By: Bradley Loves

Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Primary last night.   He will NOT win the Democratic Nomination!  Not because he can’t get the votes – but because he will not be “allowed” to.

Let’s face it, the Democratic Party Bosses will not let that happen!

Even if Bernie came to the convention with every single delegate…, the Party Super Delegates would simply “elect” another candidate, just like they did last time!

I actually felt very sorry for all of the young men and women standing at Bernie’s “Victory Party” and waving their “Bernie” banners.  

It was their moment, and their night, and yet I knew in my gut that at the VERY TOP of the Democratic Party – the Party Bosses were already sitting in some “smoke filled back room” and plotting his demise!

And the strangest part about this “knowing” – is that it will be HIS OWN PARTY that does it to him…, NOT the Republican Party!

I’m certain that Donald Trump would love to run a fair and honest race against Bernie Sanders on the Issues!  

But – in that race – half of the Democrats in America would end up voting for Donald Trump and he would win the Presidency for a second term in a landslide victory so large – it would never happen again in history.

Strangely – even guys like Chris Matthews of MSNBC – would have no other choice but to vote for Trump – and he HATES Trump!

No – that will not happen because Bernie will be thrown UNDER THE BUS by his own people – AGAIN!

But the “young people” singing an dancing as a result of his victory are just not “old enough” to know how things really work here in America!

As Bernie’s “people” chanted at their victory rally in New Hampshire – I yelled at them on the TV:



Hell would have to freeze over first – and right now that place is burning pretty dang hot!

Well folks – here is where the rubber meets the road in the NEWS WORLD and for the first time in history – you will clearly be able to see just WHICH JOURNALIST out there is a real journalist – one who is willing to actually tell you the “God’s honest truth” and which ones are  just going to “pretend” they don’t know that this is the way it is going to go down.

Thankfully, there is one place in the entire world – Here at LOVE TRUTH – you are going to get exactly that – THE TRUTH.  

And I am telling you – and every single News Anchor worth their salt knows that I am right – Bernie will not be allowed to get the Democratic Nomination.  

So which Main Stream News Anchor has the cahones to actually say that?

I wonder if Sean Hannity 0r Laura Ingraham has it in them to just actually come out and say what they already must know in their hearts?



The Democratic Party Apparatus at the very top will never allow it!  

I was watching the returns on TV with a few friends and we ended up giggling at the end because we all KNEW that somewhere in some back room – the leaders of Bernie’s OWN PARTY were already planning his unfortunate demise.

So – how do you think they are going to get rid of Bernie?” was the question floating around the room.  

We let our minds run wild with speculations as to HOW the Democratic Party Bosses were going to do him in!

We thought about them dropping him out of an airplane (accidentally) or sending him to China for a week (to Wuhan) or simply dropping a trail of banana peels on every staircase that he had to climb.

Well they can’t just “steal” the Primary from him at the Convention – they did that LAST TIME!   It’s been done already – it would be too obvious!  – we argued and then quickly agreed.


So how are “THEY” going to take him out then?  We were undecided.

Suddenly the Voting DEBACLE at Iowa made total sense!  

BERNIE had actually won that Caucus too – and through blaming a strange inability to count the votes – something that has never happened in the history of voting in America – they managed to stall the highly embarrassing outcome for their party – and hoped that things would be very different in New Hampshire!

Well – they were not!

Joe Biden – supposedly the Democratic front runner – lost in New Hampshire so badly – that he left the State in a disgusted huff!  

Joe Biden Delivers Gaffe-Ridden, Defiant Message After New Hampshire Blowout

He placed in an abysmal 5th place there with only 8 percent of the vote.

Then you have CNN and MSNBC asking themselves “What Happened” and how Biden could have lost so badly when all the polls had him leading –  and I found myself yelling at the TV screen once again saying –


He was NEVER that popular – and he was always losing in reality – the “Polls” were simply not being done honestly and they were being HIGHLY manipulated by Party Bosses and then passed out as “accurate” by the lying – LAME STREAM MEDIA!

The “actual” voting in Iowa and now in New Hampshire proves it!



However, on to more pressing things!  

As a public service – someone should actually inform the Bernie Voters that there are “powers” in this country that are far more powerful than their “honest vote” when it comes to putting a real SOCIALIST (aka COMMUNIST) into the White House!

Will the MEDIA do it?   Or am I the only one that has the guts to be that honest?

Nope – not one of the Main Stream News Media Anchors has the cahones to be THAT BRUTALLY HONEST with their viewers!

So once again – that is why LOVE TRUTH exists on the internet – and why it falls to me – a mere carpenter – who DOES NOT EVEN GET PAID TO WRITE  – to have to tell everyone THE TRUTH!

Meanwhile the very highly paid – one million dollar per month salaried talking heads – will completely ignore that FACT that Bernie’s campaign is a train that is very quickly going NOWHERE!  

It is a “dead campaign walking”…

Because when it comes time for the Bernie train to finally pull into the station – there won’t be a station for it to pull into!


Logical Thinking:

If the Democratic Party Bosses allow Bernie to get the nomination – then they would have to cast their own votes for the guy they just tried to impeach in order to save Wall Street – the Stock Market – and their Global Banking System!

Remember these people are RICH ELITES and they don’t want socialism either!

Which is why – Mike Bloomberg is already waiting in the wings!

They picked another “old white guy” – who is a Billionaire – and is everything that the Democrats say they hate – but secretly support – as their hero – (just not in the form of Donald Trump).


So when Bernie Sanders comes to the Democratic Convention on July 13th in Milwaukee with most of the Delegates – it will be what is called a “Brokered Convention” with the SUPER DELEGATES suddenly and miraculously once again (for the second time in four years) nixing all of the votes of the regular democratic delegates and handing the nomination over to Mike Bloomberg – who will most likely then choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate!

Sorry all of you hopeful Democratic Voters – you just don’t “get” your own party as well as the rest of us do!

You see – we haven’t stuck our heads in the LIBERAL FANTASY SAND – with fantasies of: “Trans-gender” – “Abortion” – “Climate Change” – “Personal Pronouns” – “Socialism” – “Identity Politics” and other “DELUSIONS”  to blind us to facts!

We all still live in the real world – where we can see REALITY – and so – we can clearly see where this is all going and YOU CAN’T – because you drank some sort of strange Kool-Aid!

Well so much for Bernie Sanders and his short lived victory party in the Democratic Party.  He will not be getting a nomination in July!  

But how that actually happens without anyone getting “wise” to the operation is still a mystery!

And THAT my dear readers – is why Democratic Party Bosses had a “Sleepless Night”.


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