By Catherine J. Frompovich

Remember the children’s story about the Emperor who wore such fine clothes that no one could see them until, finally, one little kid had the integrity to say the Emperor was “balls naked”?

Well, now interpolate that story into an analogy for the Democratic National Convention that’s been playing to a half-empty audience.  The Democrats and the media are acting like the confused or demented Emperor who thought he was wearing such fine clothing that he didn’t realize his butt was bare!

If the Democrats have to advertise and are willing to pay $50 per person to sit in empty seats to cheer for Hillary, what does that tell you?  They have lost a lot of their party base!  It would appear that those who walked the political plank and left experienced a reality check on what’s really going on in party politics in the USA, however a little too late, it would seem to me.

According to an email listed on this site “Actors Needed for National Convention (Philadelphia)” states,

Looking for 700 people to be utilized as actors during the National Convention. You will be paid $50 for each night of the remainder of the convention.

On July 27, Michael Salamone said on Twitter:

The Democrats are bussing in actors to fill space after kicking half the party out. This is not a convention.  Just a con.

All the above is very disturbing because it shows how desperate the elites are to crown Hillary queen of the new world order in the USA!  Furthermore, their undemocratic actions, which the media buys into and supports, portend to what kind of takeover is sitting in the wings of history IF Hillary is forced down our collective throats as a country through even rigged voting machines!

If they are willing to be so brazen NOW, that tells how desperate they are to force Hillary Clinton into the presidency of the USA.  It’s not the people’s choice; it’s the one world order’s choice!  Do you want that?

USA, wake up!

As a country, we apparently just lost your independence and democracy in 2016 in Philadelphia, the very place where the country became an independent republic.  How ironic!

Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, “You have a republic, if you can keep it.”

Are we up to keeping the USA a democratic republic or will we allow it to taken away from us by a rogue political party apparently hell-bent on making it a gulag in the one world order’s plans for a global Corporatocracy?

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