By: Bradley Loves


Awareness of “class” or “race”…, or any type of “inequality” has long been an issue in our societies.

Many of us seem to be quite offended when one individual claims outwardly…, or even thinks that THEY are better or more deserving than others.

And…, in many cases…., rightly so!

After all…, we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS…, and why should one class, or race, or gender be wrongly considered BETTER than another.


However…, while Americans…, and “seemingly” awakened people in many other countries are calling attention to the horrors of certain “types” of inequality…, by FAR…, the greatest type of inequality HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED IN HISTORY!

Far beyond the disdain that “angry white men” may have for blacks…, or that so-called “misogynist” men may have for women…, there is a FAR larger…, and more directly damaging form of BIGOTRY and HATE…, that holds our entire world in the STONE AGE!

I’ll bet you can’t even guess what this form of bigorty and hate is…, even though it has affected YOU every single day of your life…, no matter who, (or what) you are!

I’m not even certain that there is a word that decribes this type of horrible bigotry!

What is the “hateful” disdain that I am talking about?   What is it that is the single most dividing issue of “class consiousness” on our world today??

It is not what you think!   But it affects everything taking place on the world today!

And trust me…, one side of this equation gets ALL (not just some) of the benefits.  They get millions of opportunities that others could not possibly attain…, while the “other side” never gets ANY benefits…, and are afforded ZERO opportunites!

And, it is all so subtle…, that until this very article…, NO ONE has ever called it what it really is:


What are these two very distinct “classes” that exist not only in America…, but in every corner of the world??

What are these two classes…, both of which contain Blacks, Women, and every other minority?

They are these:

  1. Those who have access to hidden or top secret information
  2. Those who have NO ACCESS to hidden or top secret information


These two classes are sperated by the most simple thing…, (True Knowledge and real Information…) …which ONE SIDE hoards like an evil emperor hoards gold coins or all of the land…, while the other side lives like slaves and the serfs with pennies in their pockets…, and with barely enough scraps on the table to eat!

Every single form of real economic “opportunity” on our World today DEPENDS totally upon SECRET INFORMATION…, and that is why the blanket of secrecy has been so securely placed over HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE that the Catholic Church deems it “justified” to HIDE a 18 mile long underground Library which contains the entire ancient history of our world.

Due to the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM…, and the countless money making opportunites afforded for Large Multi-national Corporations to make HUGE profits off of making and supplying both goods and services for “off world” and “underground bases”…, an entire SECTION of humanity…, (those who do NOT KNOW) are being left out of the money making and profit making potential…, that COUNTLESS OTHERS (those who DO KNOW) are getting and enjoying each and every single day of their lives!


It is the exact definition of everything terrible that women, and blacks…, and gender orientated people have been screaming about for decades!!

BY KEEPING WORLDWIDE SECRETS…, and creating an INFORMATION DIVISION between those who DO KNOW…, and those who DO NOT KNOW…, the Government of the USA…. Is now as we speak running one of the greatest DISCRIMINATION RACKETS that the entire world has ever seen!

Even the slave “trade” (which most certainly was rampant and harmful to many) was NEVER as world wide and as totally PERVASIVE as the INFORMATION “TRADE”.

It is underhanded…, diabolical…, calculated…, and has grown into a world wide crime and profiteering cartel!!

It is what Preston James of Veterans today calls:


In the CRIMINAL INFORMATION TRADE…, either you are “FIRST CLASS” or you are “LAST CLASS”!

In the CRIMINAL INFORMATION TRADE…, either you are IN…, or you are OUT!

It is a “club”…, and the membership requires only one thing from you…, and that is that you KEEP the SECRETS that you are being told…, FROM ALL WHO DON’T YET KNOW.

It requires you to think and believe that YOU are “entitled” and “better” than those who you refuse to share with.

Once you are “IN”…., your life changes for the better…., and suddenly all sorts of economic and life changing opportunities can be yours!   Your lifestyle can get better…, and technologies that most people don’t have, and can’t even imagine are suddenly common place.

