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Looks like the FBI’S new problem child is Christopher Wray!

See this:

Alt-right message board 8chan was served a search warrant


A search warrant has been issued to 8chan, an alt-right online message board. The warrant is in connection to the Poway synagogue shooting in California.
lmaooooooo 8chan just got search
— shoshanot at cannes, pls stop asking ? (@swodinsky) June 14, 2019
On April 27, 19-year-old John Earnest opened fire on the Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, California. The terrorist attack resulted in one person’s death and the injury of three others. The attack occurred on the last day of Passover, the Jewish holiday, and was live-streamed by Earnest on 8chan.
8chan is an online message board that launched in 2013 and can only be characterized as an even more lawless hub for heinous discourse than 4chan.
Court documents, that went unsealed on June 13, reveal that on April 29, a search warrant was issued to 8chan for the IP and metadata information on Earnest’s posts from the day of the shooting.
The warrant also calls for the information of other 8chan users who commented on Earnest’s posts. The users who replied to the thread that Earnest posted could be “potential witnesses, co-conspirators and/or individuals who are inspired” by his posts about the shooting, according to the warrant.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who submitted the warrant also wrote that Earnest himself was “inspired and/or educated” by other individuals posting on the forum.

The troubling part of this article is right here!

The warrant also calls for the information (aka “unmasking”) of other 8 Chan users who commented on Earnest’s posts.


The whole entire point of using 8chan is so that you can carry on discussions while being anonymous!  And now…, the FBI is serving a warrant to gain the identities of not only a suspect…, but everyone who commented on a post the suspect made!

And just what if the TWO HOP RULE that Don Bongino talks about all the time is applied to those people??

Then the FBI can unmask the information for anyone who posted on comments that all of those people (who are innocent made) and can also unmask the information for all of the people who commented on posts made by the people who posted on comments made by the people who posted comments made by the people who posted comments on Earnests post!

You get it??

In this way…, they get the names and identities of almost EVERYONE who regularly uses 8chan and comments there!!

I can hear the J.EADGAR HOOVER vacuum cleaner starting up over at the FBI as we speak!

And who is running the FBI now?     Chris Wray!

And where the hell is Q-Anon to tell us to if Wray is on the good side or not??

Being an “ANON” and helping over at 8Chan was supposed to “protect” the identities of the “Digital Army”…, not hand it over to the FBI on a silver platter!

Q-Anon has some “splaining” to do…., BIG TIME….

He’d better get his little butt into posting mode and talk about this…


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