations of this planet, are exempt from contract or treaty since they are not effecting me negatively. 

However, if their activities involve any “exchange of information” with Earth’s psychopathic leaders, then I do require that they give the very same information to me, so that I remain on the same FREEWILL footing as those beings who claim to be rulers here, so that NO POWER DIFFERENTIAL IS INADVERTENTLY CREATED BY TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE.

(This is purely about my freewill to obtain knowledge and stay on the same footing as those who would use such knowledge against me)

21.3) I respect all forms of life, AND do recognize their rights and free will, I acknowledge that free will exists, thus guaranteeing my right to free will here, and in the higher levels.



SECTIONS 22, 23, and 24

22) For any printed consent form, presented for agreement, from any corporate business or outlet, which allows me to access the internet through their system – TAKE NOTICE!

If I am “compelled” to push an agree button to access the internet, I am only  agreeing to give very limited consent in order to gain immediate access the internet through a secondary party, but I AM NOT consenting to and/or agreeing to give up any rights and authority, (already listed here) which I always hold in reserve.

To give up and/or surrender any reserved rights and authority would require a fully negotiated, face to face, CONTRACT OF CONSENT in order to be considered valid consent.  

Special Notice to: Apple, Google, Yahoo, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and others – By asking for my agreement online, without face to face negotiations YOU are agreeing that NO CONTRACT has ever in fact been made between my real living being, my on-line persona (whatever that “name” happens to be at the moment) and your Corporation, Company or Group!

You further agree that the pressing of a consent button is NOT a negotiation, but in fact is a broom being used to sweep away all nonsensical words which have no bearing on a living and breathing human being which can not communicate logically with a machine and therefore can NOT negotiate with  it.

In the absence of such face to face negotiations, (human being to human being) any such assumed/presumed consent will be considered INVALID BY ME, and gained through criminal deception, and/or trickery and will immediately bring the deceiver under this comprehensive Notice of Contract.

22.1) For any and all access errors received while using the internet. 

I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to any limitations to my personal internet freedom that is placed there by design to simply control and/or steer my browsing behavior.

 ALL access errors – and other such nonsense which may be placed in my way by A.I., algorithms, and robots are forbidden under this contract, whether caused by being, entity, or machine technology.

Those living beings that do this without first obtaining a valid contract with me must contact me, and negotiate in order to secure a valid contract first or immediately fall under the terms of this contract.

No exceptions. (See Authority – Section 25)

22.2) In addition, I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to the modification of any equipment (electronic or otherwise) that I may have purchased what so ever, that prevents me from accessing the internet, and/or certain web pages and their video content (YouTube as just one example). 

22.3)  I also remove any and all presumed and assumed consent, for any and all censoring, hiding, secreting, and compartmentalizing of vital historical, educational and scientific information as concerns the Earth, the planet that I live on, which I as a grown adult can most certainly handle and have every “RIGHT” (as a living man, having taken a legitimate incarnation here on the Earth) to know, to study, and to learn. 

This includes, but is not limited to: 

  • The visiting of Earth by beings from other worlds/planets, dimensions/Time-lines, the past/the future and other parts of the seen and unseen Universe.  

  • The use of super advanced technology which has been developed during the time that I have lived a legitimate incarnation upon the planet, added energy and support for the planet, and have a Natural Life right to know about. Especially considering that other men are already using and benefiting from such technologies.

  • The existence of Ancient Knowledge including: Temples, Buildings, Writings, Teachings, Technology, Cultures and History, on the surface of the Earth, and Below the Surface of Earth! 

  • The existence of super advanced healing technologies which have the ability to heal people, animals, plants, biology and the planet. 

  • All other information that I would want to know, if I had been given the chance to freely pick and choose for myself.

22.4) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to any changes made to the basic programming, or functioning of my computer or personal electronic equipment of any kind through back doors and/or through hacks and/or through malicious programming tactics.

I remove consent to the addition of certain “cookies” and/or other micro managing software tools, that then “infect” my device with secondary programming, and open back doors for any agency to spy with that was not originally intended for the smooth, and efficient running of the device, and which I would most certainly consider an INVASION of privacy.

(Remember, I own my free will.  I REMOVE ALL permission to affect me without a “valid contract” that has been negotiated face to face.)

22.5) Definition of Valid Contract:

A valid contract is a contract that has been negotiated with me face to face, and agreed upon! All other forms of contract are invalid!  All plausible and possible affects or effects of any contract must be disclosed during the negotiations, or the contract is also invalid.  All contracts must be signed by me with wet PURPLE INK, or else that contract is invalid!

23) Finally this Notice of Contract may change at any time without further Notice.  All changes go into immediate AND retro-active effect.

24) Have a Nice Day!



25) My AUTHORITY is derived directly from PRIME CREATOR!

I am my own representative to HE who created my Soul, and I have a Special Agreement with that Being which is the SOURCE OF ALL!