But how is this anything like “bigotry”?    How is this anything like “hatred”?


Here is how that works…, and it works in the SAME EXACT WAY for any other “class” of people who for far too long separate themselves from the rest of humanity!

They soon begin to think and to FEEL that they are in fact BETTER than those who are not in their class!

Separation is what eventually causes DIVISION

The Illuminati…, (the Cabal) and their connected Secrecy Agencies, are my case in POINT!

These people have been keeping TOP SECRET INFORMATION from the rest of the world for so long…, that they have developed a very outright and in your face… DISDAIN for humanity!


Because they have has access to so much TOP SECRET INFORMATION…, and most specifically about things happening “OFF WORLD”…, and things going on “UNDERGROUND”…, they have developed a SUPERIOR ATTITUDE where they think that humanity is far too weak, too stupid, and too deficient to think on their own any longer!!

This faulty and quite ridiculous notion…, has been CREATED as a result of the INFORMATION SEPARATION…, and not as a result of any real fault of those who DO NOT KNOW!

This is why “those who DO KNOW”…., (Class one) have felt that “throwing out” all privacy laws, and spying on EVERYONE with impunity is THEIR RIGHT TO DO!


Well…, us little PEONS…, who…,  “DO NOT KNOW”…, are NOT really real people any more, are we??

We are LESS THAN THEY ARE…, and so they have come to believe that they have the RIGHT to spy, to invade privacy…, to use…, and to cheat us!

“WE”…, those of us in Class two,  are just dumb bumpkins…, and they (those in Class one) really do not want to be bothered with us any more!


Maybe you all should read what it says on the Georgia Guide Stones!

You see.., you think that I am joking here as concerns this very important subject…, but I am deadly serious when it comes to stating the FACT (not speculation here) that TWO very distinct classes of people are now living on our EARTH.

They are these:

Those who DO KNOW…., and those who DO NOT KNOW!

This…, is the new ARISTOCRACY!  This is the new Blue blooded group that is emerging in our 21st Century World.

Some like to call it the:


But make no mistake here…, people from all walks of life…, and of all religions and colors, genders and sexual preferences are part of the NEW BIGOTRY!

THEY ARE THE NEW “HATERS”…., and the NEW DISCRIMINATIORS…, and they are everywhere!

Most especially, you can find them inside the Main Stream News Media…, and sitting at Anchor Desks…, and very honestly thinking and believing the most people in America and in the WORLD are:

A BASKET OF DEPLORABLES (People who do not matter)

These men and women…, are the new “kings and queens” who look down on all of the rest of humanity as if they are flies to be stepped on…, for your information…, color, race, religion and gender does NOT even compute within this huge sect of people perpetrating worldwide DISCRIMINATION!

If you still think that I am “joking”…., maybe you need to realize just how many of your friends and neighbors are working on TOP SECRET projects and have “signed” NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS!!

There have been attempts to accurately account for all of the men and women in the USA working under non disclosure agreement for the Government and for Top Secret Projects…, but it is almost impossible to count.

Suffice it to say that there are millions and millons of men and women doing this!

Some of them are your neighbors!

These agreements (which they have signed) are so prevalent in industry now…, that you can’t even get a decent corporate job without signing one.

It is “legal” DISCRIMINATION based upon need for PROFIT…, and it raises up the status of COMPANY OR THE CORPORATION far above the human…, or the living being.

So in my opinion…, STOP whining about all of the lessor and more insignificant discriminations…, and OPEN YOUR EYES to the real discrimination going on as we speak…, and that is:

THOSE WHO KEEP SECRETS, looking down on those who do not have the knowledge and information they do!

There will be a part two to this article soon!


In that part…, I will cover the issues of SECRECY WORSHIP!

I will talk about people who are so in LOVE with secrecy…, that they are Secrecy Groupies…, and Secrecy Supporters!

They “gravitate” to men and women who keep secrets, and then Idolize them…, while holding other “lessor”  human beings in disdain!

Make no mistake…, there is a very large CHASM of separation that has taken place here in this world!

Until next time…, all my love….





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