By: Bradley Loves

It has never been more clear that there is such a thing as a DEEP STATE!  

It has never been more clear that these people want to “control” every aspect of our lives.  They want to control:

  • what we say (and how we say it)
  • what we think (and how we think it)
  • what we do (and how we do it).

It is no longer just “good enough” for the human cattle to be obedient…, they must also be obedient in the proper way, and use the proper obedient format!

This harkens back to the earliest days of SLAVERY…, when it just wasn’t good enough for a slave to work in the fields and labor all day long for free…, but they also had to do it with a smile on their face – and without an “uppity” attitude – and had to use the proper YES MASTER and NO MASTER language or the WHIP would come out!

I don’t know who these flaming LIBERAL CHILDREN are any longer…, but they have got to be the re-incarnations of MILLIONS  OF SLAVE OWNERS from ancient days gone by.

Each one with a severe karmic attachment to dominating and enslaving other people around them!  And what’s EVEN WORSE…, is that those of us who are still sane…, are letting them do it to us!

Because no one is challenging these re-incarnated SLAVE DRIVERS…, those of us who are just trying to live our lives and get on with making a living have now got to stop, bow, and say things to these people in the proper way, and in the proper format, and without an “uppity attitude” or else the damn whip is coming out!

The “Personal Pronoun” crap that they INSIST that you “must” use (or else) to address them with (trans-genders) is the exact same thing as the outrageous plantation owner insisting that the slave must say: YES MASTER obediently and affectionately – or else the whip would come out!

Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric!

Don’t be taken in by their claim that this is all about fairness!    What they really want from you (and are demanding it) is YOUR OBEDIENCE!

Come on people…, get this through your heads!  These super arrogant people – who DEMAND FROM YOU YOUR OBEDIENCE (OR ELSE) are basically getting away with what the slave drivers use to do to innocent human beings.

What they really want is for you to OBEY THEM!   That is all that it is.

These kids were never punished and were over – indulged and coddled by their parents and now these kids are adults and are DEMANDING YOUR OBEDIENCE!

You just wait until they get put in charge of the world!   Your worst NIGHTMARES can not possibly prepare you for what these coddled and over indulged young human beings will do to you if you challenge them!!


These isn’t a human right in the world they are not prepared to throw away and get rid of!


If they don’t get their way…, these young people are ready to PUNCH OUT old people with walkers and canes!  They are ready to spit on, throw water at, throw milkshakes on.., anyone who does not agree with them…, and THEY ARE NOT EVEN IN POWER YET!

Just you wait!

You think that by hiding from this and ignoring it this will all get better!


If you do not fight back…, and stand up for yourself…, these people have already planned for your ENSLAVEMENT!


Almost everyone in Europe has fallen for this already!!  They are being told what they can and can’t say – and are actually being PUNISHED if they do not comply!

People in Great Britain are being dragged from their homes by police because they failed to say or think the correct things on the internet!

And since no one in Europe is fighting back against this…, all of Europe will soon be enslaved!

This is not the same slavery as the world had before!  This is a new kind of slavery!  It is a techno-robotic slavery where your very MIND IS CONTROLLED by implants and 5-G waves!

Your FREEWILL will be removed and you will be ASSIMILATED JUST LIKE THE BORG!

The people running this show are NOT your friends!

They did not build the Headquarters for the European Union to look like the Tower of Babel by accident!

YES…, there is a Deep State…, and yes…, they DO want to enslave you!

They are using young people and children to come after you!

These young people and children have been fully VACCINATED (with Nano-tech) and are fully INDOCTRINATED (Liberal/Socialist/Satanist Teachers)…, and now that they are fully MIND CONTROLLED…., they are coming for YOU and YOUR FREEDOM!



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