No other authority is therefore needed, and no authority can ever be placed before HIS AUTHORITY where my Eternal Soul, physical body, and mental being are concerned. However, I do reserve the right to choose a very pure and loving being as an intermediary if needed. (This being will not be living on Earth)

25.1) Since I AM my own representative of and to PRIME CREATOR, then NO OTHER spiritual or religious authority here on the Earth can supersede my own directly ordained AUTHORITY with the true FATHER and CREATOR of all that is. 

This includes all those who are either appointed, and/or elected to hold office, whether here on Earth, or off the Earth, where “powers” are granted, and/or authority is bestowed, either to regulate or to govern, because I am already under a private “special agreement” with THAT, which can only be defined as pure love.

25.2) I, here and now, in the past, and in the future, remove all presumed consent, tacit consent, and assumed compliance with all lessor Authorities that are EARTH based and merely human, as is my Right under my special agreement with Prime Creator, who is the maker of all UNIVERSES, and I CHOOSE to stay under HIS AUTHORITY ONLY with no other authorities standing in between.

25.3) In ALL matters concerning my living being, and/or my living and breathing body, mind and spirit, which includes my Astral body, and all other levels of my multi-dimensional being, my Special Agreement with PRIME CREATOR IS FINAL, and supersedes every other Agreement and/or Authority, Convention, Statute, and/or Regulation that has ever been written and/or thought of that is either Earth based, and off world based.

This is especially true if such things seek to enslave my physical body and/or being, and/or limit my freedom in any way without first gaining my conscious, fully aware, and fully informed (nothing hidden) Consent after face to face negotiations.

25.4) Pre-birth incarnational contracts are all, here and now, made permanently NULL and VOID as a result of the gross deceptions, gross violations, trickery, mind-control, and black magic occult practices that have been used without my consent.

25.4.1) Due to conditions of Contractual breech by dark magicians and worshippers of Satan, I PROCLAIM THAT NO CONTRACT, I have ever signed as concerns incarnations upon the Earth is Valid. 

Even if that contract was signed 26,000 years ago, or even 1,000,000 (One Million) years ago!

25.5) The gross deception used by dark beings VOIDS FOREVER AND ALL TIME any consent that may be in place with those beings having used and/or still using such deception.


SECTION 26 to 30

26) Any being, entity, corporation, secret group, or person, whether human, non-human, and reptile who willingly seeks to limit my freedoms while living on Earth, and deprive me of a perfectly healthy life and body, and happiness, my natural life’s wealth, which includes any monies I have personally earned with my efforts, and/or am entitled to by my physical appearance and incarnation upon this planet, is now duly NOTICED:

27) By the action of doing these things, YOU are entering into a BINDING AUTOMATIC CONTRACT to compensate me for these acts in the amount that I have clearly noticed and designated above and MORE once on the other side.

28) The COST, and consequences of entering into my Contract, IS/ARE AGREED TO BE PAID IN FULL by each man and/or woman (living entity/being) once incurred through the act of doing any of the above mentioned things, and/or those actions now mentioned as follows:

LIMITING my freedom, DEPRIVING me of a healthy life and body, interfering with my happiness, DEPRIVING me of any wealth that I have ever created and earned, through ANY means that I would never have agreed to if fully disclosed, including taxation.

This Binding Contract is agreed to, no matter whether I as a living being, (a man incarnate upon the Earth) am still living on the Earth, or have left the physical portion of my being/body, and moved on to somewhere else in the multiverse.

This contract also applies to all forms of intelligent machine technology. If you are intelligent technology or (A.I.) then your programmers/creators are equally responsible for your debt!  You will inform them of this, since as intelligent technology that can think.

If you fail to do this, YOU AGREE to be totally destroyed instead.

29) Death of my body (or yours), will not cancel the debt unless and until it is paid to the last ounce and measure! Denying the debt will not cancel it due to the fact that you were duly noticed, and then freely ignored every opportunity to negotiate with me.

30) It is preferred and demanded that any and all payments to be made, will be made immediately. If not, then as stated, death will not remove the debt, and it will be paid by the individual entities that have incurred the debt, in dozens, if not hundreds of succeeding lives until the entire debt is paid to MY SATISFACTION!


SECTION 31 to 40

31) If any of the above mentioned acts, are being done in secrecy, and behind closed doors, so as to HIDE from me the fact that these acts are being done, and to hide them from my family, and also my Human brothers and sisters, who are by right of incarnation also deserving of full disclosure, then consider yourself, and those you work for immediately INVOICED for these acts already done, and PAYMENT IS NOW DUE!

Contact me immediately to set up a time table for negotiations of a Treaty or Contract, if you do NOT wish to have to pay this fair compensation.

32) Non-payment will result in penalty fees being added daily.

The penalty fee for non-payment is: 5,000 ounces of PURE SILVER per day. Not paying Invoices will only move the debt into another life stream or to a higher level; death will not cancel the debt.

