By: Bradley Loves


The Deep State, after failing to stop Donald Trump from meeting with Putin, have only one card left to play, and that card is now being placed on the table!



They are basically screaming from every pulpit that they still “own” that Trump is a TRAITOR to America.

Of course, this is hogwash!

Q-anon has basically made it very clear just WHO the traitors really are, but as of yet, most of the American Public, (as well as the entire world) does not know this!



You see, I predicted this!

It was quite simple to foresee really.

Even though TRUMP and team has ALL of the evidence against the DEEP STATE for what they’ve done to America, they are SLOW ROLLING, and SLOW WALKING This vital information out in a drip, drip, drip fashion, and trying to time it just right to help them in the mid-term elections!

In my opinion this is a BAD STRATEGY!

It leaves the very wounded Deep State sitting in a corner with a loaded gun (the Main Stream Media) and they are shooting anyone and everyone who passes in front of them!



Americans have a right to know that good things are happening! They do not DESERVE to have to be “terrified” by these monstrous News Organizations!

They do not need the STRESS that CNN, MSNBC,, are placing on their already stressed out lives!

The “awakened in America” are not being hit by the lies…, but countless millions of Americans and other people around the world who have NOT YET AWAKENED are being “injured” as a result of this endless MAIN STREAM MEDIA machine gun fire being focused on the TRUTH!

TRUMP and company left themselves OPEN for this volley of evil accusations, and I do NOT THINK that slow walking all of the proof and evidence they have against the DEEP STATE is having the best effect any longer!


They need to STEP UP the disclosure exponentially!

Screw the mid-terms…, GET ON WITH THIS!


People are ready to see these DEEP STATE MONSTERS GO DOWN!

We do not need to see them still sitting there on their perches and spewing lies at this late date – because there is injury and damage being done by them!

This is happening because they have been left with a weapon and they are using it.

What soldier of conscience leaves an enemy already “caught” with a loaded weapon in their hands – when there are innocent civilians nearby who are going to be injured if that weapon is NOT TAKEN AWAY???


This is exactly what is happening when those who are already known to be criminals get even one second to blast HUGE LIES out the people when they should have been exposed MONTHS AGO!


Get on with it – release the 40,000 sealed indictments!

This is my “two cents” and I hope it gets seen by the right people!

All my love….













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  1. anonymous

    IMO Trump and those Q guys are getting excellent advice on what to do and when to do it. Prime Creator is totally in control of the situation and there is a schedule in God’s plan. This is a show. Trump’s team cannot move until it’s their turn. It’s event driven. They are waiting for certain events to happen first before they can do whatever it is they want to do. There’s plenty to entertain us out there. Just relax with your popcorn and enjoy the show. I’ve been told it’s a farce – we’ll see about that.

    • anonymous

      I am as impatient as the next guy. I am so raring to go, I would have gone by yesterday. But the way these things work; from what i’ve seen of how God gets things done, there is a planned sequence of events It’s like setting up dominoes for a spectacular collapse. Only when everything is in place will God poke his little pinkie (this is a metaphor!) and CRASH! We are very close.

      IMO this liberation is such a long drawn out process because God wants to give the cabal plenty of opportunity to turn away from evil and go back to being responsible citizens of the cosmos. They have all been warned. More than once. And they have been told that this period of grace (whereby God will forgive them, grant them clemency and heal them ) is almost at an end. They also know that if they do not change their ways, they will lose everything. And since all that we truly own is our soul – everything else is an illusion – the alternative to healing is to return to God PERMANENTLY.

      Everything comes from God and everything returns to God. It’s simply a matter of when. For some, their journey will end earlier than expected. This will be their choice. I hope they choose wisely.

  2. anonymous

    There’s a bit of a problem with arresting, let alone hanging the top human cabal guys. You know they’re deep into black magic. Those guys simply shed their current physical body and pinch somebody else’s at the drop of a hat. And they are the ones who matter.

  3. Megan

    This slow walk into the abyss is ridiculous! The excuse “Humanity isn’t ready” is BS! Humanity as a whole will never be ready as unfortunate as that is it is the truth! Many will never wake up and the rest of us cannot wait any longer for them! The time is NOW enough baby sitting the wilfully stupid and ignorant. If they can’t handle it then that’s too bad, I for one have had enough of all the stalling and excuses. We have procrastinated long enough now let’s end it now while we still can.

  4. Sri Rajini

    Just read this post by Shane Bales again.
    Can we truly know that we are not being played again in this White hats vs the Cabal game just to restart the whole process of control of humanity all over again?

    • Hi.

      My dear friend. I spent weeks and months talking to and interviewing Shane Bales. I consider him a friend. You are correct in bringing up this point, THANK YOU!

      However, if the REAL TRUTH were known, you would not be asking this question.

      I have written the TRUTH in the very best way that I can, to awaken the masses in the best way that I can…, in TINY doses.

      Forgive me when I say that the PUBLIC DOES NOT want to wake up! They are terrified of the TRUTH and for me to drop too much TRUTH on them all at once would only make 99 percent of them want to crawl back into bed and NEVER WAKE UP!

      This all goes FAR BEYOND your imagination…, and lets just say that Shane told me FAR MORE than I am capable of adequately explaining at this time.

      He knows…, (as he explained to me quite clearly) that this goes so deep and is so huge that most people are not equiped to deal with it.

      However…, IF WE are ever to have a chance, HUMANITY MUST AT LEAST TRY to save itself!

      EFFORT MUST BE MADE…, and to spell out exactly what we are up against, most would not want to even try!

      That said…, the task is not impossible…, and there is HELP available for those who put forth MAXIMUM EFFORT!

      Shane and I made a good team! He knows the inside of the Cabal – and I know PRIME CREATOR!

      If humanity were not being held HOSTAGE – these entities would have been OBLITERATED for what they have done!

      This goes VERY, VERY HIGH UP into the highest levels and dimensions!

      There are not just “traitors” here on Earth…, but there are also DARK HATS who have positioned themselves into the UNIVERSAL GOVERNING COUNCILS which oversee creation!

      Even so called “ANGELS” are not immune to graft and corruption…, as we found out with LUCIFER and those who follow him!

      Countless beings all throughout creation are being mis-lead by TRAITORS who claim to be serving the LIGHT!


      The Universe will be cleansed of these entities once and for all!

      All my love…

  5. My sentiments exactly Bradley. It’s time to stop pussyfooting around and get on with exposing the truth.

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