By: Bradley Loves


The Deep State, after failing to stop Donald Trump from meeting with Putin, have only one card left to play, and that card is now being placed on the table!



They are basically screaming from every pulpit that they still “own” that Trump is a TRAITOR to America.

Of course, this is hogwash!

Q-anon has basically made it very clear just WHO the traitors really are, but as of yet, most of the American Public, (as well as the entire world) does not know this!



You see, I predicted this!

It was quite simple to foresee really.

Even though TRUMP and team has ALL of the evidence against the DEEP STATE for what they’ve done to America, they are SLOW ROLLING, and SLOW WALKING This vital information out in a drip, drip, drip fashion, and trying to time it just right to help them in the mid-term elections!

In my opinion this is a BAD STRATEGY!

It leaves the very wounded Deep State sitting in a corner with a loaded gun (the Main Stream Media) and they are shooting anyone and everyone who passes in front of them!



Americans have a right to know that good things are happening! They do not DESERVE to have to be “terrified” by these monstrous News Organizations!

They do not need the STRESS that CNN, MSNBC,, are placing on their already stressed out lives!

The “awakened in America” are not being hit by the lies…, but countless millions of Americans and other people around the world who have NOT YET AWAKENED are being “injured” as a result of this endless MAIN STREAM MEDIA machine gun fire being focused on the TRUTH!

TRUMP and company left themselves OPEN for this volley of evil accusations, and I do NOT THINK that slow walking all of the proof and evidence they have against the DEEP STATE is having the best effect any longer!


They need to STEP UP the disclosure exponentially!

Screw the mid-terms…, GET ON WITH THIS!


People are ready to see these DEEP STATE MONSTERS GO DOWN!

We do not need to see them still sitting there on their perches and spewing lies at this late date – because there is injury and damage being done by them!

This is happening because they have been left with a weapon and they are using it.

What soldier of conscience leaves an enemy already “caught” with a loaded weapon in their hands – when there are innocent civilians nearby who are going to be injured if that weapon is NOT TAKEN AWAY???


This is exactly what is happening when those who are already known to be criminals get even one second to blast HUGE LIES out the people when they should have been exposed MONTHS AGO!


Get on with it – release the 40,000 sealed indictments!

This is my “two cents” and I hope it gets seen by the right people!

All my love….













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