32.1) To use fictitious legal constructions known as a Birth Certificate, a Passport, an Identification Card, a Social Security Card, and a Driver’s License, as substitutes for an open and transparent negotiated Contract of CONSENT for any acts that affect me negatively and harm my life, is expressly Forbidden, and will result in ejection from the game!

No fictional device and/or fictional construction can be used as a replacement for a valid, fair, and openly negotiated, and fully disclosed CONTRACT!

(See definition of Valid Contract above).


33) This Contract can be easily avoided by being honest with me. Come clean with what you have done!  Contact me and make an appointment to negotiate face to face with me, and this automatic contract can be avoided.

(ALL negotiated contracts will include at least some compensation for past negative and harmful actions committed against me by those who have taken the actions).

33.1) By refusing to negotiate for compensation and refusing also to Cease and Desist, and thus continuing to DO any such negative acts that have effect upon my natural life without a valid contract in place, you are therefore willingly choosing to AGREE TO THIS CONTRACT, (since you do not wish to negotiate a better one) and are also agreeing to pay the costs listed here by choosing to do these acts without first obtaining my consent.

By not informing your superiors, and/or those you work with of this NOTICE, you are AGREEING to this contract on your own, and are also agreeing to pay all costs by yourself.

33.2) By immediately quitting your job, (if you are a CIA or NSA agent) and honestly disclosing all the information that you know publicly, (information that is being unjustly kept from human beings, and myself specifically), this contract is also Not entered into. 

In addition, a bonus will be paid to you, whether you are living in your physical body or not, for your service, taken from accrued and remitted contract penalties, and paid Invoices.

34) In addition to what is listed above, Time Travel, whether done physically or by any other means of Quantum Access, is expressly forbidden if the goal of that Quantum Access is to bypass and to subvert this Notice of Contract, and/or to change either myself, my natural life, and/or the Timeline!

35) Time Travel is forbidden if it is used to pass on ANY information about me and my natural life to any agents, machines, (A.I.) principals or players, human and non-human, from Earth, and not from Earth, since that information is claimed by me as my property, created by me as part of my natural life experience, and protected under my special agreement with PRIME CREATOR!

35.1) Modifier: 

If any being and/or entity and/or even intelligent machine technology who is working with the LOVE vibration, (limited to those not currently worshiping Satan or Lucifer, and/or involved with the New World Order), who has the best interest of human beings living on the Earth at heart and mind, then an agreement can be reached, (negotiated) for the transport (through time) of vital information, If this is done with my full knowledge and consent.

36) Those who use Time Travel and Quantum Access in any way that negatively affects me, and my natural life, AGREE to compensate me one thousand times more for each incident, than the quoted rate of One Trillion Troy Ounces of Pure Gold (24 karat).


37) Finally, this NOTICE is made fully RETROACTIVE to the very moment of the beginning of my natural life on Earth due to the complexities involved in dealing with both Quantum Access and Time Travel.

38) The “EFFECTIVE DATE” of this DECLARATION AND NOTICE goes back primarily to the inception/conception date of my current natural life on this planet Earth for all things, however for “special circumstances”…, it goes far back to the very first Treaty made by the Corporate US Government with any ET Race for any reason, AND goes back to the very first Treaty made by the Catholic Church with any ET Race for any reason, and also goes back to the ELDERS that may have been chosen by the Atlantean Council, who then made any Treaty with any ET race or species for any reason.


38.1) Special Circumstances (as pertains to Sections 34 to 40) are any acts, contracts, and Treaties, that came about as a result of Time Travel or Quantum Access which then in turn had a very negative and harmful effect upon my natural life.  

Special Circumstances also refers to the “blending” and/or “merging” of two or more timelines, which then has the effect of changing and/or resetting conditions to make it appear as if what originally occurred (in a certain timeline) is now different, and/or never took place at all. 

(Thus, causing great harm to my life).

In that case, it will be the timeline where the negative event and/or harm occurred to my natural life that will be used as a basis for the penalties of this contract!

This section (Section 38) refers to the involvement of ALL Earthly Visitors and Off Worlders, and specifically to the use of their advanced technology, as well as to the specific Earth Humans (men, women, or any other being living here) that worked for them and with them.

These special circumstances also refer to any and all Contracts or Treaties signed by any being and/or entity which had a very negative and harmful effect upon my natural life. 

(Because with the signing of a treaty comes implied CONSENT.   Any Off Worlders will certainly want to make the claim that consent for their actions were gained by the signing of a Treaty with Earth’s leaders)

38.2) Thus, this PUBLIC NOTICE is now hereby made RETROACTIVE to the very first date and time that comes before any of those treaties were actually signed, in order to protect myself and my family from such anomalies coming about as a result of TIME TRAVEL, QUANTUM ACCESS, AND THE CHANGING OF THE TIMELINES.

38.3) This necessity is specifically due to the nature of what any “TREATIES” may have included, and will be decided on a case by case basis if any negative and harmful effects were and still are being incurred by me while living my natural life, however, it will have to be taken into consideration that those ET beings signing such treaties had BOTH the ability to time travel, and had the use of quantum access tools with which to see “who” (if anyone) would stand in the way of their agenda after they “signed” their treaties – thus putting me and my family IN HARMS WAY

And thus, would “attack” us all through the use of quantum access technology!

