By: Bradley Loves


WHEN will this Apocolyptic Hipocracy end??

When will up be up, and down be down once again?

The total EMOTIONAL subterfuge that is taking place within the lying MSM (Main Stream Media) is about as crazy as it can get, and yet only a mere 20 years ago, a rather “sane” looking President BILL CLINTON seemed to be selling strong (not open) borders for America!!

Give a listen to this very short video:

And yet, for Donald Trump to say the very SAME EXACT THING is “racist” and “Nazi-esqe”.

I don’t know if I can actually take another “Progressive” seriously ever again, becuase just like the flip flops between Bill Clinton and his so called “wife” 20 years later…, there is no real thinking going on upstairs.

Changing your mind every other day…, just like changing your underwear.., is NOT a good thing for our country!

All my love…

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