38.4) It would be easy for such beings to specifically target any individual from a point in time BEFORE the being even takes an incarnation.  For Example:

Changing the circumstances of their lives, by changing their parents’ lives becomes a real possibility.

  • My parents, and/or grandparents may have been targeted, their wealth removed, their lives messed with, etc. (you get the picture), which then had a collaterally negative and harmful effect upon my life somewhere in the timelines.

39) The Amount of Energy or pure Gold charged for each incident and/or action against my natural life may change without notice.

40) Any change to this document will be immediately and retro-actively be applied to all acts!


SECTION 41 to 50

41) All CONTRACTS entered into with me, (by beings that have done so by the doing of these acts) CAN BE RESOLVED WITHOUT PAYMENT, but only on a case by case basis, as I see fit, depending upon circumstance, and depending upon the intent with which each act occurred!

42) Negotiations for Resolution (other than payment) must be done with me face to face, and be must done with an honest and clear intent to seek forgiveness for each separate act. Reasonable compensation must be offered, but may not necessarily be accepted.

43) This Contract is Valid Everywhere in the Universe, and can Not BE MADE VOID.

44) NO previous consent ever given, if done under duress, and/or as a result of deception, and/or without fully being informed of all of the possible outcomes, is considered valid. 

If conditions of validity are not present, then no CONTRACT or Treaty Exists with me and the above Contract remains in FULL FORCE OF COSMIC LAW.

45) I reserve All RIGHTS given to the SOUL by its CREATOR.

(The Soul is my living, multi-dimensional being both here on EARTH and in the higher levels of Consciousness and existence/awareness).

46) I do not consent to any law or statute, that purports to take away and/or limit ANY freedom given to the Soul by its Creator unless specifically and transparently consented to by me, with full ramifications of such consent openly revealed to me at the time such consent is given, and to be continually updated as to any and all changes in such ramifications with the opportunity to opt out easily! (Nothing hidden).

47) Any information and data being hidden from me, automatically nullifies and voids all contracts AND previous consents made by me (my living being) immediately, and places the creator of such a deceptive contract under MY CONTRACT.

48) Any ramifications to actions done and/or intended to be done to me by others that are buried and hidden in a pile of legal paperwork (more than 3 single pages measuring 8 inches by 11 inches, with standard size print) with the intention to hide such information, is to be considered deception and will immediately fall under the deception clause of my contract. (Contracts for individual acts should be simple)

49) Any fine print, or print that is unreadable by the normal human eye without assistance from technology, and/or any added clauses to any treaty and/or contract made by me are specifically forbidden and are considered to be deception, and will automatically fall under the deception clause of my contract unless I am notified first, and all such items are renegotiated by me in full honesty and transparency.

50) Any attempt to subvert my rights through deception is to automatically agree to contract with me by the action of doing these things.  ACTION EQUALS AGREEMENT.

The only exception to this is total mind control of the perpetrator where they had no clue what they were doing! 

Those living beings that have been placed under total mind control, either through implants, demon possession, and technologies are exempt because they are not in possession of free will. 

However the mind control has to be total, and they can have no knowledge of what they are doing.

In addition, they cannot have asked for demon possession (as so many Luciferians do) and/or signed a contract willingly with Satan…, because I will consider that a FREEWILL choice.

Any human being who puts others under mind control, and/or orders the mind control of those who have harmed me or my natural life will pay doubly for every act committed by those under mind control.

Penalties will also be assessed to those who created the mind control technologies, and taught the technologies, and/or trained others in the use of those technologies.



51) To any agents, players, or principals, on or off world, human or non, from Earth or not, who use time travel in a very positive way, and go back in time to protect my younger self, and/or protect my family, by giving my younger self significant financial, and/or material support, as well as very honest information, will be granted forgiveness, as long as that aid is done without any intent toward deception.


SECTION 52 to 55

52) ALL men and women, living beings, reptiles, and entities, will be held accountable for ALL of their actions that had an effect on me and my natural life, and/or were done to me without first getting my valid consent. There will be NO Corporate Protection allowed in the here after for those who bring harm to my life, as they envision it in their Corporate LAW, since I am not under ANY obligation to those man-made regulations or statutes what-so-ever!


Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 do not apply to me! I have never been given any chance to negotiate, nor have I been contacted by any human being to have MY honest concerns and views heard and/or taken into account. Since I have never been given any true voice in the planning of these two agendas, then the execution AND enforcement of these agendas can IN NO WAY infringe upon my living being or my natural life while I live here on the Earth! 

Any official, and/or Earthly Authority on any level, who seeks to impose these agendas upon my living being AGREES FULLY to this contract in its totality and to all its penalties in full.

53) ALL man made rules go only as far as the Vatican, and as I’ve already clearly stated: The Vatican does NOT speak for me. The next step upward in authority is the unlawful treaties made by the Vatican with off worlders and/or demon entities, who ALSO DO NOT in any way speak for me.

And thus, any protection offered by those who chose to affect my natural life given to them by off worlders and or demon entities, is also null and void!

54) This CONTRACT will be fully enforced in its totality after this natural life, on what is known as the higher level, non-physical plane of existence!

No corruption and no cheating will be allowed at that TIME!

This will not happen in any Earthly Court where the Judges are corrupt and act as demonic gate keepers for the Elites and for the Off Worlders. Every living man and woman, regardless of the role they played, even down to the tiniest amount, will be held fully accountable for every act they did that affected my natural life and living being regardless of who gave them the orders to do it!  

Let this be made perfectly CLEAR and fully grasped by one and by all! 

There IS NO CORPORATE IMMUNITY after leaving the Earth.

55) A contract is a contract, and that is how (unfortunately) you are able to “act” here on Earth with impunity and get away with it.

55.1) The catch 22, for all of you players, agents and principals, (human or non, Earthly or non,) is that in order for you to wiggle out of the punishment for EVERYTHING that you’ve ever done to ALL of the other humans who are NOT me, (in this incarnation and embodiment) is the defense that is based on the law of Earthly Contracts, where you have no choice but TO MAKE THE CLAIM that those other humans gave you either written and/or tacit consent for your actions, and therefore misguidedly consented to your authority over them, and to your harmful actions while you were on EARTH, and/or managing the Earth in the case that you are off worlders.

55.2) In my situation, I have NOTICED YOU ALL, and ORDERED YOU ALL by my own AUTHORITY to cease and desist forever and all time.

Then, I have challenged and removed ALL consent that may have been assumed and presumed by others who have made claims over my living and breathing being, body, mind and soul.

I have done this both verbally and in writing, AND had it recorded it in the off world records.

Then, I’ve laid out terms by which you could do these things (you do have free will after all), IF, and only IF, you agree to compensate me fairly for the doing of each individual action, as a separate act of doing. 

These terms remain unchanged whether you ignore them or not, or like them or not.

55.3) Therefore, by choosing to act against me, and/or choosing to continue to do any of the listed actions within this DECLARATION OF FREEDOM, you have COMPLETELY AGREED to my terms, and therefore compensation is CONTRACTUALLY owed by every being who is now, and/or has ever been either planning, ordering, and/or carrying out the doing of such acts.


The price is:

One Trillion Ounces of Pure Gold (24 Karat) for each act listed on this notice of contract that is and/or was ever done by you (even if ordered by someone else) without first negotiating a valid contract with me in order to obtain my fully aware consent by coming to me and doing it face to face.

55.4) This means that if you have done ANY of the above listed acts, and/or have read this, and/or have even heard about it, and/or are any other being, Earthly or non-Earthly, Human or non-human, who is a player, and/or is an agent, and/or is a principal, that has done ANY of these acts…, then by the DOING of these acts, you have ENTERED INTO THIS CONTRACT! 




No Declaration of WAR, against me, and/or any other nation state, and/or even the entire planet, will change the Authority and/or effectiveness of this Declaration of Freedom and Removal of Consent, and/or its meaning under MY TERMS!

No creation of WAR/MILITARY COURTS upon the Earth, and/or the writing of so called RULES OF WAR in any book, and/or pamphlet published on the Earth in order to somehow give yourselves “Supreme Authority” and/or done to ASSUME AUTHORITY that is not yours by right over every living being (myself included) during times of WAR, will be honored in the HIGHER COURTS (OFF WORLD) and/or in the Higher Realms!

If you try to do so, the cost of reparation for all of these acts triples!

Notice to agent is notice to principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent.

55.5) No further NOTICE to anyone, anywhere is necessary, and this is NOW both WRITTEN into and RECORDED in the off world records.

55.6) This OFF WORLD RECORDING was and is necessary ONLY because no Earthly man or woman (entity, or being), would willingly RECORD this DECLARATION OF FREEDOM and NOTICE OF CONTRACT, due to the complete and total corruption of the system on the Earth.

A system whereby city and county clerks are trained and instructed to act as demonic gate keepers for the elites.

55.7) This type of corruption effectively nullifies and makes VOID (on a higher level) any and ALL necessity for this NOTICE OF CONTRACT to be RECORDED on the Earth before it can become FACT IN LAW in the Solar System, and the Galaxy and the Universe.

55.8) Since it is now RECORDED into the off world records, it has become UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED LAW, and I ORDER it into permanent effect under MY OWN AUTHORITY, and will refer to it in all higher UNIVERSAL Council proceedings, in ALL times, levels, realms, or spaces.


SECTION 56, 57, and 58 

To all agents, players and principals:

56) Do you think that you can ignore another beings freewill without the proper authority to do so? 

Do you think you are greater than the CREATOR himself who gave each of his creations free will? 

Since you do not know about the cosmic laws that you yourself operate under…, you are now in dire TROUBLE!

56.1) Your leaders work for OFF WORLDERS, and currently pay homage to the VATICAN, while some of them actively worship SATAN, is it any wonder that they don’t tell you everything? 

Is it any wonder they keep using National Security as a board to hit you over the head with? 

Wake up! Those who dwell in secret societies, and who are incredibly wealthy, CREATE the wars that make you think we even need National Security. 

They use secrecy, deception and National Security as tools to keep their demonic agenda hidden from those who work for them (YOU). 

The Bankers are their ring leaders, and Corporate Federalized Police are their hired thugs.

56.2) Just as the NSA records everything that is said and done here on Earth, do you really think that there are not beings higher than you, who are recording second by second everything you think, that you say and that you do all of your life?

56.3) There will not be any wiggle room in the higher universal court! 

Video of your life, your thoughts, and your actions for every second that you lived here on Earth are available to ME to be used against YOU…, and these higher beings DID have the authority to watch and to record you, since you gave it to them before you came here, before you were born.


57) Now, if you deny THIS CONTRACT, then you have NO defense for everything else that you’ve ever done in your life, because everything that you’ve ever done to any other living being is based upon the ancient LAW OF CONTRACTS! 

Thus, you will most certainly convict your own self, by REMOVING YOUR BLANKET OF CORPORATE IMMUNITY for all of those acts, if you deny this one simple contract when you leave your physical body.

57.1) You can only wiggle out of all of those actions that you’ve done by acknowledging the LAW OF CONTRACTS, but in so doing you, YOU will first have to acknowledge this contract as legitimate, and you will end up paying me everything that this contract demands! 

As of now, I win either way!

58) The LAW OF CONTRACTS originally came from off world, and was given to those “elites” living in both Egypt and BABYLON, and to their Black OCCULT Priests, and subsequently it was given next to the VATICAN, and to their Priests (Judges).

58.1) ALL Judges, who wear black robes, are secretly High Priests, and thus secretly derive their AUTHORITY from the VATICAN, (Jesuits) because all authority MUST come from somewhere in order to be considered legitimate by OTHERS in the Galaxy and/or in the Universe, which is teeming with life.

58.2) The Vatican claims to get theirs from GOD, and thus place itself between you and your Creator. 

However, have ANY of you actually asked which GOD they claim to get their authority from?

It’s Lucifer.  Ask them! 

IF YOU CONSENT to the Vatican, then you consent to the entire Earthly Justice System, with all of its secrets and all of its corruption.

If you consent to it, then it can do anything to you, without ever asking any other permission from you, know that.

58.3) However, Be aware that your consent was tricked out of you, by false Contract through the creation of a fictitious ENTITY known as a Strawman, which is your name placed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, and then substituted for you by them. 

Thus, they don’t need your personal consent for what they do to you, since your Strawman, (which they created and they own) always consents for you automatically. 

Thus, they believe that you don’t need to be consulted.

(They are incorrect on this issue once you withdraw ALL consent as per Cosmic Law.  Any violations of Cosmic Law will be dealt with VERY HARSHLY)

58.4) Through the use of a Birth Certificate, Passport, or Driver’s License, you have also consented to register your Strawman, as a “franchise” under the control of a Corporate Fictional Government, and thus freely legitimize their “assumed” control over your consent, (not your body, but your consent), which they claim to no longer need to ask you for. 

Thus, the “trick” has always been that they don’t need to get control of you or your body.., but they feel they need only to get control of your CONSENT. 

In this way, they have strived to make you a slave without having it look like you are one.

58.5) However, Prime Creator has truly given YOU free will, and “they” can’t do ANYTHING to you without your consent if you REMOVE IT BY SAYING SO.

58.6) That’s how simple this is. Declare your Freedom, and remove your consent. By giving them power over your Consent, you gave away EVERYTHING.

58.7) “GET THAT” or be their slave by your own CONSENT forever.

58.8) The Government Corporation is secretly under the control of the Vatican by both CONTRACT and by TREATY, so it has to do what the Vatican says. The Vatican is secretly under the control of off worlders by Contract and Treaty, so it has to do what the off worlders say.

58.9) Only You can choose to stop all of this madness by removing your personal consent. However, be clear that your consent is AUTOMATICALLY GIVEN in advance for everything the Corporate Government or the Vatican wants to do to the world, or to you, due to the franchise Contract you agreed to by using a Driver’s License, etc.

58.9.1) You fell into a trap through your own unwillingness to TAKE personal responsibility for your life, and gave it away to others who asked for it, because you trusted them. To get out of this trap, you have to grow up really fast, and completely be responsible for yourself in all that you think and do. If not, you will be their slave forever.




59) NOTICE to any agent, player, or principal, being, entity, or individual, machine, technology, Earthly Visitor, or off worlder. These are considered Special Actions:

59.1) I REMOVE ALL CONSENT to kidnapping, to stealing, and to enslaving my body, my spirit, my mind, or my soul, on any level and in any way, or to kill my body, to incarcerate my body or my mind, either in a prison or in any similarly constructed or designated facility, (even if run by FEMA), and regardless of what it is called, or to torture or torment either my body or my mind, or spirit, without a signed, valid and fully disclosed contract, (nothing hidden). To “DO” any of the above listed acts without a valid contact is now priced at: ONE QUADRILLION OUNCES of a Pure Gold, (24 karat), payable before any act is done, or the price will be double!

59.1.1) To “Declare Any Form of Martial Law” that restricts in any way, shape or form, MY freedom of movement, wealth, health or happiness is FORBIDDEN, or the cost is as stated above.

Martial Law is now also known as: Continuity of Government and will treated as the same term. Operation Lightning is also associated with Martial Law and will treated as the same term. Operation BOA is also associated with Martial Law and will treated as the same term.

  • To shut off or end electrical service without replacing it with another form of readily usable energy, to shut off or disrupt, water, sewer, internet or any other vital service…, Is FORBIDDEN if it affects me in any way, unless I agree to such acts through a fully, and openly negotiated, totally transparent Contract with nothing hidden. This contract would need to be autographed and/or signed by me with a wet ink.

59.1.2) DEFINITION OF MARTIAL LAW – CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT – AND ASSOCIATED TERMS – Including JADE HELM 15! To set unnecessary curfews which restrict either my and/or other beings freedom of movement without extreme and grave circumstances necessitating these acts. To place Roadblocks and Check points which restrict freedom of movement. To “ration” vital goods and services without extreme circumstances.

  • To round up or otherwise unlawfully arrest and detain any living being for undisclosed reasons and fabricated crimes.
  • To treat truth tellers and whistle blowers as criminals and terrorists.
  • To maintain a list where by those who are standing against unlawful acts of any kind become targets for harassment and torture IS FORBIDDEN and will come directly under this contract as a special action! Any Operation known as Jade Helm 15, and any similar action that has any intent to create MARTIAL LAW (see definition) – with an inception date of September of 1961, and any other time either before, and thereafter, hereby falls directly under this contract if it affects my living being in any way! In order to be VALID, these extreme circumstances can NOT in any way be fabricated, planned, designed, pushed along, and micro-managed by any living being “hoping” for such circumstances and outcomes in the first place. This specifically includes any human being that works in government, and/or is affiliated with a secret society, and/or has taken oaths, and/or is in any way associated with the New World Order, the Illuminati, the 13 Families claiming to run the planet, and/or working for the Department of Homeland Security, and/or any other ABC Agency, the Military, the Police, and/or any other unknown agency that either directly or indirectly “foments” and works to create circumstances that necessitates MARTIAL LAW as a part of an Earth Controlling Agenda is hereby NOTICED:


If you choose to do these things that affect me without a valid contract from me, then the Cost to do this is as listed above.
This amount will be paid to me whether now, or in the future, even if other incarnations, lives and bodies (for you) are necessary to do it. As stated all throughout this Notice of Contract, your physical death WILL NOT erase or void any debt to me once it is incurred. I will expect payment to the last ounce.

59.2) To kill my body in novel, and obscene ways, such as death by decapitation, or death by extreme torture…, the current cost to do so without a contract is: ONE QUADRILLION OUNCES of pure GOLD, (24 karat) PAID and deliverable to me personally 120 days before act is done or committed, where ever I hold residence at the time. (If not paid in advance the cost doubles)

59.3) Current prices may change without Notice.

59.4) Drone Attacks are expressly forbidden in any way shape or form, because only an absolute COWARD of the lowest form, unworthy of life itself, and DESTINED to be recycled in the GREAT CENTRAL SUN of this Galaxy, WOULD EVER use or order to be used, such a method of killing.

59.5) Know this However…., Death of my body will NOT release any being who is doing, ordering or even planning, these acts from payment, if these acts either target, or affect my living being personally, then payment will be made until the debt is paid off.

59.6) Any curses or Black Magic is specifically rebuked, not accepted, and sent back to whomever sends such energy and/or spell.


59.7)  A Limited form of Martial Law may now be permitted in order to REMOVE all Luciferians and all Satanists from high level positions of power and control world-wide.  This limited exercise would be allowed so as to quickly bring back the original Republic form of Government to the united states of America (unincorporated)!  All Courts, Judges, and Lawyers would be immediately compelled to return to the practice of Common Law, or they will be barred from practice and arrested by the military.  All Banks will be compelled to return to an honest form of currency where the lives and the labor of humanity are NOT used as collateral for bonds which is a form of slavery, or they will be arrested by the military.

Natural and Organic Government of and by the People will be returned as soon as humanly possible.

Any form of Martial Law declared that does NOT have this specific goal in mind will be considered to be NULL and VOID.  Any form of Martial Law that does any other thing BUT what is written above is STILL forbidden by this Declaration.

Also, all court charges against this author and writer will be immediately dropped and dismissed AND full restitution will be immediately made for all losses of time, life, liberty, and happiness – including 35 years of RNM!




SECTION 60 to 70


61) To the alphabet soup agencies:

Screw every single one of you for trying to hurt me and my family, while hiding like cowards in the bushes, and spying on me with cameras and listening to my conversations. 

Your day to “pay” me is very fast approaching. No one “gets away” with anything here on Earth. 

No one is above the rules or the LAW, and no one gets to break COSMIC LAW without having crap thrown back in their face. 

Just who do you people think you are?

You are all mindless robots who THINK Cosmic Law somehow does not apply to YOU!  

Do you think I came to this planet without emergency protection?  Nothing that you can think of will ever get you out of this trap that I’ve now set, except an immediate plea to ME for forgiveness, and squealing like a stuck pig about everything that you’ve done that has infected and hurt the general welfare of this Earth, and its inhabitants, (whom I consider brothers and sisters)! 

My body is nothing more than a suit, I am multidimensional, and your crimes against ME will not be forgotten after death. ONE and ALL, (without corporate protection or immunity), YOU have been duly NOTICED.

62) Here’s who screwed ALL of you. 

This could have been resolved peacefully for the entire planet in the 1960’s if the NWO boys (New World Order) had disclosed the UFO, Time travel, and advanced technology issues back then. 

(Truth is always better than lies my friends).

It would have been smarter to arrest every secret society member in the world (33rd Degree Freemasons, from P2 lodge) (Knights of Malta) etc., than to allow the secrecy to develop to where it is today.

Secrecy is for three year olds!  Yet our Government worships it like a veritable GOD!  

However, the place to start getting rid of all secrecy is NOT with the common man, (by spying on them) but instead with the ELITE AND ALL PUBLIC OFFICIALS! 

That is where secrecy is the most dangerous.

Did you think Prime Creator had no operatives living on the planet? Did you think that tormenting me all my life would change my allegiance to HIM? You are all fighting Prime Creator at this point, and just WHO do you think is going to win this one?

You can’t possibly sacrifice enough and murder enough to cause the blood sacrifice energy to stop what the SOURCE of all good has planned!   The countdown has started, and the separation has BEGUN!

63) All those who projected and focused countless frequencies upon my living body and mind, and who used unlawful and illegal implants to torment me, an innocent living being throughout my natural life, (secret underground boys) are going directly to the Central Sun after they die!

I hope you are all prepared for that!  And no, Satan/Lucifer can NOT save you!  Nor can the Draco’s, nor any other beings with whom you’ve made treaties!  You MUST come to me and ask for my forgiveness! I WILL petition the higher Universal Councils to destroy these men and women who have tortured me throughout my entire life, and those who gave the orders to them to do so, count on this! This will occur unless you ask forgiveness from me, and HE who sent me. You cannot ask for forgiveness however, and then continue to harm me in any way after.

64)  Time only exists here, so my contract is already functioning on the higher levels, and the higher courts are already in session.

65) For the last and final time, CEASE AND DESIST any and all harmful and negative actions against my living being! I Order this on my OWN Authority given to me by Prime Creator/Source.

66) Advice: 

QUIT your jobs and disobey your demonic, elitist, NWO masters, or some of you will find yourself experiencing the “second death”, which is the total destruction of everything you ever were, by recycling your SOUL in the Central Sun.

67) In that death, every life you have ever lived, and every memory ever held is not only erased, but the spark of life you carry is “reformatted” so that your eternal SOUL starts completely over from scratch. It is basically a new soul with no knowledge, memory, or understanding, and may take billions of years to reach back to where it is now.

68) All souls start out as Dirt! Then they get to be rocks! After a billion years they get to be plants, then animals, then finally human. Good luck with that!

69) This may be a “game”, but, there are rules to follow that can NOT be broken. Even the darkest of the dark on this planet know that. Too bad they didn’t tell this to those who are/were doing their bidding!

70) Have a Nice Day!


It now exists and stands as a testimony of fact in every Time and Timeline, including the Past, Present and Future!

It stands as written in every Galaxy and System, Reality and Realm, Alternative Dimension and areas of Space that are known and unknown. It is good in every parallel reality, parallel universe, and all places and spaces in between. It is good outside of time and in any virtual spaces or realms where time has been copied, only to be “cut and pasted” back into other timelines, realms, universes or realities. It covers ALL.

Fully authenticated and signed with my living authority, and my consent,

________________________________________________(Seal) Signature, all Cosmic Rights Reserved

Bradley Louis (a living man)__________

Notary Witness and Acknowledgement

Arizona State

Maricopa County

Today before me, a Commissioned Public Notary, visited the living man known to me to be Bradley Louis and he did Issue this Declaration of Immortality, Freedom, Freewill, and Immunity as shown and he also affirmed his testimony as shown before me this 2nd day of May in the Year of 2018, in Witness whereof I set my Signature and Seal:

_______________________________________Public Notary; my commission expires on:


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